Wednesday, 31 August 2016

End of the Summer..on the cusp of Autumn

Hello all,how are you today?
Well today is the last day of August..and we made it again.
All our bills are paid and we have some left over which is always good.
I sold a few items and used the money to buy the girls a lovely warm, water proof winter coat each.
My freezer is full of home grown veg and lots of puddings made from the plum crop..well half of it,the rest are just about ready.
I just can't believe how fast this year is going again.It seems five minutes since it was the beginning of the year.Maybe, as i get older i noticed how days and months go by quickly.

Autumn is on its way..its been getting dark earlier for a while now and there is a definite change in the air and a nip as well.
The garden spiders are starting to appear and all the shadows seem to be that bit longer in the garden.
Whilst walking we see tree's starting to change and the birds are starting to flock together.
This season arriving is also a favourite in our home.
The girls love crisp mornings and gather as many leaves as they can,conkers are collect when they are ready and acorns will be searched for.
We can sort of sit back a bit and relax before we harvest more crops and store them .Books will brought out that i have been buying all year ready for those days when its windy and rainy and we can cosy up and read.
Hubby and son will be planning and rotovating the allotments,getting them ready to receive the manure that will be spread on them.
Cardigans will be got out and slippers sorted,casseroles and warm puds will be served.
Its sad to see the end of summer and we wish it could stay a little longer just keep us warm and have some more fun filled water splashing days,lazing around the garden cloud watching and just having a good day.
All good things come to an end as they say..thats maybe true but i see at as all good things come to an end to be followed by more good things.I think the ending of seasons makes you appreciate them all the more.So heres hoping for a few more warm days before we say good bye.
What about all of you..are you looking forward to Autumn?
Whats your favourite thing about it?

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Happy Birthday Heather..

O my little girl is all grown up with girls of her own..she is so beautiful and full of life.
Hope you have a nice relaxing day.
lots of love from us all..

Friday, 26 August 2016

Giveaway update..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well i have only 2 entrants in my giveaway that are in the both of you will get a set of transfers..
Simple Living and Karen..please leave your name and addresses in the comments section and i will send them out to you both..

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Painting,Pickling and Plums..

Hello all,how are you doing today?
The weather here has been glorious and we have been enjoying it with the girls in the garden..when it has got too hot we have retreated  indoors,plenty of juice and icecreams.
The boys have been to the allotments and harvested more beans and tomatoes..also our Raspberry bushes are literally groaning with fruit. We have picked as much as we can for now and i have frozen a majority of it and gave some to my daughter who came with the twins yesterday.She in return brought us a huge box of Quaker Porridge that has been added to our pantry and it will hopefully see us through some chilly mornings.
As the weather has been nice i have been painting..i finished the gates off and hubby put them back up for me..they look much nicer than the black,peeling and going rotten set..hubby has sanded and filled holes also we put some aluminium on the bottom of one side to stop it rotting completely .


Shed door painted the same colour as i had some paint left

Front garden is coming along nicely,the grass seed took really well and the hedges are growing..we can't wait to take down the fence and let some more light in so the hedge grows quicker and thickens out

Flying ants were everywhere yesterday..hundreds of them . I tried to take pictures but the little sods wouldn't hold still lol,can you see this one.

 Our first crop from the Plum tree..beautiful and delicious as well..there are the same amount still on the tree but they are not quite ready.. this first lot will be made into Plum pudding and pies and crumbles
I pickled some Beetroot and tomatoes..they are an experiment really..
So thats what we have been up about you ?
take care

Friday, 19 August 2016

Quick giveaway..

I had a look through my little stash of stickers and labels the other day.i have far too many so i will be giving away 2 sets..if you would like them leave a comment and your name will be put in the hat to be drawn next Friday.
 2 sets of transfers for glass jars.,bottles or whatever you want.

take care

A day out in all its glory..and a Crappin recipe

Hello all, how are you doing?
We went to our favourite place on Thursday..spent an entire day just wandering.No phones,no was fabulous..we were shattered when we got home and boy did we all sleep well.
I made a picnic and drinks for us..we also took our kite..unfortunately there was no wind only a light breeze..which was weird as usually at the top of the hill its always windy..but not that day.. o well next time.
Iris and i did manage to attract a swarm of little flies that followed us just hovering above our heads for a good hour or so..we finally lost them in the was quite annoying being dive bombed by lots of small black flies.We either smelt like a cow pat or a flower..i prefer a flower.
We had a great time..just sitting and watching the world go by..lots of does and stags about with the babies..also a very brave little squirrel took its time to go past us and climb up to safety..he was in no hurry what so ever..neither was the little jack rabbit..we just sat and watched,which in itself is a miracle as the girls were quiet.
Here are some gorgeous pics of our day..

 We did pop in the second hand book shop..i found this recipe has some really good recipes.
 This one made me chuckle though..not a good name really..
Take care all

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cinnamon Doughnut recipe..

I have been asked for this recipe..its not mine i must say that..i found it on Pinterest and had to try it..
You will need a doughnut tray..i bought mine from Ebay for a few pounds..
And where it says oil your really need to do first lot got stuck..but the second ones didn't.
Here is the link for the recipe..
Enjoy ..

Making the little things pretty..

Hello all.
Firstly welcome to my new followers..Mickle in NZ,The 3 year challenge and Gaynor Hodson from Bloglovin..hello..welcome to my little bit of blogworld.
I like pretty things always have and always will but for me they have to have a function as well.The pretty china is used daily and cups and saucers too..i love glass ware as well..i don't store them away, i like to use them as they should be used. My table is set with old plates and glasses with pretty placemats or napkins and i love it.
I find that some of the things i like are getting more and more sought after and shops used to almost give them away ,now its exorbitant prices and half the time they are chipped and in some cases not even had a wash ewww...i saw some pretty tumblers in a charity shop last year and they had bloody lipstick stains around the rims..i didn't buy them a) because of the stains and b) the price was so high..i reckon they must still be there.
So back to them being functional..i was given an old sweet jar last year that has a lid..its just the right size for my cotton wool balls..and the lid keeps them clean..
I wanted to pretty it up and knew straight away where to go for some lovely label printables.... website is one i could lose myself in for hours ..i look through it all and its a shame i don't have enough frames to print out everything i house would be bursting with pictures.I printed off a label for my jar..what do you think?

Its only a small one ..i used the rest of the paper to make into little list size pieces.

I also painted my Buddha..he has been green for years and was looking very dirty and had some chips in him so i painted him white

He had 2 coats of white paint and is now dazzling.
take care

Its painting time..

Hello all,how are you doing?
I told you all last week that i had finally ordered the paint for my gates.
I took the gates off and moved them around the back..we sanded them and took off the took 2 coats to cover the black i had on before..
 I forgot to take a before picture until i was half way through the last gate..
 We will put new numbers on them..ours and the neighbours ..i just have to paint it the posts the same colour and they can go back on.
The colour is Country Garden by Wilkos..its Satin Wood and Metal  Exterior Paint..didn't take long to dry and is water based so washed out the brush easily.
I can't wait to put them back up.
take care

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Been busy and more allotment harvests..

Well its been quite busy here at Flowertot Mansion..we have been getting all the school stuff sorted and i have been printing work and also buying some supplies on sale.
I have bought some new reading books for the girls as well..these will be used as Literacy work for Fern and Iris through out the next year..i re-organized the big book cases in the dining room and had a really good clear out as well..amazing the clutter i kept really..but by clearing out i have opened it up and got some more space to store the things we do need,its not all shoved in now and looks so much neater.
The old books we had we listed on Ebay and sold them.
I also sold 3 more items of clothing and a hat so thats extra.
I had a mega baking session that will hopefully last a while..
A cinnamon loaf
 These are Cinnamon Doughnuts i found the recipe on Pinterest,they are light and fluffy and also baked in the oven..i made 12 and have 0 left..they disappeared very quickly and just seemed to melt in your mouth..these were an experiment for the Autumn ..i love doughnuts when they are all warm with a nice hot choclate or milky coffee as a way of warming up when its chilly outside..these can be made in less than 20 minutes.
 Fern and Iris made some Maids of Honour..
 Our Raspberry bushes are starting to fruit well..they are late fruiting ones so hopefully in the next few weeks we will have some more..
 More beans..
 I made some pasta sauce with courgettes,onions and tomatoes all grown by tastes delicious..and i know its chunky but that how Iris and i like our pasta sauce with a bit of crunch in it.
 Our plums are coming..and boy are they delicious.
 Some of the tomatoes from the greenhouse and juicy and very sweet..
We have been watching the Olympics..we cheered Mo Farrah on and also Jessica Ennis Hill..bless them both they did great..also the boys from the swimming medley going to toe to toe with the Americans..just amazing well done to them as well.
The gymnastics have been memerising..well done to Max Whitlock for his gold and also Louis Smith getting a proud of them all
Apparently its going to be hot next week..i hope so we need some nice warm days to just round off our Summer..a few bbq's and days in the pool will be great to relax and chill out to.
take care all

49p makeover..

Hello all are you today?
Well i did a mini makeover on my fireplace in the dining mum gave me a marble hearth as she had bought a new one.
Our fireplace is a totally homemade hubby made it out of pallets a few years ago now..we needed one but couldn't afford one so he made it..brilliant isn't he.
It was looking a bit tired and had some marks on to make the hearth fit we had to strip the fireplace to bits ,shorten it in length and then put it back together..which he did in an afternoon.
I bought these little letters for 49p off Ebay and decided where to put them and hubby glued them on then it was a quick couple of coats of paint and bingo i have a lovely and very unique fireplace..for the grand total of 49p..what do you think.
The hearth my mum gave me

Letters glued on

It looks a bit grubby

A crack that had been filled and fixed..

All painted and looking good.

I put my Enid Blyton books on it and some little bits as well..
I like it..not bad for the price either.
take care

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Allotment goodies

Our allotments are starting to pay off..all the hard work,sweat and darn it moments.
This is the harvest from today..
 A mega bucket of beans and 2 beetroots..
 Beans done and ready to be blanched then frozen
 Spring onions
 Tomatoes..these are just so sweet..

 The Cucumbers are from the greenhouse..
Our Shallots..all sorted and drying now..
I love when the chaps come home with buckets of fresh veggies.