Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Still here..just!

Hello all,how are you?
For the last 2 weeks i have been battling a very nasty cold..it has stolen my mojo and left behind a very sore nose and every part of me aches.At least today i feel partly human.
So its the last day of the month..wow is it me or has it just dragged by? Our spending has been under budget and i am baking again .We have sewn up a few pairs of jeans that the girls have and they will be good to go for another few months.I have been selling on Ebay and listed more items as well..it all helps with our budget.
We did have two expenses,one was the hoover and the other was a massive bookcase for the girls bedroom..the little one they had was just groaning under the weight and the books were spreading all over the floor in front of it..so now they have a lovely big one with all the books and games neatly on it..still have some books that couldn't fit on so we may have to buy another but it will need to be slimmer to fit in the gap and that can wait til next time.I now have their little bookcase in my bedroom..all my books fitted nicely and i have room to spare..i cleared space in another bookcase by removing mine and putting in the bedroom, now hubby has that one for his books.We bought the bookcase in the sales so it was reduced but not a lot..but was under £40 with delivery..the girls are ecstatic and i am relieved that i don't keep treading on things and stubbing my toes everytime i go in there.

 We took down all the Sylvanian houses and boxed them back up and put them away.
The girls wanted to keep 3 to play with which is fine and a lot easier to keep clean.

 The old bookcase in my room.

Today in the need of some fresh air i took the girls to our local library..its just lovely there. I could spend ages just sitting and reading .We had a really good look for books and came home with a good size bagful..plenty for both of them.

As you can see we are having a reading afternoon..so quiet and not a peep out of them.

The girls are mad on Harry Potter..they were using sticks and pencils as wands..so their dad being the great dad he is..made them a wand each from hot glue.He looked on Pinterest and braved the cold in his shed to make them..

The girls painted them what colours they wanted and they were extremely happy.
Hubby used about 6 glue sticks and a stick to make them..aren't they cute. Now we have to dodge the spells as they fly around lol.

I heard on the news that February is going to be cold with snow,gale force winds and freezing temperatures..do you believe them any more? After the weather warnings a few weeks back that came to zero i personally now just look out my window and watch my thermometer for temperature readings.I always carry a small umbrella in my handbag just in case.Maybe all the money they invested in the new weather forecasting computer was a waste as they can't seem to get it right or in some cases its  totally wrong.
I hope that your all feeling good and being thrifty.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

One of those "Why did i do that"moments..

Hello all,how are you today?
Thank you for all the comments on my previous post..its nice to know that so many do it and enjoy it as well.
So this week i have more or less emptied every bookcase,box,bag and cupboard..i have text my older girls..why your asking?
I need a book..a particular book..The complete works of William Shakespeare..we need it for Ferns english work..can i find it..not on your nelly can i?
Then last night laid in the bath..i had a moment of remembering looking at it and thinking to myself i won't need that again and put in a box for the charity shop..duh..why o why did i do that?
The book itself cost a small fortune when i bought it years ago..i had to buy it for my older girls to use at school.
I found some for sale and the prices are so high i thought ok i will order from the Library..that copy won't be available for at least a month.
In the end i went on Ebay..and bingo hit the absolute jackpot..i found a set of Shakespeares stories in a lovely box for £3.79..the beauty is these are done for children to understand and also come with a translation set as well..Fern was over joyed as she has started to research William Shakespeare and was amazed at how some of the sayings we use today were actually invented by Shakespeare.
So from now on i will not be letting any books go for a while..i am annoyed with myself for doing it but i really never in a million years thought that one day i would need it for home schooling.Now i just need the Artist book that my eldest Andrea had and we are set for our sessions on the Great Writers and Painters..wish me luck.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Blue Monday..

Hello all,how are you today?

Well i have been hearing about Blue Monday on the radio and tv for a few days now.
Its the most depressing day of the year according to some experts.
1,today is the day everyone receives their credit card bills from December..so if you over spent then today is the day you regret it.
2, your running low on funds and scrimping pennies together to make it to pay day.
3, the weather is awful..dull,grey and cold which mixed with the above makes it a pretty grim day.
4,and finally the reality of it all hits you like a brick and you vow to not overspend again..most mean it but most don't and forget all about it until next time.

So ladies is it a Blue day for you?
Here at flowertot mansion its buisness as usual..up and breakfast,schooling all done and a lovely afternoon reading .
No stress or worry about credit card bills or even any bills at all.
We didn't overspend at Christmas..mainly because we just don't have the money or a credit card to overspend on. The number 1 rule in the budget of our house is..if you can't afford it then you save for it.Its saved us many a time..we save and have a set budget for food every week..and that sometimes doesn't get used up so its rolled over to the next week.
All it takes is planning and absolutely sticking to your list..don't be tempted..i can't stress enough about meal planning..go through the pantry,fridge and freezer to see what you have then plan your menu around it..we love leftovers here.I often have leftover mash..i fry it up with an egg and some ham..lovely quick lunch.

This week end i roasted a lovely bit of beef..had quite a bit left over so that has done tea last night and lunch today..i have about 4 slices left so that will do my son's lunch for work..
My hubby was telling me earlier that a colleague from work spends £7 a day on coffee..and that is the price for just one..then at least £4 for lunch..good grief, out came my calculator..so that is £55 a week and working it at a years worth is..£2.860
That total is for 52 weeks as she has it wether she is at work or not..i was in shock that is my food budget for a week..infact i probably spend less than that.No wonder they always moaned about being broke.

Our philosophy is..buy a flask and take a lunch..saves you in the long run..it does make me chuckle when people moan about it..and one famous comment that made me laugh is "only poor people take a lunch to work"..really? How do you feel about taking your own coffee and lunch to work..does it make you feel poor or certain in the knowledge your saving money?Plus you always get what you want to eat when you do it yourself and not have to take whats left after the lunchtime rush.

So ladies i would be interested to hear if you do packed lunches and what you put in them?
Have a good day or whats left of it

Friday, 13 January 2017

Feeling better..

Hello all,how are you on this windy chilly and snowy day?
Have you had snow?  We had a smattering that melted as quickly as it landed..so not too bad.
Well so far we have not had to do much shopping this month just fresh stuff really which is all helping in our bank account.
I have done a sweep of the freezers and pantry and think it may last another week and if so thats a bonus..i have quite a lot of frozen meals put away and also puddings.
The girls are so excited to get snow and go out in it..but alas it was not to be..never mind.
At the moment we are concentrating on saving as much money as possible to pay for our National Trust Annual Pass. This way we can have days out in the most beautiful place and take our picnics..

We have stayed at home indoors most of this week..had to go out Tuesday but that wasn't for long.
Its nice and warm and cosy and we all have slippers on and cardigans or jumpers..the girls have got big thick comforters on their beds and my son has a thick throw on his..we have the big quilt and thats it..if we put the huge throw on that i bought earlier this year its too warm and just ends up all twisted and thrown off the the bed.The new loft insulation the council put in is working amazingly..our bedroom has always been cold..its gets all the wind and the back wall is huge and just acts like a radiator in the summer and a fridge in the winter..but since it was reinsulated the room seems to be holding its temperature and isn't taking your breath away any more when you walk in.
For meals we have had soups with thick crusty breads and warming stews.Also plenty of hot chocolate with huge marshmallows that we have left over from Christmas..we are still making our way through the ton of choclate we have left and also the last of the mince pies out the freezer.

Thankfully my swelling has gone down..my hands are now normal size and so are my ears..yep ears..i looked liked a rugby player with swollen ears..my itching has subsisided also to now and again.My lovely hubby took out the pom poms and binned them for me.I am disappointed that i can't now make the pompom rug i wanted but i seriously don't think i would have survived..in all my life i have never felt so bad and a little scared as well.Not particularly frugal but i will buy the ready made pom poms if i can find some.

My Ebay selling this year has started with a bang..5 items in a week and that money is safely locked in my paypal.Its only clothes that Iris has outgrown..i did save a pair of jeans that fit her around the waist to make into 3/4 lengths for her and the same for Fern.

Today we recieved our first seed catalogue of the year..it was very exciting to see it..knowing that the new gardening year is just around the corner.Our allotments are going to prove very useful this year again.We have a new neighbour on the allotment..not met them yet but they seem very keen and have been up in the cold weather..like we have lol.This year our sheds will get the coat of paint they desperately need and we have invested in some extra strong padlocks..you always get someone who thinks that they can take your stuff.Speaking of which i couldn't believe that the Police were warning the people who are being evacuated from their homes to lock up properly to stop looters..how low can you get..stealing from people who have been flooded or could be flooded..there are some scummy people in the world.

Little baby Ella is now weighing in at 6lb 4oz..she gained weight not lost it in the first week. She is such a little dot and slept through having her hips checked and also the heel prick test..hopefully we go and see her again next week..o she is gorgeous and really alert as well for a tiny one.
Rght ladies am off to have a warm bath and a some Weetabix later on..whilst i am all wrapped up in my fleecy housecoat reading my favourite books.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

What the???flaming fluffy pom poms

Hello all,how are you doing today?
Well the pom pom rug has been permanently shelved.
I started and was going great..got four lovely huge fluffly pom poms and some small ones..then i noticed my legs had a slight rash..thought nothing of it at all.
Only to be woke in the night with itching and burning hands that had swelled up and also huge red welts all over my legs(one of which is huge comaped to the other one) and also itching all over my body and my ears have swelled up as well.
Had a panic and rang the out of hours..got myself there and saw the doctor who told me i had an allergic reaction to something and the only thing i have done different is to make pom poms..so it seems i am having a reaction to the fibres in it..good grief i feel rough and like i have been battered about..so i have had to stop production and try to recover from it.
Thankfully the pills the doctor gave me are working and only one hand feels like its on fire today..
I can't believe it..i have always used wool and made bits and bobs..maybe it was the type of wool i can't be sure..but its certainly a shock.
So now i have to stop and am a little annoyed really as i so wanted us to get it done..the nurse suggested i buy them ready made lol.
O well its a small set back and am certainly grateful it was a small reaction..it doesn't feel like it but compared to what others go through with allergies it is small scale.
Have you found out you had a reaction to something..what was it and was you in shock like me?

Thursday, 5 January 2017

All snuggled up and snoozing

Here she is..

Welcome to the world little one..

On the Baby Countdown..update

Well its that time.yep my new grand-daughter is due well over due actually.
My daughter Fionna is having a home birth and really looking forward to it..just trying to relax for the last few days which as we all know is virtually impossible when your at the end .
I am not a pushy mum and certainly don't want to be there..i would if she wanted me to be but i think the birth of a baby is something personal and private for the parents to have for themselves.
So as soon as i know all is well i will relax..i am excited and the girls are as well.Iris in particular loves babies.
Speaking of babies we had the twins here yesteday..wow they have grown and are all over the place..playing and causing mayhem..a gentle mayhem though..toys and bits all over are absolutley no bother to tidy up..worth it as well..i got hugs and laughs from both.Iris plays with them and Fern is ok with them but she told me she is not a baby person..haha bless her.
Fingers crossed all goes well and a new little one will be here.
The baby has arrived..just gone 6 this morning ..more details to follow.
6lb 20z..born at 6.10

New Hoover arrived..

Hello all.how are you today?
Well after much too-ing and fro-ing we finally decided on the hoover.
We really wanted a Henry but they are all bagged and we didn't want one of them..but if we wanted a bagless one then the price literally shot up ...we in the end plumped for a wet and dry vacuum..this was decided after a chat about how the one hubby has in his shed has lasted for 15 or more years..never had a problem with it and it has one occassion been used to empty the last dregs from the pond when it has been cleaned out.Its not a pretty hoover but it works and that is what counts.
So i read the reviews and then bought it..it literally arrived the next morning..its brilliant and wow its sucks up the dirt..the motor didn't even get warm so no more 10 minute stints for me.


It didn't cost that much and will definitely be handy incase of any spills or leaks.

Fingers crossed its going to ast us.

Monday, 2 January 2017

We really should get a job as Hoover testers.

Morning all..well its 2017 and a bit frosty here but sunny and looking good. I love to see our garden covered in frost.
As my title says we should be given jobs as Hoover testers..last year we got through 3 of them and finally the one my mum gave me actually blew up on New Years Eve..lights flickered,burning smell and the girls ran for cover..and then a god almighty grnding and a bang and it was dead.
I can't understand why..yes i do hoover everyday downstairs..and the stairs once a week and bedrooms also..it seems to me that hoovers are not built to last these days.
We clean them out,maintenance them and always empty the cylinders..i am so mad. I could understand them going bang if we abused them and let them get full of crap but we don't.
So we have taken the decision to spend some of our precious money and buy a Henry..we had a similar one about 15 years ago and its still going, but hubby has it in his shed for clean up when he has done wood working so the sawdust isn't everywhere.
Last year we sent about £90 on 2 of them and one was given to me..so i am going to go for something more substantial this time.
The sales are on and i am surfing the internet to find a bargain.
For now i will use my little Bissell carpet sweeper to keep it tidy.

Do you find that some things aren't built to last any more..we had a washer dryer for a good twenty years before we had to replace it..and then it was only because the parts were obselete.
Since then we have had to have a new washing machine every 4-5 years.The quality of some items these days is shocking and they reckon technology has moved on..really ?
If a hoover can't keep up with my house then it doesn't deserve to be in my house.
Let me have them for a good few months and i will put it through its paces lol.
Enjoy your day..
I am off to surf and buy.