Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Rain and wind back again..and a treat for us

Hello all,how are you all?
Well i think i tempted fate by washing all the Winter Woolies and sorting out coats and putting them away ready for this Winter..it has been wet and windy and very chilly here .We did our schooling and then i popped to the post office to post Sarahs book..its shut for refurbishment unfortunately so i will have to post when it opens again or get my mum to do at the main one in town..either way the book will be sent.

I took the opportunity to have a quick look in the Co-op and found some bits reduced that will definitely come in handy..
Hubby went to town on Monday and bought us a luxurious treat for the allotment shed..
A little camping stove,kettle and gas for the stove..all half price and B&M..it will be lovely to have a nice cuppa when we have done our jobs up there.

These are the bits i got reduced..Sultanas down to 50p,Chocolate 47p and the Lemon flavouring 20p..not bad and it will all come in very handy

The girls working away on their Math..doesn't their hair look gorgeous..

My bargain piece of furniture looking good now its been oiled a few times..i had to put the lamp on early today and also so i could get a nice photo that showed it off.
I  sliced up some left over stuffing and froze it
I sold a few more items on Ebay this weekend and also bought a few items .
I emptied out Iris's wardrobe as she has had a growth spurt..my daughter Fionna gave me a huge bag of clothes..a majority of them fitted Iris and some are a little big but the way she is growing it won't be long before they fit her. I have basically refilled her wardrobe for free..so thank you Fi for your generosity.

We have decided to not have a half term and keep on working through the week..when the weather cheers up again we will have a mini break.
So what are you all up to this week?

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The winner is.....

Good morning all..what a beautiful morning it is as well.
We did the draw for the book giveaway.
My lovely assistant Iris drew the winner

Well done Fishcake Random..please leave your name and address in the comments..i won't publish it..the book will be sent on Tuesday.
Have a good day everyone.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Spent a little money..

As you all know i have been selling all my baby clothes and bits and bobs on Ebay lately..we have made a nice little amount..and its staying in the paypal account..like a savings account really..but comes in handy for anything we need..if i put it in the bank it will just get swallowed up by household bills.
We used to have a lovely green furry rug in front of fire..unfortunately Jack had some accidents on it and in the end i couldn't get the stains out,so it got binned.I have been wanting to replace it for ages but it wasn't an essential item so it got put on the back burner.I did however keep looking..looking and not having the money is like a form of torture really.But this time i looked i did have some money so i plumped for this one..
Its not huge and wasn't too expensive.It is lovely and fluffy and i think it goes well with my living room..
Have a good day..

Its true..you can find anything on Pinterest..

Hello all,how are you all today?
We have been starting a new topic about The Human Body..i have found lots of work and some very good downloads for us..explains things in a simple way that they understand without having to use huge words.
I wanted to print off a life size skeleton..and i went on Pinterest and found one..amazing..its the size of a small child 5-6 years..perfect.
We cut it out and glued it to some lining paper so its got some stiffness to it.
Its not labelled so we can do that..now all i need is a life size human body out line..i may use Iris for this and draw around her..i want to then put all the internal organs in so they can see the way we all work.
Seeing things is a great help for them to learn.

Looks pretty cool..

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Book Giveaway..

Morning everyone..how are you today?
Don't you just sometimes wonder what you were doing?
I sorted our bookcases last week and found we had 2 copies of the same book..why? i don't know.Its not just this one but a few others as well..if only i could carry a list of books around with me when i go out..it would be huge and take ages to go through it however.
So our mistake will benefit someone..
If you want this book leave a comment below and i will have a draw for it on Saturday.

This is a great book if you want to start growing your own and full of sage wisdom..

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

For Leah..

This post is for my little grand-daughter Leah..she is poorly..her little brother had Chicken pox last week and is now all ok and back at school..bless him he was poorly with it and was sick too..thankfully he is all good now.
Hi baby girl we all hope that your ok..not too spotty or feeling poorly.
We hear you have caught Chicken -Pox from your brother Sam(hi samsam).
O poor you..you need to have a rest and spend the rest of the week at home with mummy and daddy..watch some films and eat lots of icecream.
Don't scratch your spots even if they itch..and dab Calamine all over yourself..
We love you and will see you as soon as you feel better.

Lots of love,grandma,grandad,fern and iris

Allotment time..

Hello all,how are you today?
Its been busy here again but rewarding..this is a picture heavy post..we went to the allotments to primarily water the Pumpkins..but ended up weeding and tidying up..
So here are lots of pics of our afternoon..
Allotment 1..all the potatoes and the pumpkins

Look at the rhubarb patch..

Allotment 2..new potatoes in the forefront..

The onion bed..before i got at it

After i had weeded it..looks much better
Beetroots on number 2

Carrots coming through

Spring onions just coming through

The first cage..one end sprouts the other end is cabbage..needs weeding in there

The leeks growing slowly

My favourite..courgettes

All the raspberries..old and new ones

Over wintered onions..japanese

Iris and her dad in the shed..

The shed of doom lol

The gooseberries bushes..

Look at the fruit on them..

Girls a.k.a watering slaves..fetching water

Watering the pumpkins on allotment 1

As we were leaving we spotted flowers on the early potatoes..

So that was our afternoon..it was lovely to get up there and get our hands dirty..some great views from the back of the allotments..but my camera made it look blurry..but we are surrounded on all sides by trees and in the distance i spotted a wind turbine..didn't even know one was on the edge of the valley.
We got home to have a tea of sausages and bacon with mash and gravy and green beans..yummy.
I got all my laundry dry even though i was questioning wether it was wise to leave it out as it kept going a bit grey.
I went upstairs to run a bath for the girls and was confronted by a very large and angry wasp..i gave it a quick back hander and he fell to the floor..i covered him with a cup and shouted hubby..i didn't want no wasp coming after me lol..he was thrown out the window to rejoin his mates.
The girls totally enjoyed it and want to go back so thats a bonus..Iris is so into her growing and loves to have a go..Fern is ok once she gets there but is not as keen..yet when we got home she was asking when could she go again.
So that was my day and a good one it was as well.
What have you all been doing today?

Friday, 20 May 2016

Another busy week..

Hello all..how are you all today?

This week has been busy.
The chaps have been up to the allotments and sorting out all the boxes that were stacked up in our greenhouse for burning and recycling.
We need the space now in the greenhouse for the Cucumber,Melons and Tomatoe plants..we planted 6 of each ,now normally only half come up but this year everything has come up, so instead of just choosing the better ones we have decided to keep all of them.After all they have took the trouble to grow for us so we will keep them.Maybe we will get a bumper crop off all of them..i hope so. I have lots of plans for them.

Our new school topic is The Human Body..we had started  it earlier this year with the Senses and enjoyed it.
So now we have moved on to exactly how the body works.
I have downloaded lots of easy to use guides and tons of diagrams which give detailed information.
Of course some of its gross and Iris loves it because its gross, what 7 year old doesn't dissolve in a fit of giggles if you mention the would Fart or actually do one..everything disgusting she finds hilarious..Fern is a little more grown up and rolls her eyes at her sister but she too has a giggle.

I did a mini makeover on a battered side table..we were going to freecycle it but i changed my mind at the last minute

Ok i didn't do all of it..i got the girls to help..doesn't it look good though..its going in my bedroom in the corner and i am going to find a nice vase to put on it..thanks girls you did great.

After a few emails back and forth i finally received my Amazon Gift Voucher..whoo hoo i now have £50 to spend..trouble is i actually can't think of anything i need at the moment..good job it expires in 2026..yep 10 years..thats a long time but it won't last that long.
I also received a Boden Voucher..this has been used to buy Fern some Sunglasses..extravagant yes but needed ..she also gets a really pretty case to keep them in .

We have finally bit the bullet and sold our Bike Trailer..we were sad to see it go but we don't need it anymore..but the money has come in handy and will be saved for anything else we may need.
 We also have a cargo trailer which we are keeping as hubby uses it to fetch his own compost from the garden centre..that was cleaned up and is now hung up on the shed wall inside ready to use. It also comes in handy for bringing produce home from the allotments especially the big pumpkins.

My mum this week gave me a little booklet on Jam Making which has some nice recipes and handy hints.
I gave my mum 4 huge throw overs..they were in a vacuum pack and taking up some room in my spare room..she said she needed some new ones so i offered her mine which she accepted..gives me more space and its one more thing gone.
The spare room is slowly being emptied and bit by bit its getting bigger and i can finally walk in and move about..without having to literally climb over stuff..feels quite liberating to get rid of it all.
I have listed quite a few bundles on Ebay as well..mainly little girls clothes..never realized we had so many but they are going slowly but surely.

I found a flowerpress that i bought and never used and also a vintage Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Card..blimey now that is an old one..they have been listed also..not having much luck shifting them but you never know.

We have bought more Grass Seed just to patch up where the seed didn't come through.

I had to buy printer ink this week..not bad really as i do a lot of printing for school work..i buy it from Chaseink Supplies on Ebay..its a great price and always next day delivery.The last time i bought one was just before Christmas last year..so i find good value for money..p.s i am not getting paid for this at all. But they are brilliant.

I got nearly all my laundry dry outside plus the clothes for the bundles i have listed.
I have been using my homemade furniture polish on my new cabinet..i have decided to keep it as it is..its too nice to paint over..and it looks so good in my living room..with the lamp and some books on it.
Tomorrow is baking day..and i am looking forward to it as well..i like it..its my way of relaxing.
What you all been up to this week?

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

How to reduce your children to tears in 3 easy steps..

Hello all..hope that your all well today.
As the title says..how easy it is to reduce them to tears..
Step 1..buy a book you have heard about .
Step 2..don't flick through it beforehand to get the jist of the plot.
Step 3..read it to them and sit back and watch the tears fall..
God i felt like such a crappy person..but it was too late i was already half way through the paragraph when i suddenly realized what was going to happen..if i has stopped they would have guessed any way..
Lesson learnt ..just check the bloody book in future so none of this happens again..poor little  Iris sobbed for ages..Fern had big tears and so did i by the end of it.
take care all

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Been busy..

Hello all,how are you today?
Welcome to new follower on Bloglovin..Wellycladgirl..Hello and welcome.

Sorry i haven't  posted for a few days..we have been busy here at Flowertot Mansion.
Whilst the weather is nice or at least not freezing and chucking it down with rain, we disappear outside to do jobs and the girls go off to play.
We made our own sweet snacks..we don't  have chcocolate or sweets in the house..they are what we consider a real treat so its only now and again i actually buy them. The girls mostly have fruit,raisins or nuts .
We had a few bananas left so we made Peanut-butter and chocolate bananas.
I had Iris as a kitchen helper and Fern as photographer.

Cut up bananas and get everything ready

Put a lollipop stick in the bottom

Cover in crunchy peanut butter

Melt some chocolate

 Dip in the melted chocolate..and as Fern aptly described them..turds on sticks..

 Pop in the fridge for 30 minutes until chocolate is set..they may have looked like turds on sticks..but they ate them all..
This is my latest bargain..it cost me a bag of baby toys in a straight swap..isn't it wonderful..

I am going to polish it up with my homemade furniture polish..and have it in my living room.
I have a little restoration project on the go..my mum gave me my grans old iron..its covered in rust and very heavy..i am slowly but surely getting the rust off with a hard wire brush..once its mostly gone i am going to paint it in Black Hammerite  and have in on display in my kitchen..

 It might take a while but i will get there
 I also washed my Make up brushes..they are good quality ones and i don't want them to ruin..and they started to smell a bit weird..so rather than use a dirty smelly one i cleaned them.They smell clean and look all fluffy again.
 Hubby has put his plants outside to harden off..the Pumpkins have gone crazy and so have the Courgettes..the Grapevine has started to get tendrils for grabbing..
 All the Tomatoes are going well..
The new potted on Lobelia and Geraniums are also doing well..

The girls and i sowed Cress in little egg cups .
I have baked and cleaned and got all my laundry dry on the line.
I have sold 4 more items on Ebay and listed a few more too.
I have cleaned the windows inside and all doors and frames..hubby did the windows outside.
I sorted the bookcases out and moved a lot of books about..i do this now and again so that i can actually see what i have and also i like to read one i haven't for a while.
I moved some plants around again..i gave the Wandering Jew back to hubby for cuttings and i moved the Fern into the living room on the mantel piece .
I have bought the girls some Canvas shoes for the summer and also 2 skirts for Fern..plus a swimsuit..all were last minute bargains and 1 skirt only cost 75p..
I also bought us our very own copy of The Velveteen Rabbit..its a lovely story and i am reading a chapter each day as part of our reading list.
I am bidding as i type on a lovely coat for Iris for this Winter..yes i know its not even Summer yet but i like to shop 6 months in advance so i am not scrabbling about at the last minute.

I actually managed to get through to Sky last week and was on the phone for 2 minutes tops..all i wanted to know was when is my contract up..i found that out and before the chap could start his speel about this that and the other..i politely thanked him and hung up..probably not very polite on my behalf but i got my answer and that was it..we are going to get rid of it.I couldn't before as i was in a contract with them and now its coming to an end and i will be so much better off.We will be going elsewhere for our internet as ours is a tad slow at times..i won't be having a house phone..i can't remember the last time ours rang to be honest.As for the tv well we will just have freeview channels  and we invested in a Firestick..its bloody brilliant..and well worth the money. Having the Sky go will save us a tremendous amount each month.

Can i ask you all something,is your Chemist as useless as ours is.
My hubbys prescription is never ready and always has stuff missing..they blame the doctors for not sending it..bull***t..i am getting fed up with them. Yesterday was awful..i was waiting almost 45 minutes and i was on the verge of passing out..it was so hot in there..just because they are not doing anything and swanning around in t-shirts..what about the customer..god i felt so ill my legs were about to give out on me..thank god they did it in the end and i got out of there into the cool fresh air..sad thing is i have to go back in a month and i can guarantee it will be the same.
Well the weather is not going to last is it..we are forecast very heavy rain tomorrow. The garden will be packed up again and stuff put away..until the sun comes out again.
What have you all been up to ladies/gent.