Thursday, 28 July 2016

Grandma's sewing machine saved..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well as my thrifty life kicks in to full swing we have been recycling and upcycling and mending all things possible. We are quite enjoying ourselves and seeing what we can actually do for ourselves. Opened our eyes to the possibilities and they are endless.
We inherited this sewing machine many years has never been used by us at all.
It has just been stuck in the box gathering dust.
We want to teach the girls to use a sewing machine..we do have electric one but i am totally terrified they may sew their fingers as it goes very fast.
I did splurge and buy a childs sewing machine and whilst it works its very very tiny..note to self ,check sizes before buying. This particular item is going back on Ebay.
After a little tinkering and oiling my hubby got it isn't he just amazing.We also have a box full of needles that will fit it and the shuttle is still in and working.
Here are some pictures of his Grandma's Antique machine..

Its fab..and now working thats one more thing we have saved.
take care

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Trash to fab in 2 coats of paint..

Hello all, how are you all today?
Well the weather is just right at the minute..warm with a breeze.
My lovely hubby is slowly emptying his huge shed at the bottom of the garden..he has found things he thought he had lost and things he can't remember buying..its a treasure trove in there.
He did find this..
 One of the old style huge tins..a bit grubby on the outside
 and definitely needed a really good scrub on the inside..
 I got out my trusty spray paint..its an enamel paint and needed a lot of hasn't been used for a while.

 2 coats of paint later and some drying in the sun and bingo i have a gorgeous new tin..this is going to be used for chocolates at will be filled with lots of ones that we like from a shop that sells bags of chocs for £1 and they are massive.
It needs to dry properly and also the smell of paint needs to be gone..i reckon a good week of airing and it will be ok..and hubby wanted to dump look at it.
take care all

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Drones..good or just annoying?

Hello all,how are you today?
Its going to be lovely again.That pool is calling.
Yesterday as i came out my back door i spotted a drone..probably over the playing field at the back of us.
Fair enough he was over the field but then it came over the gardens and hovered for a while..then went then came back and stayed for a good ten minutes..floating around the gardens of my neighbour and us.
I have no problem with people having drones just don't hover over my was a fancy one with a camera that we could see swivelling around.Harmless i should think so..just a kid playing with his new toy.
But what if it wasn't..i really don't appreciate being spied on in my own garden..its private and i never gave permission for them to film us the end i gave it the finger and we went in..the girls looked out the spare room window and it was still there.It had disappeared when i went out after bath time to have a sit in the garden.

It was a quiet one and i really wouldn't have known it was there if i hadn't seen it..makes me wonder how many times it has been there..i really don't think there are any laws regarding the drones coming over your gardens..but surely filming someone without permission is illegal.
I certainly don't appreciate the fact that he could be spying on us.
What do you think ladies/gents?

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Gone spotty with the fan

Hi again.
My son bought himself a new fan this looks like a dalek stood in the corner of his bedroom but boy does it cool it all down in there.Its so nice and refreshing to go in his room now.
Last year we bought him a desk fan..we couldn't afford to get him a big one..he was grateful for the little one we got him,now he is working he bought his own..i don't blame him really,his room gets so warm.
Anyway he gave me the little fan..i have been using it in the kitchen and living room..its nice to have a light breeze whilst baking or ironing.
I saw some lovely painted fans on Pinterest but i can't afford 3-4 tins of spray paint and i can't justify the expense either.
One thing i do have in abundance though is Coloured Dots and also time.

So my plain white fan is now a multicoloured dotty fan..
Quick and easy to do and its one else has one like mine..

The kindness of my neighbours..

Hello all,what a lovely day it has been again.I do hope that your all ok.
Well today my lovely neighbour came around with all of this..
Her husband is an Ice Cream he was at work on a local market and they were giving away bottles of the end of the day they had loads left and gave him a huge crate of it..he immediately thought of us.Now how kind is that.
They often at the end of a month when they go to replenish his stocks at the cash and carry will give us any put backs ..its called a put back when the packet is slightly opened..he is not allowed to sell them to the public but he can give them away.We always have some lovely lollies and icecreams in the freezer courtesy of this very generous neighbour.

We totally love milk and get through 4 pints a day easily..this will come in very handy and also a welcome addition to the fridge.
Have you got some really nice neighbours.

What to say..

Hello all,how are you all today?
Well i didn't actually see these parents on This Morning but i have read about them.
Every parent actually parents in a different style..but i find the breastfeeding strange at his age but hey ho up to the mum.
I think personally its ok to be a liberal parent but children need firm boundaries and also a routine.
I really think the no vaccinations is incredibly idiotic..these vaccines are there to protect the children from diseases and i have had all of my children vaccinated so no nasty little bug is going to hurt them.

I suppose people could criticize me ..i home school,let them run wild (in the back garden).
I have firm boundaries in place for my children ..set bedtime and a good routine as well.
They seem to thrive on it,they know where they are and what they are doing.
I like being a liberal parent..we talk to our children,teach them show them then let them go and find out for themselves.I am not perfect at all but the need to protect my children is strong so i do use the doctors and vaccinate them..ridiculous that they haven't.

We are trying so hard to be self sufficient ourselves.
We grow our own food,have chickens and desperately try to not be a drain on anyone.We don't ask for hand outs or money from strangers to live our dream.
To live our dream which at the moment is how we are..we have worked debts,no credit cards,nothing on the never never..what we have we own.
As for going to Costa Rica to set up a new have to be vaccinated for that..if they don't then they won't make it.What is wrong with doing that in England..its beautiful place and you certainly don't need a Go Fund me page to do that..get off your ass and get a,save and then go for it.
I have to say the more i write the more annoyed i am getting with them both..its ok to be an airy fairy parent but for crying out loud don't push it out there and not expect any backlash.

O and one more thing i have never heard of breastmilk and lemon juice to cure a cold..
I really don't think you can call it Off Grid me that means you live in the back of beyond with no power and live a totally self sufficient life.. these two in my view practise the " I can't be arsed parenting" may think its harsh but i don't .
One day when their children are so out of control and they can't cope they are going to think what have i done..that day will come..
What do you think on this ladies/gents?
Am i being mean ?
But at the end of it all is it really any of our business?
take care

Friday, 22 July 2016

Flipping typical..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well i had my lovely whites on the rotary drier earlier today.
I had noticed that over the last month or so it had started to lean slightly..i never paid it any attention at all,our garden has a slight slope ,so i in my wisdom assumed it was leaning that way..doh!!!
I was watering my little plants in the front border,the girls were playing..hubby was sorting out the greenhouse..we all heard a crack then a whoomp.
The girls started to shout and hubby went running thinking they had hurt themselves or something had fell over.
O yes something fell over all rotary drier had snapped in half and fell into the fish pond..with all my whites.
Grrr..we fished them out no pun intended and now i have 2 buckets of whites soaking again.
Not only did they get pond water all over them but the netting on top is very dusty and now i have stains as well..
Like i said flipping typical..why couldn't it have gone when the dark colours were on it,no it waited til my whites were on it..
Its not a disaster in the grand scheme of things just annoying.
Now i have a hobbit size rotary drier..well at that size the girls will be able to put laundry out for me..always an upside.
Take care all

The last thing sold ..end of an era for me..

Hello all,o its so much cooler today. We are enjoying the cooler weather..still fingers crossed the sun will come out later.
As you all know we have been selling the contents of our attic..the spare room was chock a block with baby stuff..i washed all the clothes and put them on Ebay in bundles and sold the daughter had the Moses baskets,bouncer,bath,stair gate and cot.
I finally sold my pram..i adored this always looked so comfy and was a dream to push around.
Its a little old fashioned and i never thought anyone would want it..i had a lot of offers and lots of watchers but finally a lovely couple bought it..the husband arrived to collect it and i gave a demo on how to collapse it and all the little bits and bobs that came with it.
 I really should have got rid of it years ago,but deep down i think i always hoped i would have another little one to put it in it someday.I am just glad its gone to a nice couple who messaged me that they loved it.

So now my spare room it finally getting i just have a couple of portable tv's to get rid of and lots of Barbie stuff too..finally the room will be mine and my plans for it can get going.
take care

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Hard up hester a.k.a. Snitty Kitty..

This gorgeous book arrived for me ..its from this wonderful lady ,she makes me laugh and spit tea across the laptop with her wit and so spot on observations of people..i admire her and how she handles herself and the sh*t that happens to her and around her..through it all she never moans and just tells it like it is.

Thank you so much,i really appreciate it.
Visit her here..Hard Up Hester

Look..i finally have one..

Me i know i shouldn't really have a list of wanties but this is something i have wanted for years.
I love these old style rotary phones..i had a Green one but it wasn't really what i liked..i sold it and then put some of my Birthday money towards it and bought a beautiful Black rotary phone.I just love the ringing and also the dialing..there is something nostalgic about it for me.Our first ever phone was a Cream one like this but one that hung on the wall.The it all went to the push button phones,we did have one but i don't like them as much as this beauty.
It arrived and was plugged straight perfectly..i did have to print a dial label for the middle but that was easy to do with the vast array on the internet.
Now i just need someone to ring me lol..
Have you got a list of things you want or would love to have.

Impossibly cute..and o so tiny.

Hello all,how are you all doing with the was cooler today but very lovely to be able to move without turning bright red and sweating all over. I looked like a beetroot yesterday,i weeded the front path and cleaned up my took me ages to cool down afterwards.
Back to our little cute friend..Fern and Iris were playing on the space hoppers earlier and all of a sudden Fern screamed "Stop no body move"..i wonder what on earth ..she dived on the grass and picked up this little chap..she has really good eyes and spotted him hopping in the grass and saved him from being squashed by a space hopper..
See just how tiny he is..
 He is under the lily pad leaf..can you see very cute as well..we spent a while looking for any more but didn't see any..hopefully we haven't squashed any oops!!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Scraps of wallpaper finally used up

Hi all..well i have scraps of wallpaper in a big box just waiting for a craft idea or project to come along.
I found 2 small canvas pictures that look a bit  battered and also the Stag art work i did earlier this year looked a bit tatty too..i decided to redo all of them.
It didn't take long and Iris helped me..i can't wallpaper to save my life but i had a go at it..
 I got some wrinkles on the big one but at an angle you can't see them..
I think it looks ok and it was free to do and now looks nice on the wall in my bedroom.

Fun in the pool..tinged with a little sadness..

Hello all, how are you doing?
The weather is warm very warm..and not going to last so i'm told..we have grey clouds here and a breeze has picked up..the breeze is very welcome..i have windows open and doors to let it blow through the house.
We had to buy a new pool..unfortunately we lost the caps on our other one and it also had several miniscule punctures that no matter how hard we tried we couldn't pinpoint them..not very frugal but we have had it for a few years .
 The girls spent ages in the pool today..playing ,splashing and jumping around..they would get out to have a drink and something to eat then get back in again..plenty of suncream was used on them.
Here they are giving you all a wave from the pool.
 This poor little fella died..he was in the chicken pen having some free food..he obviously didn't hear hubby coming and in his panic flew into the roof and broke his neck..we were hoping he was just stunned but no it wasn't to be..we put him in a small little grave at the bottom of the garden.
What have you been doing to keep cool?


Anyone else melting..

Monday, 18 July 2016

Its going to be hot,hot,hot...

Good morning its going to be a scorcher.
Thankfully we are all recovered from a nasty little cold.
We are going to get out the pool and just have some chilling out time.
Remember your sun cream,hat and sunglasses and also lots of drinks.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

Friday, 15 July 2016

No words for this only sadness.

My heartfelt sympathies go to all affected by this terrible cowardly attack.
I have no words to ease your suffering.
Take comfort in knowing good people across the world are sending you love.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

You go girl!!!

We have a new Prime Minister and not just any Prime Minister..a female Prime Minister.
She is not the first and hopefully she won't be the last.
Wether you like her or not you have to admit she has done well.
Also i have to say i don't care for the tone of some folks who have criticized her for not having children.
So what!
She can't have children a huge difference to not wanting children.Maybe she will be more dedicated without having a family to distract her whose to say..maybe politics is her child..we will never know..but i wish her well.
I believe that she will do a good job..i am not a Conservative by the way.
Like Margaret Thatcher she will be remembered for being a role model and a Prime Minister..something that is still a male dominated area.
I am hoping that she can change the male oriented political area with her being in charge and she places a few good,strong and determined women in her cabinet.As i said, like her or not she has done well.

2nd and 3rd cucumbers of the year..

I forgot to take a picture of our 1st one of the year.
It didn't last long was delicious and we all enjoyed it.
 My mum gave me these lovely bottles the other too..i am going to put my Raspberry Gin in them as gifts for Christmas..the posh biscuit tin will get filled up with Cinnamon Cookies and be given as a gift too.
My hubby went to the allotment and brought home a bucketful of Rhubarb..we spent an afternoon cooking it.
I made 6 crumbles.
5 bases for Rhubarb sponge pudding.
6 bags of lightly stewed Rhubarb for when we have  it with custard.
He also brought home a box full of Strawberries,Gooseberries and some more Courgettes..all these have been sorted and flash frozen separately ,i now have a big bag of each all stored away.
Hubby tells me the Runner Beans are flowering and will be ready soon. So i will get my bean slicer at the ready.
I love this time of busy with all the gorgeous things we have grown.

A quick makeover for £3..

Hello all.
I have been meaning to do this for a while now.
We have all white tiles in our bathroom..they are nice but i do like a little colour .
So the last time i went shopping i went in our newest £ shop..i found they did stick on wall was quite a big square of them..i bought 3 to just put at the back of my bathroom sink. I only used 2 and a bit..
I put them up and was actually impressed that for £1 they look good..not naff like some do.
As i had a few little bits left over i made over the bathroom bin this afternoon as well.
It didn't take me long and they were easy to cut and stick up too.

I think it looks ok and for that price i can change them easily if i decorate the room again.

My husband my hero..

Hello all,how are you today?
I have the greatest husband ever.
Just look what he bought for me.

A new to me anyway portable typewriter..its amazing. He saw how disappointed i was with my other one..he even bought a new 2 colour ribbon to go in it.When the refund went through he bought this.I love it.
I have been on it already and the girls love it we will be typing away to our hearts content and no one will get a hernia trying to move it.
Thank you..

Monday, 11 July 2016

Poorly girl..

We have a poorly girl today.
Iris woke me up at 3.20 this morning to tell me her throat was hurting and she was hot.
I gave her a cuddle and put her back to bed,popped down stairs and got the Calpol and a drink of cold water for her..which time the dog decided he was desperate for a pee.I let the dog out and he did his wee,then he wanted to play silly buggers and sat in the porch not moving..his little power play.I really didn't have the patience for him and he may have sensed it when i gave up and started to close the door on him, he soon shot into the kitchen.Only to go get his rag rope and want to play..and dropped it conveniently in the door way..unfortunately for Jack it just got picked up and thrown back into the kitchen and the door got shut.
I got back up to Iris and gave her Calpol and water.and she drifted back to sleep.
She is an early bird and was up with the sun but looking pale and pasty.
It has affected her appetite and she didn't eat her breakfast pancakes..and she has no energy and is so quiet which is totally not my Iris.Even Fern said its so quiet i don't like it.
I did manage to get her to have some soup and her daddy bought some yoghurts and icecream as well when he went shopping.
At the moment she is all tucked up on the sofa watching Harry Potter with Fern.
Only question is who is next?
We shall wait and see..