Saturday, 30 April 2016

Someone's been a busy boy..

Hello all, how are you today?

I had a quick trip out to the greenhouses earlier to see what is what and look at all our little seedlings growing.
I love our greenhouse..its nice and warm and has a chair in it..not that i will sit in as its covered in compost and something else that i don't know about so i will skip having a sit down.
My husband has been busy in there for weeks ,doing bits and bobs,so i thought i would have a nosey.

Look what i found.

Pumpkins..Big Max 4 of them doing really well.

Courgettes  all mine yum.

Cucumbers and Watermelons..





Close up of the grapevine..
 Outside we have all these little beauties..

Gooseberries coming back from the brink


2 more Blackberry and 2 Blueberry bushes..
Its all coming together nicely..and all ready for the next step.
The bushes ,pumpkins,courgettes and strawberries will be taken to the allotments and transplanted.
The Lettuce's are for the girls to grow at the allotments..
The cucumbers,tomatoes,grapevine will be put in the other greenhouse to grow .
The Lobelia will be potted on for baskets.
Hasn't he been a busy chap.
How are you greenhouses doing and your plants as well.?

Friday, 29 April 2016

Buying hints for 99p bargains..

Hello all,how are you today?

In my last post i showed off my 99p i love a bargain and i know all of you do too.
Here is what i do to find them..

Look specifically for auctions..
Always put in the search exactly what you want..if you just put in a general description you get pages and detailed right down to size and colour if you can.

Take your time ..don't rush to buy it and see if any one else is watching it as they could end up pushing the price up.

Set yourself a budget..99p is mine for a lot of things i have bought..but if i really need it then i am willing to go higher but not much.

Look for auctions that end either very late at night or first thing in the morning..these are amazing and not many folks will stay up or get up to bid..

I always look for the ones ending soonest as well..i have had absolutely amazing things from these..i got 5 long sleeved ladies tops for 99p ..they are good quality and nice colours.

Always add on the postage and packaging charges..if it turns out too much then leave it..but most items are about £2.80ish or a little more..ask yourself is it worth..

I always look at the similar items ..sometimes you can spot exactly what you want with that little gizmo.

Photo' can check out the item you want up close and personnel..i have bought things with absolute crap photo's ..not everyone is amazing with a camera..and when they have arrived its been perfect.

Always check the feedback can usually tell what kind of seller they are by feedback.

Please add any hints you can think of as well..
Its a marvellous feeling when you get something for 99p..

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

99p bargains..

Hello all,you all ok?
Well we had frost and snow again today..weird weather..mind you its typical really,seeing as we just started the garden overhaul we really should have expected the weather to put the mockers on it. Nevermind.
Anyway..i was so pleased and surprised the other day as i won some very nice bookends for 99p..i suppose it helped that the ending time was a quarter past midnight..i put a bid on not really expecting to win them but i was so happy i did.
They arrived to day..and i did actually look them up and saw they sell for far more than i paid including postage which was £ for £4 i got some brand new superb bookends..

Aren't they cute..
Do you look for the 99p bargains .

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Saved, my favourite jeans..

Hello all, you all doing ok today?
Well what a shock today was..Snow and lots of was very short lived it but the girls were so excited and me and daddy too..Jack dog was outside conducting business at the time and looked like he had dandruff when he came in.
We did our school work and got finished early..had a drama with the Math sheets..Fern was adding them up instead of taking away..she had done quite a few when she realized her mistake..bless she was upset but quickly rectified it.
Now last week my favourite pair of jeans frayed at the top the leg on the inside..i was devastated..but my gorgeous and o so smart husband watched a Youtube tutorial on how to patch jeans with the sewing machine and bingo i have a nice patch and my favourite jeans can be worn for a bit longer.

What it looks like ..but you wont actually see it as its on the inside of my thigh..

The patch inside the leg

What it looks like from behind..

Whilst we had the machine out we also mended a pillow case that had started to come undone and a pair of Iris's pyjama bottoms had ripped..
It gives us both a sense of satisfaction..that 1 its something we mended and 2 it cost us nothing to mend..i like it as a few years back i would have tossed the jeans and bought new ones without thinking twice about however i look forward to mending things so i can get extra use from them and also not have to replace them.
What about you ladies do you get a sense of satisfaction from mending things.
take care

Monday, 25 April 2016

I wonder if i am psychic but don't know it..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well if i was psychic i would know wouldn't i?
Bet your wondering what is going on.
This is a mini rant aimed specifically at the car drivers who think i am bloody psychic.
I don't know why i haven't discovered this gift before..maybe its because at the time i was diving out the way of someone who could obviously tell i was a mind reader and that somehow i instinctively knew they were coming around the corner..thats why they never i get it..i should have read his mind.
It infuriates me..the driver is supposed to indicate to let not just me know he is going to turn but  the other drivers as well..turns out most of them don't and rely on the good old pedestrian to be either psychic or built like a champion sprinter and hurdler to get out of his way..god forbid he has to stop on his journey.
And to top it off they look at you like a turd if they have to touch their precious brakes and stop or slow down..
I know not all car drivers are like this ..o and while i am at it another one that bugs me is when i am stood at the zebra crossing and they don't stop or speed up to get over it before my little foot steps on the crossing..its like how dare i stop them ..well i dare and sometimes i smile and say thank you or i run for my life because the granny in her 4x4 is revving the engine because i made her stop..
Why is everyone in such a hurry..surely indicating and stopping for about 10 seconds is not the end of the world.
I don't drive and have never wanted has its pros and its cons but mainly pros for us.
I like walking but not having to jump back out the way coz some miserable git can't be bothered to indicate.
One time i had a double pushchair and was crossing the road and a driver didn't indicate..if i had not have looked up and seen him coming ..well it would have been awful..but then he had the absolute nerve to have a go at me..thankfully some other folks were there and he got short sharp replies from them..i seem to remember one chap saying something about inserting something large into something quite small..the driver got in his car and drove off..leaving me and 2 babies in shock and upset.
So car drivers please..indicate and also realize we are not psychic  and won't know your coming unless you BLOODY INDICATE!!!!.
Rant over

Friday, 22 April 2016

Another one gone..

O my what is going on..
I only liked a few of Prince's songs..When doves cry,Purple Rain and Raspberry Beret..o and who can forget Kiss..a talented man and wow i never thought he was 57 years old..

Thursday, 21 April 2016

From drab to fab..

Hello all..well i seem to be on a roll with make overs at the moment.
We found this poor battered table in our greenhouse today..its normally used outside when we have a cuppa or drink outside.
Bit of a coincidence we found it really..hubby was only saying yesterday how he could do with a small table next to him in the living room for his laptop and books.
I did have a quick look on Lobay and also Preloved but no luck..but the thrifty gods smiled on us and we found this treasure hidden away at the back.


 A few coats of white paint and i found a use for the spare roll of wallpaper..not all of it but it came in handy.

It looks brilliant.
take care all

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Ma'am

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Victoria Wood..

A genuinely funny lady and lovely from  what i have sad to hear .My sympathy to her family.

Its o so quiet..

Hello all,how are you today?
What a lovely day again..i have laundry out and the sun in my face..its beautiful.
We spent the morning doing our English and Hand Writing give them a break we did some painting and made a small wreath for the front door.

 We stripped down an old one..took off all the little ornaments..pulled it back into shape with string.
Found some strong wool to cover it..emptied out the craft box and sorted some nice flowers and butterflies..i think we did a good job and more importantly it cost nothing as we already had the bits on hand.

 The girls did some painting..this is a Skittle house..its a piece of Wallpaper with a house on it..we just enhanced it..

 As for it being quiet..well i was all alone this afternoon..hubby ,girls and Sam went to the allotments for  a few hours..i was a little lost to be i took my camera outside.
Beautiful little Primrose that i moved yesterday and seems to be doing well..
 Laundry out in the sun..smells wonderful
 Plum Blossom
 Pear Blossom
 Our Birch Trees just opening up  i will soon have a little shaded spot to sit in.

 All our Strawberries ready to go and be planted..

So what do i do when i am alone..well i did take pictures and i also made 2 Lasagnes for the freezer..i put away all the Laundry and then did all the dusting and was an opportunity not to be missed..i got into all the nooks and crannies whilst no one was here..then as  i  just got sat in the garden with a nice cup of tea and listened to the birds singing away everyone came home..the girls are tired but extremely happy that they got to help out.
Now its noisy again..hubby has got the Chainsaw going taking out some stumps that are in the way of our Grand Designs? for the extending the Chicken Pen..we are inside as i really don't want any accidents happening.
Reason i don't is our A&E is closed until further notice due to an electrical fire..and it wouldn't be nice to have an accident anyway.
So now i am off to get tea ready ..
enjoy the sun everyone..

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Garden update..Home Happenings..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well the weather has been lovely today..sunny but chilly still in the shade.Yesterday it was overcast and gloomy but this did not deter us..we have now got the bug to get it done.
We finished levelling the ground..well as level as it can be on a sloping hill..we dug out the rest of the roots..i removed the big stones and picked up more litter.
We then got the bushes we bought earlier in the year..50 Hornbeams..they are great and well worth the money..not one of them has died..we popped them in and had 5 spare so we will keep those incase any do die..they are all healthy and going for the sky.
 The Yucca we moved seems to be doing ok..i keep watering him.
 Its flat and almost ready for the Grass seeds..
 View from the window..please note the van is not ours..
 The Hornbeams looking healthy
I started to also get rid of my flower border in the back attracts to many cats and i am tired of cleaning it up..i took out the plants i wanted and put them in the flower border that is right next to the house..this never gets used as a toilet.i think its because Jack patrols that area and sees them off.
I have dug it over and flattened it the best i could..hubby finished it off..we took some of the soil and used it to fill up a dip in the grass..this will get grass seed spread all over it and then i will have a nice flat lawn.
As the sun was out today i had laundry on the line..i got most of it dry..had to tumble a few things to finish them off but only for about 10 minutes so that will help bring my bills down.

I baked at the weekend ..not much this time.
I made Brownies and covered them with Fudge..o wow..i need to work in the garden to burn off the calories.
I also made Cinnamon Breakfast Doughnuts..these are simple and delicious..not that many left now.
I have also started to kit a scarf for myself for this Winter..i know its a long way off but i don't knit that fast and only when i have time..
I want to make Wreath for my front door out of old bits and bobs of craft stuff i have in boxes..we will do that as an Art Project this week.
Fern is still full of cold and not sleeping to well..things like this don't usually bother Iris but even she is tired now..they both have rings under their its early nights for them two.
We sorted out their bedroom at the weekend..far too many toys a bit of a clearout and hey presto their room looks spacious again..i do need to get them some bookends as they now have quite a collection of their own..we have decided to sell the big Barbie Airplane as they don't play with it any more and it takes up so much space. The wardrobes were sorted again and now they can  see exactly what they have ..they do put away their own laundry but get a bit muddled at times so i check every now and then.
I moved some houseplants around and put some in the dining room and some different ones in the living room..i have to get some nice pots for 2 plants..i don't mind the plastic bases but i would like them to look nice as they are in the window.
My friend over the road sent me a bag of tops for Iris..her daughter went to school with Fern..they are very good friends and email each other all the time..they are so about random subjects they talk about.
We are back to school and doing well..the girls are working through some new work..Fern is doing Compound words and Connective words..Iris is doing her Sentence building and also Sentence Sequencing..they are doing new Math work too..Fern is doing Decimal Points and starting Fractions..Iris is doing Units,Tens and Hundreds..they are both doing well and both understand what they are doing,which to be honest is half the battle.
Right thats me for now..i will be back ..

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Poorly girls and i have been on a splurge..

Well it was inevitable really that we catch mum has been ill and despite insisting on the No Visitor rule when ill people try to get in my never works on her..she dismisses everything as just a cold..this is the woman who made us all ill at Christmas with her "itchy nose" a.k.a full blown cold..which was awful for everyone.
The girls have come down with sore throats and snotty noses..i have a soreish throat,Sam is snotty but so far hubby is ok..we need one person to maintain the balance.
This week we have been working to do the garden and also catch up with bits and bobs..i have been sewing and mending clothes and hubby has been in his greenhouse setting seeds and moving seedlings from one size of pots to the other size.
I have also spent some money..i bought the girls some really nice walking boots..and also some new quilt covers..Fern has a Candy Stripe one and Iris has a Polka dot one..we also bought a new frying pan..its huge and is an absolute pleasure to use.

I popped to town today and went to Home Bargains and found these..for may notice 50p is my favourite price to pay for stuff.
18 clips for bags..all different sizes..i usually use pegs but they snap when they have been in the freezer.
We bought Coffee Whitener,normally we have Coffee Mate but that is just getting totally ridiculous in price..we bought some of Home Bargains own,400g for 99p so we bought 2 and got 800g for £1.98.It was selling fast and the Coffee Mate wasn't maybe it was because you only got 500g for £2.19 and i have to say the one we bought is just as good. We also bought a huge bottle of Fairy Liquid as well..i like Fairy it lasts a good while and you only need a little to get a lot of washing up done.

My hubby got us a bargain at the weekend..our dehumidifier has been making strange noises and sprung a leak..he has totally renovated it and it now works well..but we know how expensive they are to buy he always keeps an eye out for one going cheap. He checks Lobay every weekend to see if one has been listed, he has been looking for months but this time he struck gold ..we got one that was only used 3 times and even better is was just up the road from us and at £15 it was too good to pass up.
So thats my week so far..a bit of a splurge but the good news is it was all paid for with my Ebay sales and not the bank account..well apart from the Home Bargains bits..
What have you been up to?

Bargains and a mistake delivery..Updated..

Hello again..
Don't you just love a bargain..i love to look on Ebay and the 1p auctions..sad i know.
I found this little beauty for 50p..with free p&p..who could resist.
I think it will go well in living room..
Now to my dilema..i bought his cushion cover for my son's room for 55p..
I won 1 and paid for i was surprised when the post man handed me a big parcel this morning..i was thinking what the heck is this..
They sent me 6 of i am an honest person and i emailed them and explained that i bought 1 and ended up with reply yet..but i was called a fool  by my son and also got told i was too nice for my own good by hubby..
So depending on the reply i could end up with 6 covers or having to send them back..
Do you think i should have kept my mouth shut?

Update..the company got back to seems there was a mix up in the warehouse..someone else ordered they are sending a courier to pick them up from was nice to be thanked for my honesty.