Thursday, 31 March 2016

A happy ending..

A happy ending for this little fella..

Can you remember him..he looked totally different last time..

I am so happy he is doing fine and being given the love and care he so desperately deserves..

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Goombay Dance Band - Seven musical secret ..

I love this song..its my musical secret..on my MP3..and i admit for years i thought the lead singer was a woman ..until i saw the video..

Enjoy it..

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Found i am going to have a little giveaway..

Hello all,how are you today?
Well what a difference a day makes.
The weather has improved .
The smell has gone.
And most shocking of all..the woman at the Post Office actually had a personality transplant and was charming..i stood there absolutely gobsmacked..better than last time but we will see if it lasts.
I was going through my box of cards and maps for making pictures for my downstairs loo and i found this..i thought its quite apt for todays world.
So if you would like it ..please leave a comment and your name will go in the hat. I will draw it on Saturday.

Its a lovely vintage postcard..good luck

Monday, 28 March 2016

Smelly paint updated

Hello are you today?
Well thanks to my parents my down stairs loo is now not smelly..they gave me a tin of paint that they had only opened last week..thank god for that.
The smell actually matured into a cat wee smell yesterday..and to be honest it is not an experience i want again.
We have learnt our lesson in trying to be frugal with paint.
Pattypan the onion kid of didn't take the smell away it added to it..but saying that i would rather smell onion than that awful dung heap smell.Thanks for the tip..

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter everyone..

Had to put that up..
I have made the girls a little Easter Basket for tomorrow..
Last week my mum gave me this little basket..i immediately knew what i wanted to do with it..

 Inside they have a Chocolate Lamb..little bars of Chocolate..i also bought them a special piece of jewellery each..from to them..i bought Iris a beautiful little necklace that has " I love you to the moon and back" engraved on it..and for Fern i bought her a silver bracelet with a little charm that has a beautiful quote of " the bond between a mother and her daughter is forever"..
We also made a Wreath for the front door...with some old decorations we found in the Easter Box..
So i hope every one has a lovely day tomorrow..not too much Chocolate and i hope the weather improves.
take care all

Don't forget to put the clocks forward..

Don't forget..

Can paint go off??? Short answer YES!!!! Updated..

Hello all,how are you on this wet ,windy and blooming typical Bank Holiday..
As you know i have plans to re do my downstairs loo..being frugal we decided to use up old paint..2 half tins of cream made one full tin of a gorgeous creamy paint.
My lovely hubby started to paint it and kept telling me it smelt funny but i honestly could only smell the paint smell.
Only thing i can say is as its drying the smell is almost silage not quite but almost..god help us when its totally hits you like a flipping wall of dung when you go in now we are going to have to buy a fresh tin of paint..thank god we have some money is all i can say..if i had to live with that smell it would be bloody horrendous..and small children and animals would cry and run away..i want to as well.
So out come my paint charts..wish us luck with the smell its going to be embarrassing until we can paint over it..

We have now got an onion in the loo to combat the smell..we have now hit that perfect blend of B.O..gawd its making me feel faint..hope this onion works..we need on the size of a dinner plate..

Thursday, 24 March 2016

We have Blackberry Bushes..

Hello again..just thought i would let you know Lidl have Fruit bushes in..

We got these as they are Thornless..2 for £3..or £1.99 each..they have been potted up ready for transport to the allotments.

Tah Dah..

Hello all, i hope that your all ok.
Well as i said in previous post that we had been working on our Easter Crafts..the girls have worked hard and took time to do this..
 We made our very own Easter Tree..i cut the branch form the garden earlier this week..we then paper mached it to make it stronger and then painted it white..i had seen them for sale at over £10..this one cost nothing and i think its gorgeous..
 I bought some Polystyrene Bunnies and we covered them in tissue you like the one Iris made its her rainbow rabbit..
 My amazing friend Lyn sent these for the girls with a card explaining about German Easter Tradition of having a tree and decorating it..that woman is psychic i am sure she is..i never once mentioned this and bingo look what she sends..Many thanks lyn these are beautiful.
So up on the tree they went and they finish if off beautifully
 I did a little splurge and bought some wooden eggs..we decided to decoupage then with Peter Rabbit pictures..i printed them off and away we went.

I am so proud of the girls..even putting up with getting glue and paper down her fingernails Fern didn't moan well not much..
So this is our Easter tree..what do you think?

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Trip down memory lane..

Hello all,how are you today?
I have been going through bags and boxes from our attic,binning a lot of it,selling some of it and donating the mountain is slowly becoming a hill.
I did find 2 lovely things today..this first one was actually mine when i was it is 46 years old..and in great condition too..
 My old pink granny knitted that..
I found this amazing Coffee cup and saucer set..aren't they gorgeous..the cups are only 2 inches has Arcopal France written on the bottom..isn't it gorgeous..i have never used it at all..i am going to sell this one..

I have also decided to sell some of my hand lovely oilcloth bag..its a small one and so gorgeous but i have only used it its got to go

 This is my beloved Cath Kidston bag..i used this for years as a baby only has slight mark on the bottom but i don't use it..infact i can't remember the last time i did use that has to go too.I was so over the moon when i received this from my daughter..i love it but its too big to use as a hand bag .

We have been busy for the last few days..hubby and sam have been at the allotments getting it all set and sorted..everything is in and they have got definite plans for the rest of thats hopefully our Potatoes and Onions and Shallots all done for the year..we have only just had to buy a bag of Potatoes..not bad really seeing as we haven't bought any since last May..
The girls and i have been busy making little Easter crafts which i will show once we are all done..but it involves glue and paper mache which Iris loves doing but Fern is not keen as it gets down her nails..she was tutting away..haha made me laugh.
We are going to sort out the little borders in the back garden hopefully if the weather holds out for us.

I switched my Tariff yesterday to a cheaper one from the same supplier..its fixed until 2018 so no payments going up or down..i prefer to keep it fixed so i can budget for it every month..i also got a reward of an Amazon Gift Card..will keep you posted on that one .
Right i am off to have a bath then watch a film for the evening..
take care all

No Words..

No words can ever explain it..the sadness and devastation you have suffered today no one should ever feel.
But know this..we stand with you.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Free stuff and wallpaper..

Hello all , how are you all doing?
Hasn't the weather been lovely the last few days..suns out washing out is my motto..
The girls have been outside playing and running around..had our first casualty of the year..Fern fell cuts just red knees and palms of the hands were red too..they were playing football and she tripped over..Iris was the nurse and Jack was there for moral bandages required thankfully.

I  have been baking and catching up with laundry that i reckon breeds and has babies in my laundry basket..either that or next door is sneaking in and planting more for me to do..
I have also been listing some more bits on Ebay and sold 3 yesterday and 6 more in the week..every bit that goes out the house means i have less stuff and more space..

 Cinnamon loaves
 Buttermilk pancakes
 Cinnamon rolls
 Buttermilk scones
 Coconut tarts
 And of course no baking is complete without the tarts..

My mum had a clearout this week and offered me this cool box..i accepted swiftly..this will be amazing for the more running in the house to get cool drinks..i can keep them outside with me..

 Ok ok i know i said no more decorating this year but i could not resist this was half price..i got 2 rolls for the price of one..its totally gorgeous and is going on my living room fireplace..
 So the girls have been outside playing and having a good time..i love to hear them laughing and i often sneak out just to listen to them chatting away..
 Our fish were having a sun bathing session this morning..we spotted some frog spawn last week..2 huge clumps of it..

 Hopefully we will have a lot of little tadpoles this year....can you see the fish just lazing about
 Of course the girls couldn't resist stroking them..the one Iris is touching is called Big Noddy..don't ask how he got that name as i have no clue..
So that has been my week..hubby and Sam have been up to the allotments and have have used the Rotovator to get it all sorted..we now have Potatoes and Onions in..they have generally tidied it all up..we have space on the new allotment for more Fruit Bushes..we have 13 Rhubarb Crowns,3 Gooseberry Bushes,Raspberry Bushes and 56 Strawberry Plants..and we still have room left so we are going to buy a Blueberry Bush and Thornless Blackberry..this will keep up in Fresh Fruit and Jam through the Season we hope.
What have you all been up to..

Jacks post..

Hi my name is Jack or Jeffrey..i answer to both.
My big sisters ,mummy and daddy call me big brother calls me Jeffrey..i have a lovely white patch on my chest and he reckons i look like a butler..
I have to tell you i am not happy at the moment..i know that i can smell a little now and again but do they have to bath me ..i know its warm and i get a good clean and  the shampoo smells lovely..then i am towel dried..when Mum does it its nice and gentle but when dad does it its like being in a tumble drier..i get dizzy..
Its during this time someone takes my blanket and puts in a clean this is my takes me ages to get it just right..nice and comfy and in the right place..
So now i have to spend ages getting it just right again..well i am not happy about it..yes it smells nice and is clean and comfy but why o why do they take my old one and put it in that big thing that whirls it around and it comes out smelling like flowers..
Right now i am not happy..i am fed up with them doing it week in week out..
And one more you like my bed..i love got it for me out the shed..think i upset my mum though..she bought me a lovely brand new bed..i didn't like smelt funny and was hard even though my blanket was in it..i dragged my blanket out and slept on the floor.
 Look what they did to me..
 Look at this lovely clean blanket..i am so sad..feel sorry for me.
Have to go now folks..
see you soon

Friday, 18 March 2016

Politeness overkill..

Hello all,how are you today?
Thanks so much for all the comments about my Post Office dilemma.
My lovely husband came up with a few ideas of why she doesn't like some are not printable and no sweetheart its not because i am married to you ,you love god you!!
I have decided i am going to be politeness itself..but in a very loud and sarcastic way..not my way usually but i think enough is be honest i think she is a bully and likes to intimidate people.
Well no next time i go if i get the same treatment i am going to ask her outright what her problem with me is..
As Sue has said life is too short to be upset at the thought of going in there..
Wish me luck and i will let you all know what her actual problem is if she tells me..

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Being busy and a bit of an experience..

Hello all,how are you today?
Now wasn't the weather just lovely today..i got laundry out and just about dry..i swept the paths and porches and hubby spent time in the greenhouse seed setting.
Hubby went shopping at Lidl's..he found the seeds..the small packets are 29p each and the big ones are 49p
 He got some Pumpkin seeds and Watermelons..also Cucumber and he set the Tomatoes..4 Cherry variety,2 Beef and 2 Plum..these will be brilliant for making soups and chutneys.

 I went to my local library to pick up this book..i also dropped off a big bag of spare baby clothes for the Mums and Tots groups..its incase anyone gets messy or has an accident..
This book is bloody gorgeous,not just the recipes and ides but the photos' too

 I baked at the weekend and did different things for a change
 Treacle tart
 My Cinnamon rolls have all gone..i only got 1..
 The cookies are Honeycomb Crunchy ones..
 We have made a start on Easter.. i taught the girls the True meaning of Easter today..and no its not about choclate..this conversation led to a discussion about different religions,customs and was a nice talk and i think the girls well Fern now understand a little more about the world.

 This is Ferns card for her friend..
 It opens up to a bunch of eggs inside
 This is the card Iris made
She worked hard on this..she is going to give it to her brother..
Its been a busy time here..i have listed few more items on Ebay..sold a few more too..i have bought the girls some lovely bundles for the Summer.
I had the unenviable task of going to the Post Office the other day..the ladies in there are nice apart from one..and i really think its just me she can't stand. I know i am not everyone's cup of tea but i am always polite..but this woman actually rolled her eyes then proceeded to huff and puff and scowl at me..i was quite upset to be honest as i don't know this lady but she has an obvious and i mean totally obvious dislike of me..she chucked my change across the counter  and then stared at me..i said Thank you to which i got no reply..i hung around near the notice board and watched her next customer..she was like a little ray of fluffing sunshine to that person.I can't understand it..i don't know her at all yet she has such obvious distaste for not sure how to deal with it..i have to go to the Post Office for small parcels..but i am now thinking its not worth it.I know you can't make everyone like you but i have never experienced this before..
What would you do?