Sunday, 23 April 2017

Monday, 17 April 2017

For Janice..

Hello all,how are you?
Hi is the recipe you asked for.
Its your normal jam tarts..the recipe is actually for 15 tarts but i only ever make 12..i think it just bulks up the topping on each one.

2oz margerine/butter
2oz caster sugar
1 medium egg
2 oz self raising flour
Cream the margerine and sugar,add the egg and it in.
Fold in the flour.
Place a spoonful on top of your tarts.
Bake for about 20 minutes until golden at Gas mark 6.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Happy Easter everyone..

Hello all,how are you?
We have been busy little bunnies here..
 My very talented husband made Hot Cross buns..they smell delicious and apparently are..we froze the other half of the batch.
 The girls and i have made Almond tarts and some very moist cookies
 Peanut butter bars

Maids of honour
It was a busy day yesterday in the kitchen but very enjoyable and we now have some treats for our long weekend.
The girls decorated the Easter Tree..
 We absolutley love these little figures that were sent to us as a gift..
 They did a good job..i took a snap of it before it went on the can't see it properly against the window.
Today we received a gorgeous little parcel full of goodies from our lovely friend Lyn a.k.a MLW..a stencil for egg painting and some lovely sweeties..i have to admit the marshmallows went first they are delicious.I am so glad you went away for a break and to Berlin as well i so hope that you both had a great letter was lovely and a very welcome gift..Thank you.
We love you.x
So now i am off to have a very relaxing long weekend.
Have a lovely Easter .
See you all next week.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Its that time again..

Hello all,how are you today?
Our local elections are being held next month..and so far we have been inundated with leaflets,letters and flyers all shoved through the letter box.
This is just from this morning.
Now he is my list of gripes.
1,who are they?
2,never heard of them doing anything constructive for the town.They all say they opposed the closing of our Maternity unit and the closing of our A&E..really? well they couldn't have opposed it that much as they were still closed down.Our town is getting bigger and bigger as the council seems to think that we can manage..our roads are pretty bad and more often than not we have a gridlock..but still they keep adding new builds which just adds more and more pressure to the roads,schools and of course if you have an accident there is no A&E for you to go have to drive to the nearest which is Lincoln..thats fine if your lucky enough to have a car.
3,if one of them had the actual testicular fortitiude to knock on my door and speak to me then i would listen and ask know like they used to back in the day when you were important to them and not as i see it they take your vote for granted.
4,my vote is a precious hard won right and for me to give it to you,then you have to show me that you will use it and not abuse it.
5,it all feels so impersonal..a letter,a leaflet..o that will do for them..i just want their vote to keep me in for another few years..if they think just shoving paper through my letter will persuade me then think again.
6,i have not seen one campaigning or holding any kind of meeting to talk to the public.

I will be a reluctant voter this i seriously don't think any of them deserve my vote. I will vote for the good of my town but so far none of them seem to have persuaded me.
What do you think?
Do you get fed up of these people suddenly appearing and inundating you with leaflets?
Ok enough of the moaning here is some one who will make you smile..
Little Ellanor..just had a bath and wide awake..gorgeous little thing.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

2 cravings and one packet of puff pastry

Hello everyone,how are doing?
Over the last week i have had food cravings something wicked. partly because i couldn't eat and partly because i really really wanted just to stuff my face into something satisfying.
Cheese palmiers and Cinnamon swirls..not together that would not be a good combination.
I always keep a box of Puff Pastry in the freezer,its cheap enough at 79p to keep some on hand and mine never ever turns out that puffed up way.Its always a bit heavy and sometimes do i do it? no one knows😕
So today the girls and i made both from one packet..we just halved the pastry and the filling..turned out delicious..i took a snap but unfortunately little fingers and big fingers had already swiped some.
So both cravings satisfied in one go.

 The cheesy ones went at tea time
I am going to have a cup of tea and swirl whilst sitting with my feet up.
take care all

Monday, 10 April 2017

Would you believe it..

Hello all,how are you?
I am feeling much better thank you..the antibiotics have kicked in and i can now eat and drink normally..thought i might waste away.
As you know one of our beloved chickens passed away a month ago..well we seriously thought the other one would be sad and lonely with out her friend.Nope not happening..she is strutting aroud like she owns the place and has started to lay eggs again..i have 7 lovely fresh eggs sitting in my fridge ready for us to enjoy.She is 7 years old now and seems to have found a new lease of life.Bless her.

Last week we had a rough week and stayed home..we only spent on groceries and hubby and the girls got lots of outside jobs done. They cleaned all the windows and doors and door frames,hubby went through the shed and found some fence paint and also  some green fence paint that i will be using to paint the outside of our back porch.They tidied out the greenhouses and planted seeds.
Before i was ill we went to the library and returned books and then spent a good hour choosing more.

All our fruit trees are starting to blossom..the frogs and toads have done their spawning and we have tadpoles all over the pond.
My hubby's shed is now a new treasure trove..i have wanted to some blind cleats so the cords don't dangle all over..lo and behold he disappeared down the shed and came back with 2..he is finding lots of little things that he forgot about..seems having a good tidy up and a big clearout has unearthed treasures for us.Lots of tools he bought ages ago and seemed to disappear in the dingy darkness are now being brought out into the light. I am not complaining its a god send..he found little bits to fix his bike and some extras for his lawn mower.Only worth a few pounds all told but it adds up.

The girls have made some Easter cards and have been reading about why we celebrate Easter.
We will be making some treats this week..some lovely biscuits, my friend Lyn sent me a recipe a while back  they are so yummy and don't last long.Hubby is going to make Hot Cross Buns as well.

M y daughter Fionna popped down to see me last week and we had a lovely evening chatting..well me trying to chat..she bought me a laundry basket that she doesn't need anymore and a gorgeous summer jacket for Iris..i had sorted through Fern's wardrobe earlier in the week and had 3 tops for my it was nice to chat and swap things.
My other daughter Heather came with  her girls all 4 went outside to play and didn't hear a peep out of lovely to see them all getting along and playing well.
Well now my medicine is working i am hoping to catch up with things and get back to normal.
I will be doing some before and sfter pictures of our adventures in fence cleaning..the horrible green stuff that grows all over them..we tried it last week on one and it worked the panels look new..will also post the mix you can do it with.
Take care all

Friday, 7 April 2017

Not a lot going on here..

Hello all,how are you?
This week has been so slow and awful..i have tonsilitis again..woke up unable to talk or even swallow without feeling sick.
I have antibiotics for it but it has been hellish..and i am starving. I can't swallow properly so all i can manage is soup and yoghurts..even tea is like drinking shards of glass,i cannot wait to sink my teeth into something satisfying and filling.
Now for the unpleasant part of taking antibiotics..Thrush..if like me you get it everytime you have antibiotics then you will have to use Canestan to get rid of it..and boy isn't that expensive..worth it but expensive.
I mentioned to the Nurse Practioner about it..she told me to ask for this at the Chemists and they have to sell it to you and it less than half the price of Canestan..
Its called Fluconazole when it strikes i will be trying this.I will let you know how it goes .

Happy Birthday girls..

These 2 tiny little beauties are 2 today..o they were so tiny and have grown so much from doing nothing but snooze..
 To helping sort the books out..
And doing the bum shuffle to freedom under her Aunty Iris's watchful eye.
Love you both you little dots..hope you have had a wonderful day.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Fed up..Updated..

Hello all,how are you?
I am a little fed up and slightly annoyed as well..this has been bubbling for a while now..well actually years,so here it goes.
I get so sick and tired of reading on certain "mummy" websites of  mums moaning about half terms and school holidays..why?
Some have said they have no idea what to do with them and others have come right out and said they dread it.Why?
It really pushes my buttons..i seriously cannot be the only one who loved school holidays and still do.
We all had a great time and relaxed and did what we wanted to do..going out,the park or just lounging in the garden..we still do.
I just don't understand why they had the children and had them at home before they went to school so whats the problem now.
I used to count down the days til we had holidays..and i actually dreaded them going back to school,i loved having all my children at home..we spent ages talking and playing outside..going on long walks with the dog. for me it was the best times and i hope it was for my children too.
I was hopping with absolute joy when they broke up from school.i couldn't wait to get them home and start to have fun..propbably sounds a little strange but i really missed them all when they went to school and as each one went to their first day at school i would literally sob my heart out til they came home.Only to find out they had a great time and loved it..better than having them cry.
I know lots of mums who feel the same way as i do but then i see even more mums moaning..come on stop it...enjoy what you have and have fun..make memories that they and you treasure.

So how about you ladies/ you love the holidays or dread them?
And another thing that pushes my buttons is how some parents treat and speak to their children but that's a whole new rant.

Well ladies/gents it seems i am not the only one who loves having my children at home.
I totally understand the mums who have to work that don't get the time with their one was calling them for it.I do think the price for childcare here and in the States is extortionate and should really be available but sadly it isn't.
My daughter works full time so does her husband and we do help out by having the girls for days when she can't arrange childcare.

I find it sad that in one comment the lady said that children were encouraged to write about their holidays and only came up with laptops/computers/ sad that they were left to their own devices.

And also it depends upon your children as well..some are easy going and some definitely aren't..its finding that balance that works for all of you that is hard..what you want is something totally different to what they want or expect..its all swings and roundabouts and folks do what works for them and what makes them and their family happy.

It is awful as your little brood slowly disappear to school one by year after year your house becomes quieter and quieter. You can either enjoy the silence or dread it..or just get on with it and look forward to when they come home and have holidays.

O and to the commenter who said i live in cuckoo land and not the real world..screw time leave your name and i will publish your comments.But for now my anonymous friend Adios ,goodbye,au revoir.