Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Love the rain

The girls did exactly this yesterday..and today we may need wellies or a dinghy.
Nevermind..its still a good day.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Mum down..code red mum down..

Hello all, how are you all?
Like my title says Code Red Mum flipping back has gone did this a few years back and i ended up at the doctors. I had some painkillers that slowed time down whilst i was sat dribbling in the corner..i don't want that again so this time i am trying to keep mobile.Walking is the easy part of it painful but easy..its the sitting down and getting up that does me in. Can't get comfy and not sleeping too good either..if its no better by Monday then i may have to go to the doctors.
My lovely husband and girls are being very helpful and doing lots of little things that i can't and just to add to this my husband pulled muscles in his neck in the week and can't turn his head..what a pair we make at the minute.

Anyway back to what we have been doing apart from celebrating all the events this week.
 I found via Pinterest these cut outs for the Human Body..there are lots more so we will eventually have them all..we drew around Iris who is a fidget so thats why its a bit misshapen in places
 Labels for the bones of the body
 2 spiral cut outs just for fun
 A little concertina man with all the internal and external points for us to investigate
 My experiment to show how Lungs work..i used a balloon to demonstrate inhale and exhale..

 Our spiral cut outs hanging up
 Fern and her buddy..this pictured caused me a lot of pain to do..i got down on my knees to take it and then couldn't get back up again..

 Whilst i was down there i took a picture of our Water Lilly flowering for the first time this year
 The Cucumbers are going to be huge this year i hope..
 2 of the plants are meeting in the middle already..
 The girls and hubby went up to the allotment this morning..they brought back a lettuce
 2 Courgettes
 Spring onions
 New Potatoes for tomorrow lunch..
I am not baking today..i can't stand up for too hubby is going to make the pancakes for the week..i will mix it and he will make them.
I have some cakes in the freezer for this kind of situation.
Hopefully next week i will be fine and back to normal but for now its slow and steady for me.
take care all

Friday, 24 June 2016

Happy Anniversary Marie and Jess

To my lovely friend and her husband..i hope that you both have a great day.
all our love to you both

The people have spoken..

Well yesterday was a momentous day..and the people have spoken overwhelmingly to leave the European Union..
Now we are on our own course in unchartered waters..
Tougher times maybe ahead but if we stick together as one we can see it through.
The time has now come for Great Britain to put its foot down and sort ourselves out.
You may agree you may not, thats up to you..but for now we are in it together.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

What a week,,

Hello all,how are you today?
Thank you all for the Anniversary messages ..
Well today is my this week we have had Fathers Day,Anniversary for us and our Daughter and also my birthday and tomorrow is my brothers pretty hectic here.
I received some gorgeous gifts today..perfume,choclates, a new houseplant and a Victorian Cutglass Ink Well plus a new watch and some storage tins and also some money..and for tea tonight we are going to treat ourselves to Chinese Takeaway..for the all the family to enjoy.
I am going to need a few days to recover from all the activity this week.
Plus today is the day Britain decides ..have you voted yet..i won't ask what you voted for as its your business.
I took advantage of the weather today and cleaned my windows inside..better to do on a cooler day but it made me sweat.
I have cut my sons hair.
Sold 2 more items on Ebay and listed some more items too.
I got my laundry dry on the line and got out my clothes horse again..i really don't want to use my tumble drier..but obviously i will if i have to.
We have been given a weather warning for this afternoon and early is very very muggy here..
I put more rubbish out for the refuse men this week and now i have more room in my spare room.
Soon i am hoping it will be almost empty apart form the wardrobe and toy chest..i am desperate to have it empty and all thoroughly cleaned..i can't get the hoover in properly to do frustrating.
I am going to have a nice relaxing bath later and out my feet up with some chocs and watch rugby..
take care all

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Happy Anniversary..

30 years today babe..WOW..
love you so much

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Fathers Day..

Hello all , how are you today?
Well its Fathers Day today..we have been inundated with visitors,cards and gifts.
My lovely husband has been spoilt rotten and so he should be too.
He is a wonderful father and much loved by us all.
A super hero,ultimate handy man,decorator,plumber,gardener, spider catcher,wasp killer and all round funny man.
A fantastic father and grand father,a shoulder to cry on and big arms to hug you.
So this is for you..

                    BUT HERE IS THE TRUTH


        "If you have a bag of spuds you have a meal".


Saturday, 18 June 2016

Thursday, 16 June 2016

So sad..

This is so heart goes out to her family.

Frugal hack fail..

Hello again..i have to say that i see lots of hacks for making life easier and some do work.
However i tried this one and it failed.
Frugal hack for cleaning out your  smelly washing machine..Mouthwash.
You pour it in the drum and the dispensers and set it on a regular wash.
Well to be honest i did and wasn't impressed at all.
Yes the machine itself smells minty fresh but when i put a wash on this morning wow the smell almost knocked me out..stagnant water smell. So i will be going back to my old faithful of soda crystals and vinegar.
Maybe it was me or perhaps my machine is just a bit past it and may need a total service.

Have you ever tried a frugal hack that works or didn't?

Home happenings..

Hello all,how are you all doing today.?

Firstly a big hello to my new follower MR.Homemaker.

Thankfully we have had no major rain today..and the sun made an appearance earlier..such a welcome sight.
We had storms yesterday but to be honest after a few rumbles it stopped but the rain didn't.All this rain is good for the allotments and our new grass seed and hedges we have put in,it also appears to be very good for the weeds..o well weeding and tidying up will keep us occupied for a while.

The girls and i went for our 6 monthly dental check up..all good as i knew the girls would i don't need anything yet..but no doubt sooner or later i will. But this time it was just the price of my check up.

Over the last week i have emptied drawers in my back freezer to make some room for the produce from the allotments..coz once it starts it is slightly overwhelming and i really don't want to lose any of it.I have invested in some silver foil dishes in different shapes and sizes so i can prepare pies,crumbles and stewed fruits in the freezer..easier than bags at times..and i have stocked up on bags for the green beans,carrots,cabbages,peas and also for gooseberries and soft fruits which i flash freeze then bag up so if a handful is required then thats all i get.
I got out all my jam jars and gave them the once over..any cracked ones got recycled and all the others have been sorted into boxes and stored on shelves out the way for now.Every time hubby goes shopping he buys an extra bag of sugar..i have 4 now so thats a start.

My hubby cut the ivy that is just outside our back had seriously got overgrown to the stage that the path there was in constant shade..and the paths all had that green algae on i threw Soda Crystals on it,left it for a bit then poured some hot water on it and brushed it and bingo i have nice clean and algae free paths again..we had to rinse the sludge it made but it looks really good.

We have been doing crafts week this week and just having a laugh really..the girls have some huge marbles and spent time trying to flick them into a tube..such a simple thing but caused so much hilarity for them.
They were given some huge sheets of card by my brother earlier this they have been doing some serious colouring and drawing on them..iris can't carry them down stairs they are that big,so she slides the card down. Fern made Iris a den out of chairs and blankets and they had a tea party inside..its so nice to see them actually play together properly. The board games have been out and not one falling out.

I have been baking and sorting the freezers out..i want my big chest freezer for meat and home cooked stuff and the others for veg and fruit..i have to wear my gloves to do it.
I have moved some of my house plants around.the Umbrella plant looked a little sad so i moved him nearer the window..they don't like direct sun so he is on the table which gets sun in the morning. My Fern is doing really well on the mantel piece in the living room..i put him outside to get some fresh rain and it seems to have done it the world of good. All the other plants are doing really well with new growth coming through and the little baby spider plants are settled now in compost and are growing nicely.

I sorted through my book cases and made room by putting a few on Ebay..i have lots of watchers lol.

I can now walk into the spare room without having to squeeze past a mountain of boxes and bags..i have plans for that room..i found some white linen in a bag and also a vast amount of curtain lining..these have been aired and put away in the top airing cupboard for now until i need them. Just doing that made a huge hole in the its just lots of boxes that need to be recycled and some baby stuff that is going to some one when they are ready to pick it up..once that is gone hopefully all that will be left is big wicker basket with lid,toy chest and chest of drawers.

We have been slowly cutting down our grocery bill over the last few weeks as well..having my pantry stocked and the yellow sticker meat has been a god one has gone hungry .We shop now at Lidl's all the time..there is the occasional visit to Home Bargains and B&M for extras but thats probably every few months now.Cooking from scratch has now become the norm and i am finding that what i do cook from scratch gets eaten with relish and more often than not i am asked for more. We have left overs once a week and usually at lunch time the next day.

I finally finished hubby's scarf.its long and a grey colour which he hopefully that will keep his neck warm later this i want to have a go at a blanket.

O here is what i did with the painted letters..

Look ok in the girls room.
O and the noisy neighbours have been gloriously quiet..but we know once the sun comes out they will be out again.
So thats quick catch up on what we have been doing here.What have you been doing?

FiFi and the Flowertots: Singalong Song

Ok so i popped this up as we love the song on it..its full of happiness and joy.
We used to watch this when it first came out and had all the toys,dvd's and t-shirts..its a lovely programme to watch..and Iris asked me to download the set last night for her..we spent some time this morning watching them..i might be a grown up but i like them too. Its a simple set up and boy sometimes i wish life really was like this.

"i love my flowertot garden" yes!!!!

Monday, 13 June 2016

A legend in my own living room..

I had to chuckle earlier..after our crafting and cleaning up we had some time to spare until tea was ready..last year i bought the girls one of sat in the spare room until yesterday. Now its the number 1 favourite toy.
A twirling ribbon..we already have pom-poms and we did some cheer leading dancing messing about.
We were taking it in turns to twirl the ribbon..apparently i am a legend..i twirl like a professional and can jump and shake my booty not my words but the now i am a twirly legend and all in my own living room.
Brilliant...made my day..although i think they maybe taking the proverbial..i can live with it.

Lazy.long wet day art..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its wet here,dull yet on the bright side its warm.
Today we decided to do just art work using different items..
I gather straws,silver foil,card,tissue paper and salt and glue.
We had a good day and my dining room looked like a paper bomb had gone off at one point.
 We put straws and paper flowers in a box lid..
 Covered it in tin foil and then Iris coloured them in..

 Fern did a Mosaic Owl..
 We put glue in blobs on card..sprinkled salt on it then shook it off..then just added a drop of paint..Iris was so impressed..

 We made a few swirly ones too..

 I joined in as well..i had these wooden letters from when they hung above our chalkboard..i painted them jazzy colours..
 I use drawing pins underneath them so they don't get stuck to  the card whilst they are drying.

I will show you where i end up putting them..tomorrow i hope.
take care all
sara happy