Monday, 29 February 2016

Taking a chance turned ok in the end..

Hello all ok today?

Well today i wanted to make a Caramelized Peach Upside Down Pudding..sounds good doesn't it..all was going great until i realized i had no tinned Peaches..duh???..we had the last tin last week with Dream Topping..they are on the list of shopping for this week.
It was too late to stop and back out..i had got my mix ready and had melted the butter and added the Brown Sugar..quick panic looking in the Pantry..i then spotted a tin of Pears..phew saved.
The pudding turned out really nice ..
 It even came out the dish in one piece which surprised me..
 It was delicious and i have some left for tomorrow time it will served with custard..but on its own and warm it literally disappeared on your tongue.
Many thanks to Hard up Hester who very kindly sent me this book..
I have found some lovely recipes i am going to try..i have spent a few evening reading it..

 Last week my mum and i finally went up in her loft to retrieve some of my old books..i had 2 bags of books and some old games..this little beauty i was so happy to see again..i bought it  from my old school library when they had a sale..

 Some of the illustrations gave me a few sleepless nights..i was only 12..
 My dad had been bargain hunting again..he got me this little lot for 60p..i always need pencils..
Today was also haircut day..the girls just had fringes done this time ,i had a really good trim i look like a tiger..i have darker roots and light tips..never mind i will be a blonde again by Wednesday..
take care all

I don't feel poor..

Hello all,how are you today?

Well its the last day of the month and all our bills have been paid..quite a lot went out the bank yet i still have some left and that is going towards our National Trust Ticket..its our treat for us as a family and i think its well worth the money.
I read lots of articles about how people on low incomes can get depressed and how they feel poor compared to others on higher incomes. I am on a low income and i can tell you for sure i am not depressed and i certainly don't feel poor.

Don't get me wrong i am not sat in my tower looking smug..i understand that people are struggling to eat and pay the bills they have..i have been there and its not nice. But you have to carry on..chin up and be brave.
I suppose it has to do with your mindset..if your used to lots of money and doing as you please and then all of a sudden BANG!! your bubble has burst it could be quite depressing not being able to have stuff you want..but thats it isn't it..having what you want and buying lots of stuff. Life should not revolve around stuff..
You could make yourself feel better for a few minutes buying stuff..but then spend sleepless nights worrying about paying for the stuff.
Stuff is not and bills are..
Stuff either gets used once or thrown away after a while.
Stuff is usually something you can point to and say i have one of those.

Keeping up with the Jones's is ridiculous..i have seen this in action many years ago,2 ladies i knew slightly..buying things and going on holidays..bragging about this that and the other..what both didn't admit to is the fact it was all on credit and credit cards..well the bomb dropped on both of them eventually and Wow the fallout was spectacular..neither marriage made it as they both blamed their husbands for losing the job that paid for the stuff. Sad should have made them stronger.

Life is not a competition..its not a race..its yours and you have to make the best of it.
I think my personal LBM came when i had all the things i wanted and not one penny in my purse..i couldn't afford to pay for a coffee..i actually sat and thought O my god..i have become a credit card from that moment on i sorted myself out..cut up the cards and if i had no money i would say sorry i haven't got any was embarrassing at times but i got through it.

My hubby and i went without for years to pay off the debts and get free of them..all the while raising a family,which wasn't easy believe time our bank account had 26p as a balance until payday.
We learnt hard valuable lessons from this time..i found ways of making meals stretch a bit further,started to shop wisely rather than just throw it in the trolley and worry about the cost at the tills..i started to borrow from the library rather than buy the books. It took lots of little things to get me to this point in my life..debt free and finally having the wisdom to think twice before i buy impulse buying for me anymore.

Money management and budgeting is the way to go forward..go through bank statements and see exactly where your money goes..i did this and found i was paying for an insurance on an item i no longer had.
Cook from scratch..its far more rewarding than opening a packet or tin..
Mend clothes,sew buttons on,learn to knit or sew. lists are vital..plan what you need and stick to it.
Start setting goals for yourself and most of all look upon it as a challenge..little steps is all it takes.

Admitting you have no money is not something you should be ashamed of..if your bills are paid and you have food then you can hold up your head.
So no i don't feel poor at all..i feel incredibly lucky..i have a roof over my head,healthy happy children,wonderful husband..i am more rich than most .


Thursday, 25 February 2016

O wow..i thought these had been lost forever..

Hello all, how are you today?
I have been going through all the boxes we got down from the attic ,slowly but surely the pile is going down.
I spied this little box at the back..taking my life in my hands i clambered over stuff and very gingerly pulled it out of a pile that is perched precariously..if an avalanche happens i may not make it out..thankfully i did this time.
Look what i found..i had tears in my eyes..this was my grans most beloved China went missing ages ago..i honestly thought it had been thrown out..i couldn't believe it and was so grateful it had been put away.
 I don't think this is part of it..but still its got beautiful Poppies all over its my cup now.
Her favourite teacup and teapot.

 Fine Bone China with 24 carat gold decorations. Gorgeous.
It has now been washed and packed carefully in a box in my will be used at Parties and maybe if i feel a bit sad i will get it out to cheer myself will bring back great memories for me.
Have you ever found something you thought that had been lost.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Underwhelmed then a nice surprise...

Hello all,how are you today?
Well after months of hearing about  The Range  being opened and people raving about it..we decided to go and see what all the fuss was about..i was totally underwhelmed..i think its a mix of Wilko's,B&M and Home Bargains..the only plus points i could see were the vast Craft Sections,Paintings and Wallpaper but even some of those were over priced and i can get them cheaper did have some very nice stuff but i was disappointed especially after all the hype. The staff seemed friendly but were not that busy..i am not sure if i would go back..maybe to stock up on Card and Paints for the girls but nothing else.
Well we enjoyed the walk was sunny but chilly..we got home to discover the Postman had been and left me a parcel..i love getting parcels in  the post..he brought me this..

 A huge decal..i am aware some of it is not straight but believe me ladies it took all my patience to do it..each saying is individual and very sticky..i am not that tall and had to stand on a chair to do it..some colourful words were muttered under my breath..
I used the role it was wrapped in to make a wreath..its a mini one and we are going to make an Easter wreath..
 Then a phone call from my Daughter Heather asking me if i still wanted the unit she offered me last year..of course i did. So 20 minutes later my Son-in-law Sam turned up with it..its lovely and i have plans for it..we will be furniture moving tomorrow and having a shufty with bits and bobs.
So ladies have you ever heard the hype and then been totally underwhelmed with something.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Little bit of a treat..

Hello all ,how are you today?
Its been lovely here today..sunny and a bit chilly in the wind ..still nice enough for a walk up to the Post Office..i reckon the woman who works there has either had complaints about her manner or a personality transplant..she couldn't have been nicer today..amazing..i was gobsmacked to be honest and kept looking to see if anyone was watching her and how she interacts with customers..well i hope it lasts..much more of a pleasant experience today.
Anyway i decided to treat us all at the weekend and make a was gorgeous and i had lovely comments from my hubby and children on it..its not often i make these as they are really tempting and to be honest one slice is not enough.
It is so easy to make and even easier to eat.
Make a biscuit base

Mix 2 tubs of Cream Cheese

Add whipped Double Cream,sugar and vanilla..mix it until smooth.

Spread on base and chill for 4-6 hours.
 Whilst it was chilling i wrapped up parcels from my Ebay sales..this is my Pushchair that sold quite fast and was sent today via Parcelforce..cost an arm and a leg but i hope the lady likes it.
 Then i sat down to enjoy a slice of pure heaven..
 We treated the girls to some little Chocolates..they don't have sweets or chocolate very often..not that i am mean or anything but they prefer fruit and Chocolate is a proper treat.
We have some Cheesecake left and hubby and i will enjoy that with a coffee tomorrow..
How about you ladies what is the treat that you love but don't have that often it becomes boring.

Saturday, 20 February 2016

There can be only one...Highlander Film quote..

Hello all how are you?
So Sarah can you can leave your name and address for me in the comments section..i won't publish i can post the Pillow cases to you..
They are all yours honeybee..

Friday, 19 February 2016

Pantry upgrade..well lining paper really..

Hello all how you today?
Welcome to Rosie who is following me on Bloglovin..hello.
When we redid our little Pantry i ordered some pretty paper to cover the arrived on Wednesday..and thankfully i ordered 4 rolls which we managed to use to cover all the shelves..i had a tiny strip left..i breathed a sigh of relief when we covered the last shelf. I honestly thought i would have to buy more..but nope we did it.
I think it just finishes it nicely.

It is so much brighter in there and even hubby reckons it looks good.
I can see exactly what i have got..i put all my flavourings and colourings in a tub,also the packets of Dream Topping,Superwhip,Custard and Cooking Choclate in another one...A little basket also has my herbs and spices in..
So there is my finished Pantry..

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Look at my Roses..

Hello are you today?
My lovely son bought me a beautiful gift the other day..why? its not my birthday and too early for Mothers why did he..because he heard me say how i love Roses..i have a beautiful Rose bush in the garden but only one..we can't have more as we worry about the thorns..and the girls charge about with out caring and so they should..
This little pot is gorgeous..

It certainly brightens up the dull days..

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Baking eggs and free fun

Hello all,how are you all today?
Well its the Half Term holidays for lots of folks. We are still working through the mornings and then reading in the afternoons..but i am not an ogre so i have let them off a little yesterday and today.
Yesterday we watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows..i made popcorn with my re-discovered Popcorn was tasty and disappeared quite quickly. I never realized how expensive Popcorn was to buy until i started to make my own..Yes the machine cost me £5 from Argos years ago in a sale but the Popcorn is about £1 a bag and you only use 2 dessert spoonfuls of un popped corn to get a bowl full.

 We totally enjoyed it and i will be making more but i need to find a flavouring for it..
Our Chickens are being amazing at the minute and laying everday..we have had them scrambled,soft boiled and i decided to make egg mayonnaise..i have never oven cooked eggs before but i will definitely do it again onlt takes 30 minutes at Gas Mark 3..then plunge into ice cold water..Volia done.

 I love doing egg mayo but i can never get the egg shells off easily..i saw this tip and thought i would give it a go..pop your egg in an inch of water in a jar with a lid..swirly shake and the shell should come off..nope mine didn't maybe i shook to hard and i had egg floating all over..o well at least i tried will take time to perfect it.
 I find it hard to have sympathy with parents who say their children are a pain in the bum..and then moan about how much it costs to keep them entertained..erm hello? What? It does not cost a fortune to entertain your child

So Frugal Fun..
We painted this afternoon..using cotton buds and some silhouettes was good and we had time to chat which i think is the most important thing you can do with them.We had some music on and we ended just being silly and shaking our bootys..
 A silhouette of a cotton reel with some wool glued on and around ..not bad eh
 This one is called Skittle Rain..
 I collect games for the girls all year..Charity shops are a great source for Board Games some can be really cheap..the Think Word Game we received as a gift at Christmas..the Timber Game i bought from a Charity shop for 50p..
 We have taught the girls to play Draughts..their dad is now teaching them Chess..this board was £1 with the pieces..
 Bingo..this cost me £1 with all the bits inside it..we love this..

 Word searches are great for brain training and spellings..
 When i can i print off my own colouring sheets this way i get exactly what they want..

When the weather is chilly but bright we get dressed up nice and warm and just go for a walk..we like it and its free. We got to the park,library and museum in town all are free and its amazing what you hear from your children if you listen to them.
Work together to get a project done..ours is to help hubby sort the greenhouses and start chitting the potatoes..they are also going to help me sort through my seed stash.
Tidy up the garden..outside in the fresh air..nothing better.
When the weather is better go for a picnic..
You can get Dvd's really cheap at £ if the weather is bad all snuggle up together and have film afternoon..
Honestly it doesn't have to cost a fortune..
So does anybody else have any fun free ideas..all are welcome.
take care all of you..