Wednesday, 30 November 2016

School time..

O i love doing home school..we have a good time and totally enjoy our days.
I download a lot of work from have all sorts of freebies to print out.
I normally see what they have and if its what i need i will spend an afternoon printing and planning our weeks worth of lessons.
Another great website is Maths math sheets and explanations are that good even i get it.
This week Fern has been doing a Novel study on Molly's Pilgrim

It contains everything she has learnt so far and more that she hasn't.
These are just amazing for her as she really has to apply herself to it..its not just the story but the fact she has to search,explain and finally give her own opinion on the book and plot line.
Describe the characters and in her words give her observations of these characters.
I can't recommend these sites enough.

Iris can read and write to a good standard but is so full of energy she bounces around a i always feel i am telling her to sit down or come back. Bless her.

I find the more bright and colourful the things we do the more she pays attention to it..the scrabble tiles i bought from Ebay..we use them quite a bit for spellings and begginning blends and endings..

I have to say that i think the girls favourite afternoons are craft ones.
 Iris made glitter tree's and also a forest of rainbow tree's.

 Fern made little bobble hats for tree decorations..aren't they good. She has a few more to do but they will all be different colours.,,she spent a while doing them but once she got the hang of it away she went.


Old books..beautiful books.

Hello all how are you today?
Chilly isn't it?
Lovely to see the garden all white with crispy frost in the mornings..gone by lunch time only to come creeping back later on.
So grateful to be in a warm house and all cosy.
I read Katies recycle blog yesterday to be delighted to find she has found a copy of this book below..only 50p as well bargain.
I have a copy of this book and the another too..the one above..The Three Golliwogs..i bought both online and only a few pounds for both..they are gorgeous books and so politically incorrect they are bound to be banned sooner or later.
I also have a copy of Uncle Tom's Cabin..
Mine is from the 1940's and published by Fredrick Warne & Co.
It could be worth a fortune but i wouldn't part with it .
I have lots of old books and i have been over the years collecting Vintage Ladybird books as well as Enid Blyton,Beatrix Potter and Cicely Mary Barker..i adore books and think i would have to be totally not in my right mind to get rid of them.
I love the smell of the old books,musty i know, but the best thing is going to a book shop and i mean an antique shop to be welcomed by that smell.
My prize possession is a copy of The Three Elizabeths..i hunted high and low for this book only to be met with huge prices and crappy copies..i can remember being about 9 or 10 and reading this book at my grans..i fell in love with it and unfortunately it went missing when my gran passed away.
My daughters then boyfriend now husband found a copy for me a few years ago for a christmas gift.

I think having books is the best thing you can do for yourself and children..not only can you disappear into a whole new world,they help your imagination,fill you with information and also help with spelling and literacy skills and they are cheap or free if you use the library .

We have a reading list and i order books by the arm load from the local library
Ferns is full of Micheal Morpurgo at the moment and Iris loves Russell Hoban..i am so lucky that my passion for books has been passed along to all my children who read matter how busy they get they always find time to grab half an hour to read.
I find reading relaxing and i also look forward to bath time..i get to read whilst i double dose on relaxation in a bubble bath.
I know i got my passion and love for books from my gran..she would go to the library every week with her wicker basket and fill it up..then every afternoon for an hour we would read..i was over the moon when she let me pick my own books for the first time..i literally devoured them and couldn't wait to go back for more.
I encouraged my husband to read but he wasn't interested..thankfully a friend of his lent him a David Gemmell book about 20 years ago..since then he has been an avid reader and now appreciates what i see in them.
Sometimes our house is totally tv,no radio just the occassional sound of someone turning a page.
Perfect afternoon.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Happy birthday babe..

We all love you lots..have a great day..

Monday, 28 November 2016

I defy anyone not to smile at this adorable baby girl..

This has just had us all giggling away..isn't she adorable..
A nice thing to see when there is so much bad in the world..

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Happy Birthday !!!

Happy birthday to Fern.
11 years old today.
The lovely little bundle that came into our lives and has grown to be a beautiful,gentle,brave,generous young lady before our eyes.
We hope that you enjoy your day my little Fernling.
Enjoy your French Coconut Tart.
p.s don't read too late
love you always
mummy,daddy and Iris

Friday, 25 November 2016

Our local little library

Hello again..
Our local library is attached to the school Fern went is in the Surestart Centre there.
It used to be quite big once upon a time..then all the cuts started and it disappeared so to speak.
We loved going there as you can make yourself a cuppa and drinks for the girls in the big communal kitchen and it was a lovely way to spend time ..a little tots area with toys for them to play with a dedicated library staff who were wonderful and would talk and help out with just about anything..lovely ladies and gent.
When all the cuts started it seemed to shrink,then the staff disappeared one by one until it was a desolate place and not well cared for.
I have to say we stopped going..i would order the books i wanted via the online service then pop to the Sure Start reception to collect them.The absolutely wonderful lady who runs that reception is Josie..a font of information and infinite patience as well. Always so happy to see you and the most capable woman who can man 3 phones,a printer and computer all in one see that your books are ready for you.
We had to go pick some up this week and whilst waiting for them a lady came over and introduced herself as the new library volunteer and she had just received a brand new copy of a book and she wondered if Fern would like it..she was doubly pleased as Fern said yes and it was her first book loan since she had re-started the library..she is so passionate about it and the books she has ,it was so refreshing to meet her.She lifted our spirits even more when we went and had a look at what she had looks small but neatly spaced out and a sofa with chairs to sit..a little area for little people.

All of the books Iris selected with help from the lady..She adores the Biff,Chip and Kipper series..this one has been read numerous times and is so easy for her but she gets it everytime she can.

This was her very first loan out to Fern..

She helped Iris find some good books and then Fern as well..she told me she has a print out of reading lists for all ages and will print me a copy if i would like and also asked Fern to do a written book review of the book she borrowed..Fern was amazed and said she would..then she asked Iris to do her a picture of happy,sad or bad for her books she borrowed..this woman i think will revitalise the little library..her energy and love for the books is evident and brilliant to see.
She did ask why the girls were not at school and Iris explained they were Home Schooled she clapped her hands and said Marvellous..i will find you any books you need..that is the best offer i have ever had from anyone with help to Home School.
She was surprised at the girls reading levels and also Ferns latest Book Review of Molly's Pilgrim..she could not believe we had a copy of it and had never heard of anyone else reading it.
So on the way home we decided that we are going back to library at least once a week and spend some time there will be lovely to just go and sit again and peruse the shelves for any books we may like.
So we are very happy to have our little library back..and a new library lady as well.

Black Friday..

Hello all.
I was watching scenes of absolute chaos earlier in America..what the heck?
Fighting over things and pushing people out the way to get a it really a bargain though if you get hurt or trampled or shot as the case maybe.
My son is working today and is on the afternoon shift thankfully..he says its been getting busier all week and the warehouse at the back is chocka block with items..thing is some of the items are not that much of a bargain really..but he is on til gone 6 tonight..surely there won't be anything left by then.
I haven't been online shopping today as i honestly don't need anything bargain or not..i know i am lucky to be able to say that..
I was so glad to see that a certain supermarket hasn't done any Black Friday was busy when hubby went but not that horrific he had to fight through the crowds..
Have you been online or been to the sales themselves?

Am back..

Hello all,how are you?
O my i have been having a right panic..apparently blogger did an update and surprise surprise my whole blog disappeared..i was at first angry then upset then furious and the almost despondent ..i kept thinking o no all my posts and pics and lovely people following me will think i have just dumped them.
I got on this morning and was so happy to see it all there..note to blogger..please don't do it again..
love to you all

Friday, 18 November 2016

Its not that bloody hard is it..

Hello all, how are you today?
Well i am yet again a little peeved.
Why you may ask?
I will tell name as you all know is Sara..not Sarah,Sarhara,Sahara or any thing bloody for some reason the bank has changed my name on all correspondance to Sarit..yep they got that i will never know.
I keep changing it back and informing them of the mistake they are making..i have been with this bank for years and years..and for the last 2 they have been calling me Sarit.
I am fed up..small in the grand scheme of things i know..but really annoying .
So from now on when they send me a letter i may just return and say not known at this address..suck on that lollipop.
I could understand if my name was a long one or hard to spell but its 4 flipping letters..and get this when i ring the bank i get told that my name doesn't match the name they have on their records..what!!!!.how can that be i had to take my bloody birth certificate to open it somehow it has got changed.
They have one more chance then its Adios..
It may seem a small thing but its very annoying.
Sorry for moaning but i was given a name and no one has the right to change it..

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Its too flipping early..

Good grief..there is a house near us that already has Christmas Decorations all over the looks bloody awful.Far far too early to have them up..i know people love the silly season but give us a break.Its literally an assault on the looks absolutely awful and we know the neighbours have complained to the council but they are still up..below is a picture of a tacky one but this is not as tacky as the one near us.
Some houses look really nice, but then they have actually planned what they are putting up and not just thrown it together as a mish mash.
What about you ladies do you have any one near you who decorates the outside of the house tastefully or just loses all sense of taste.
Do you decorate your house  outside or just like me have a wreath on the front door?

Monday, 14 November 2016

And the winner is..

Fern did the draw this morning and Lesley the winner..
Please leave your name address in the comments and i will post out as soon as i go to the post office.Your details will not be shown on the blog and then deleted once i have wrote out the label.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Wet weather make overs..

Hello all.
Well the weather hasn't been that great here this week..and as we can't get outside to do what we like we have been making things over again.
First off i have collected a lot of maps and charts ,maybe its the home schooler in me but i can't pass up a map or chart as i always think it will come in handy.I needed somewhere to keep them safe and not rolling all over the place and getting crinkled.
Hubby found some empty paint tins and i have a Bingo moment.
 I washed out the tin .
 Removed the handles
 Found a spare map and cut it to size then went to town with the glue..
 And bingo..a lovely container for keeping them altogther.

I think to be honest i may have to make another one in a bigger size..but it was free to do and the girls loved helping to cut it and glue it.

 We also spent a little while cutting out squares so we could re do our old blocks..the girls did them and i think they look adorable.

As the Christmas season is fast approaching i have decided to make a wreath..i had already bought  ring and had some netting that i bought for 99p a roll..
I have seen some beautiful wreaths and to be honest i am not that artistic but thought i would give it a go.
I did one and it was supposed to be all fluffy and look like a candy cane..i wasn't keen on it..i thought it looked a mess and a spectacular mess..the girls loved it however.

See what i i undid it and then had a total brain wave..i had some clear beads and coloured why not make it a Polka Dot wreath..the girls reckon it twinkles in the light and my son thought i had put Fairy Lights on it..

So what do you think..did i do right by scrapping the first one..don't worry i still have the fabric and will use it somewhere else.
The most important thing is we enjoyed making it and it was for just £3.33..

Quick giveaway..

I have far too many have decided to give some away..
This little beauty is all yours if you want it..leave a comment and i will do the draw on Monday.
The book is in good condition but has an inscription which has been covered over with labels..
It will have to be UK postage only..
Good luck

After all the hype

Hello all,how are you today?
Well i have heard of the John Lewis Christmas girls were urging me to watch it..i finally gave in..not that impressed..i am more impressed with the fake one to be honest.
I seem to be disappointed a lot these days with the adverts..whats is christmassy about watching people dance around in bright clothes with a cheesy grin plastered on their faces.
Come on people do a proper one..thats full of children and snow and Father Christmas..make it magical again and stop shoving your bloody crappy must have toys,dresses,shoes,gadgets down our throats.
Why not make one just because its Christmas not to sell your stuff..not that i rush out and buy it anyway.
And why is it on so early..that just ruins for us..i think they should ban them until the beginning of December at least.You can say i am Humbug or Scrooge..but i get tired of it all being pushed at me,the girls and even the bloody dog.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Baking day..and picture frames.

I love my Saturdays..i bake for the week..i have been giving it a miss now and then and some of the cakes went off during the summer and i was a little annoyed at having to throw them the cooler weather is here i hope they won't go off but get eaten .

I have also finally got up my picture i printed off..i have placed it above our book case in the living room..
I love printing off my own pictures..i can have some rather quirky ones or inspirational ones..its up to me what i have..and the beauty is i can change them anytime i like.
I see lots of pictures and think o thats gorgeous..then Whammo you see the price of it..and i always walk away..i have been doing my own pictures for about 7years now..i like it because i can edit them or change the size and colour if i want so it fits my frames or mounting.I scour charity shops for frames and sometimes you get the odd picture that is amazing and also very cheap but that doesn't happen very often these days.
My mum loves the Art Deco stuff ,so when she gets a card with it on she frames it..her living room is full of looks very nice.
I think having the same colour frames helps as well..different sizes,styles and textures but all painted the same colour just add to the flow of the pictures on the walls..i used to just have dark frames,light frames and just a higgle of never felt or looked right to me.Now i do them all the same it looks like they belong and not a jumbled mess stuck on the wall.
In the living room i have white frames,dining room and hallway i have black just makes the actual picture stand out and compliment it even more if you get the right colour frame.
Its cheap to do..a tester pot and away you and cheerful.


Bonfire night..

Well its November the 5th..Firework Night..but not for us.
The girls are not too keen on them..they like watching them out the dining room window..we call it the worlds biggest wide screen instead we will buy them a DVD they want  and have burgers,hotdogs and popcorn..then turn out the lights and watch all the neighbours or cheeky?
We saw some absolute stunners last night..must have cost a small fortune some of them..but we got to see how pretty they are from the warmth and safety of the window.
So if you are having any tonight..remember safety first ,but above all enjoy them.

Big stags,little stags and ones that just stare at you...

Hello all,how are you today?
Firstly welcome to my new follower Emily Lockett..welcome to my little blog..
I have my camera back gorgeous husband managed to find a card reader so i can upload my pics..what would i do with out him.
We have had a lovely half term,few just sit back and relax days and then a baking session and a movie day.
As all the other children were back at school we took the opportunity to go to Belton House for the day.
It was fantastic..we had the adventure playground to ourselves almost and the coffee shops were deserted so we had a choice were to go for our treat.We chose the stable warm and welcoming in there..lots of old bits and bobs all over from the house itself and of course the old stables.A huge clock hung on the wall..and for its age which i would hate to guess ,it was keeping had to squint to see the numerals on it..they have almost worn off..but a lovely piece nevertheless.
We walked down the 1 mile sheep poop to dodge which is an absolute bonus..i noticed all the stags were out and about out came my trusty little camera..
 The sheep sitting down were not giving us the confidence to keep walking but thankfully it didn't rain.

 This is the one that just kept staring at me..there are few more of him further down

 Unfortunately this fella decided he was going to pee and poop as i took a picture..

 See i told you he was just staring me out..

 Still staring....

My camera card was full by the time we finished our walk up the drive..we had to swap it over last week and forgot to change it no lovely pictures of the woods or me swing like a lunatic on the Zip wire..
We had our lunch in the little cubby and then went to the book shop.
Fern found some Jaqueline Wilson that she hasn't read yet and hubby found some he wanted and Iris and i bought this..
 A bargain at 50p..and the poems and illustrations are just beautiful.
On the way home it clouded over and the wind got up..we were a little chilly when we got in but it was a  great  day..and one we hope to repeat in the coming weeks..we ate all the food i took with us so it didn't really cost us much apart from the book shop and our teas at the stables.We had a big tea of Sausages, Potatoes ,Peas and Gravy with fruit cake and custard for pudding.Believe me the girls went to bed absolutely worn out and happy.
Its a truly beautiful place to go and visit.
Still staring..