Saturday, 31 December 2016

Last day of 2016

Happy New Year to all my lovely followers and readers.
I wish the New Year to be healthy,happy and for you to be loved and cherished by all.
See you all next year.
Enjoy the champers..if your having any.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

George Michael - Amazing my favourite..

Wow..its over for another year..

Hello all,i really hope that you all had a great Christmas..we cannot believe its over.In this home it isn't ..we have lots of food left and have only bought milk and fresh bread today.We are no planning on going anywhere near town until next year if we can help it.
Unfortunately i have got Tonsilitis yet again but this time as real treat i have an ear infection as well..i am so lucky..8 tablets a day to take for over a week..and of course i will then get Thrush as a result of the looking forward to that driving me potty as well..o well it could be worse thats what i keep saying to myself.
Back to our holiday..we have all been just totally relaxing and having some lazy days..not getting dressed and having big breakfasts..some lovely croissants and muffins with bacon yummy.

But today i got back to normalish..what passes for that in this house..i caught up with the laundry  and also meal planned for a week or two.
I put away the Christmas books and moved around more..i really do need another book case.
I used some Velcro to fix my hubby's coat..his zip has broken and i have no clue on how to fix it at all.infact the zipper fell to bits. I have ordered him a new one as the one that we fixed is ancient .

We are taking decorations down at the weekend and so i will have a really good clean then..

I have to say a big Thank you to certain ladies..Marie and Lyn..i cannot thank you enough for the lovely gifts..the girls adore theirs and the hair clips are going down a storm..the lovely glassware i received is now in my cupboard taking pride of place..the books are brilliant and will come in handy.
The best gift i received was a lovely hand-made gorgeous husband made me a wooden wedding ring..its beautiful and made from Oak..fits perfectly and the lady in the chemist spotted it and asked where i got it..i told her my hubby made it..she was taken with it,she should see the little delicate ones he made for the tiny but perfect.

Its all back to buisness at the bank account..that never stops does it..all our bills have gone out for another month and we are still in the black..brilliant.
I was listening to report on the radio that says 1 in 5 folks will be dreading their credit card bills in January after having over spent in December..and that even more people will be filing for bankruptcy.
I am also concerned on a report i read that states food prices will be rising next year and staying now my pantry will come in handy more than ever. I will be doing an inventory of it from top to bottom in the next week or so and stocking up on what i need.Which means our allotments will be more valuable than ever to our food production.
Budgetting again will be very high on our agenda..i already have quite a few bundles of clothes put aside ready to sell next year.I can't believe how invaluable Ebay was last year to our this year i am planning on selling more..keep the clutter down and as they say ones mans trash is another mans treasure.I am also planning on upcycling a lot of bits and bobs i have in the spare room..and also setting some goals for projects that i want to do with the girls.
A pom pom rug is one of them..i have plenty of wool and will need nimble little fingers .

Now we are waiting for our newest little member of the family to make an appearance..Fionna is having a home fingers crossed all goes well.

We are off now to have tea..
love to you all

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Ok..checklist done..

Hello check list is done and i have everything we need..its too late now..we are not going anywhere today at all.
My turkey or should i say pteradactyl of turkeys is cooking in the oven..veg prep will happen later and we are putting our feet to enjoy the festivities.
I am chilled out and stress here.
Looking forward to my takeaway.
The girls are watching Disney films and the fellas are chilling as well.
All has gone to plan and now we are reaping the rewards of a relaxing Christmas.
The little treats i have put away will be brought down later and oohed and arrhed over.
So for now ladies i am off for a day or two.
I wish you all a Happy Christmas and thank you for following my blog and leaving many comments,thankfully all of them kind ones.
Love to you all

Friday, 23 December 2016

What are your family traditions..

Hello again..
If your reading this then really you should be in bed or your on the other side of the world and its daylight.
We were talking to our girl Fionna earlier this week about Christmas's from when they were small.
She was so excited about it..we love taking the girls out for a walk on Christmas eve afternoon/evening to look at the lights on the houses and also to see if they could spot Santa???..this was primarily a cover for us.
It gave me an empty house to move gifts from the hiding place to the downstairs utility area ready for setting out later on..then i would start to bring down all our food that we had saved and put away for our holiday.
We would also start a box in September and every week add a few little treats to it..chocolates,crisps,pop and cakes..all would be brought down and stored ready for us to enjoy.

Our other tradition is a big fry up on Christmas Eve..i'm talking sausage,bacon,mushrooms,eggs fried bread and a huge pot of tea. Wonderful..then a quick walk and home..bath and stories then bedtime.But just before they go to bed ..we have to set out a nice glass of milk,a mincepie and a Thank you note.
We try to keep these going they have become part of my girls lives as well..Fionna does the same and wants to create the magic that we did for them for her brought tears to my eyes that she has great memories and wants to pass them on.
This year we are having a takeaway..yep my son is totally treating us..i am so looking forward to it.
Fern and Iris are excited to go on the walk with Daddy..and i am excited to hear the story of how they may have heard Santa's Jingle bells..
So ladies what little things do you?

Never thought we would be doing this..updated

Hello again..well my hubby wanted to pop upstairs and the door handle came off in his has been sticking for a few days and we looked into buying new ones.
Now we have been forced to go and buy new thats his afternoon took care of..
This is the second time its we have splashed out and bought a little more expensive ones so hopefully they will last..and they come with a lifetime guarantee, well ,we will put that to the test.

Hubby went to Wickes..bought three pairs of door was deserted and he was the only customer this afternoon..he has replaced the hallway ,kitchen and living room door handles..o they do look nice and swanky..

Not long to go..and treat for me

Hello all,how are you?
Its not long til the big day now.
Our house is full of laughter and also appreciation.
We appreciate what we have,a lovely home,each other and good friends.
The gifts under the tree are a temptation for me and the girls..we keep having a feel and trying to work out what they are..naughty aren't we.

I have been gven some money as a i am treating myself to a book..its old and i bet it smells old as well..i am so excited to get it..i have been watching it for quite a while hoping and praying no one else will buy it.
Once it arrives i will post a pic..its not to everyones taste but i love it and its my treat to myself.
I admit i am a bookaholic and my life long ambition is to have a room full of bookcases and a comfy chair to while away my rainy days..

I cannot pass a book shop without having a peek..and if i find one well you would think i had won the lottery.
What about you ladies..whats your passion?

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas is coming and so is Winter..

Hello all..we have been busy here..have you?
Firstly the whole house has been cleaned from top to bottom..presents wrapped,cards posted and others delivered by hand.
My whole home now sparkles and shines..i am pooped.
I am trying to get it all done so i can totally relax from tomorrow night and just enjoy the build up now.Iris is almost at fever pitch..Fern has joined the grown up gang now😉..but is very excited still like her sister.
We have started to defrost out Turkey...its a whopper..i shopped online and the original one was not available so i got a substitute..bargain really..the one i wanted was for 6-8 people and cost £8..the one i got feeds 11-14 people and should have been £18 but as it was a substitute i got it for £8..absolute bargain.It will feed us for days..and i will use every bit of it.I ma so glad its out the freezer,now i have some room again.
We have only got to buy fresh bits and that is it.
I have my parents coming for lunch on Christmas Day and we are out Boxing Day..i am taking a cake along with me and some Mince Pies .
Overall this Christmas has not cost that much,the presents were budgetted for through out the year,the food has come to about £50..including drinks..and i mean pop and juices no alcohol as we don't drink.
I have done all the baking myself..cakes,tarts and mini quiches.

The girls have made some lovely place card holders from loo rolls cut in half covered in sticky shiny paper and dipped in glitter with a little decoration on the front for each person.
I have polished my silver candelabra and also my cutlery..all my table linen has been freshened up and ironed.
There have not been enough hours in our days.
I haven't bought any new christmas decorations for a good few years now..over the years i have amassed a vast amount and seriously don't need anymore. Mind you our tinsel looks bald in places.
I had to buy a box of cards..i haven't got that many friends so they do actually get  a really nice one,neighbours get a box one..the box will last me a few years.
I buy my wrapping paper and labels in the sales..and we have made a few ourselves.
I haven't gone mad with newly sprayed tins are full of bought chocolates that we got by the bag full for a few pounds..none of these will be wasted as we all love them.There are no weird flavours.
I made my own biscuits instead of buying a tin.

Nearly all the veg that will be served will be what we have grown and puddings i bought earlier this year..we love Christmas puddings..i have 3 and will get a few more..i adore pudding and could eat it all year round infact one year when i was pregnant with my daughter Heather i did..the mamnager at out local Co-op had some put aside..his wife craved them so he understood where i was coming from.Nothing like Christmas pudding and cream in the middle of summer.

Yesterday we had two of the grand daughters for the day..they were lovely and well i was a bit mean ..we didn't finish our school until yesterday and when they arrived i had school work waiting for them..they enjoyed it and so did the girls it was nice to have someone else in my little school..and they were willing to do it as well which makes a huge difference. They got to use computers to research traditions and also the littlest one got to do some sticking with foamy letters and numbers..then they had to read to me..both did really well.
After school they all played with the big box of Lego until their dad came to pick them up.
I haven't posted any pics of my own as my camera is playing up again..
As today was the shortest day its officially winter..we are not going to get a White Christmas but a wild,wet and windy one.
Our son has struck lucky..he is working for 2 more days then has Christmas Eve off and is not back til later on Boxing he is looking forward to chilling with us for a few days.
Right i am off to bed as tomorrow its another busy day..
love to you all

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Someone pass the tissues and Vick..

Hello all ,how are you?
As you may have guessed we have been poorly in this house..snot,snot and more snot. Sneezing for a medal and sore throats plus a fog horn hubby and the girls have come down with it..sam has started now so it won't be long before i get it..its inevitable really.
So after a week of snot and disturbed nights we are all feeling a little frazzled around the edges.
That is why this morning lifted our spirits and i had a tear or girls and i are very lucky indidviduals .
We have 2 lovely friends who sent us a box of i have itchy fingers and can't wait to open so excited ..we all did a happy dance in the kitchen..hubby thought i had gone loopy again.
I was that happy i decided to over look the rather sour faced postie who just banged on the door and said Here..nothing else just just wow..i think my Good morning and Thank you were wasted on him..i don't care how busy you are you should always be polite.
Manners maketh the man..he obviously missed that one.
Bet you a quid he is single ..ooh thats mean isn't it.Probably true though.
Anyway forgetting the sour puss who does absolutely nothing to promote the post office in anyway shape or form..we opened our parcel..from Marie..o my gosh ..and the card is exquisite..that is going in my memory box for sure.We have all been touching and having a crafty feel of them..the girls say Thank You and Happy Christmas to you all.They are quite excited and promptly popped them under our tree..

 We had just gotten over the shock of this parcel..when another arrived.

 O wow Lyn..i can't wait to open these for sure..i can't thank you enough..
The girls and i say Thank you..Merry Christmas to you and yours..

All safe under the tree..away from prying fingers..except mine haha..
So from my snot ridden home i am going to bed now..i am tired and have to go out tomorrow..yuk..
love to you both

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Happy birthday..

Its a little late and i am sorry..this is for you Leah.
I know you had a great day..and i am sorry i didn't post this earlier..
love you leah belle
grandma,grandad ferny and iris