Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Winner is...

The Book giveaway was won by..
 All the names went into a bowl which Iris expertly held for me.
 Fern pulled out the winner..
So congratulations are the winner..
Please leave your name and address in the comment will not be published.

Friday, 29 January 2016

More Treasures unearthed..

Hello all how are you ?
The last few days i have been busy with the girls doing school work..and our latest topic on The Human Body..we have done smells tests,tastes tests etc..but yesterday we did Touch and also learnt a tiny bit about Braille..i asked the girls to describe what they thought their favourite colours would feel like and also what they thought they would smell it was they thought
Pink..warm and fragile plus it would smell fruity
Blue..cold and wet and smell salty
Green..soft and bendy and smell like fresh cut grass and apples..strange how i agree with them..
Anyway they spent this afternoon tidying up their bedroom and sorting toys out and restacking the little bookcase..
They worked well this week ..
Fern's spelling test

Iris's Math work
 This is my Grans old Brass Bell..this took some cleaning but its so shiny now..
Doesn't it look lovely..the girls love it..they keep picking it up and ringing it..poor Jack is going crazy he doesn't like it..
 These apparently are quite rare..2 Brass? Wall Plates..both have Made in England on the back..i am not sure what to do with them to be honest..
 They are so hard to get clean..i had arm ache something wicked after .but they look better than they did.
 I finished painting the Mirror Frame.
 This is my very messy Pantry..everything shoved in..its not normally this bad but as i knew we are redoing it i have been a bit lazy..
 Totally empty..
 The contents are now boxed up in the Dining room..
 I am ashamed to say that i found this beauty hidden at the bottom of my Pantry under some boxes..a Brexton Picnic Set..i had totally forgot about it..its not complete and never was..but its in really good condition so its going on Ebay..
No keys for the case but it locks and opens just fine..needs a clean but its an amazing find ..

This week has been busy but fun as well..we got the Wii Fit board out so we can get some more exercise hubby felt insulted by the was funny when it said you have put quite a bit of weight on since we last met..i had to leave the room as i was giggling..and then watching him try to do some yoga moves was hilarious..he is about as bendy as a plank of solid wood..bless him but he is trying so he has Brownie points for that..then it was my turn..apparently i have the Wii Fit age of 75..yep you often see a 75 year old run up the stairs 2 at a time..well never mind i will use it to tone up and keep my weight at what i am now.

We have had good news on our sons job..he was offered a permanent contract when his temporary one ended..he was so happy and we are very pleased for him.

We had our Potatoes delivered that we ordered..only to find only half turned up..we rang them to see what had happened to the other be told that it was a glitch on the website and that it should be £16 for 7.5kg not £16 for 15kg..but that as it was there mistake they would honour it and the other half turned up this morning so thats good news too.

I have a really good week selling on old record player went so did the Sega Mega Drive and Curtains..i also sold the Super Nintendo Paypal is looking pretty good at the moment..the money is for a new Shed roof and also some Hornbeam Bushes for the front garden..
Our bills are all paid for another month and even though we went to town on Monday and spent a little money on the essentials i needed and some jars ..we are doing ok..
My meal plans seem to be working Pantry list is coming in handy too..i can look and see what i have and haven't got..i then add that to my shopping list.
Our grocery bill is still coming down..i am using more from the Freezer and Pantry to put our meals together.
Once the allotments are producing again i am hoping to get the bill down even more..i have spoken to everyone and told them that really they will have to eat what i plan for..some nights it will be veg based meals and that they really,really will have to get used to it..also they will have to try new stuff.

Our Chickens have started to lay every other day..thankfully..i have half a dozen eggs now which is a god send..i do miss the fresh eggs from them when they go into the moult..they look like new chickens now..all plumped up and new feathers..strutting around..we are hoping to extend the pen this year..we have the wire and wood..all we need now is a break in the weather and the ladies can have a bit more room.

I want to wish Sue from Our New Life in the Country a Happy Anniversary..keep on blogging babe.

Right i am off to write down names for the Book Draw tomorrow..
take care all.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Accidental delivery but good news..

Hello all how are you today?
As you may recall i bought Iris some books from the Book People..they arrived in big box and then half an hour later another package arrived..these i hadn't ordered at all but they had all my details on them.
I rang the Book People today to explain about the accidental delivery..turns out its a computer glitch and they know its not my order..however instead of wanting them returned i am allowed to keep them as long as i donate at least one..Bingo..i did cheekily ask if i could keep one for my daughter and give the other one away on my blog..the man said ladies who would like a copy of Tom's Midnight Garden.

Just leave a comment and i will pick a winner on Saturday..UK only due to postage.

Monday, 25 January 2016

New books Glasses and a present..

Hello all i hope that your all ok.
Yesterday we had an early visitor ..a neighbour had been hunting and brought us i don't mind but first thing in the morning my tummy went a bit funny..but a most welcome present
 Thankfully hubby sorted it out..
We took the girls to have their eyes tested..Fern is absolutely fine..Iris however is very shortsighted..and does need Glasses..and i am going to say it..I knew it..she can read and write but i have noticed she struggles and moves the book or paper closer then away from her so she can we will pick them up next week. She gets 2 is free and will be repaired for free..the others are free but i have to pay for repairs on she doesn't attend school i am hoping they won't get broken or pair will be kept upstairs so she can read when she goes to bed and also when she wakes up. She is so excited as i think it was the first time she could actually see clearly at the opticians when he was trying different lenses. I must say the Optician himself was lovely..very patient and clear in talking to both girls.Both girls thanked him when they were done.
We then went down stairs where a lovely lady was waiting for us..she helped Iris pick out some beautiful glasses..i was there but i like them to make their own she has 2 Blue with flowers and one with Olaf from Frozen on them. Very nice lady and Iris is very happy with them so job done.

Whilst we were in there..hubby went to Wilko's..he got the electrics for our Pantry re-vamp.He had a wander and also got me 2 tester pots in bright colours for picture frames..i know they are bright but i have a plan.
 The tester pots are bright orange and bright its going to be good to paint my picture frames in all the bright jazzy colours..they are for my downstairs loo..its going to be bright in there when i am done.
We took the girls to Smiths to spend their Christmas Vouchers..they bought these and i added the extra money..they are great and they spent sometime playing with them after tea.

 The new books i ordered for Iris arrived..36 books levels 1-6..i think these along with her new glasses will help her tremendously..she has read 3 already today.
 I had to search for this..i finally found it on the top shelf..i need this as when we emptied the loft i found 2 of my Grans Brass wall plates..which i can remember watching them glow as she lit the fire in her little prefab..i am not parting with them ..they are going on the wall in my bedroom once cleaned..i also found a Brass Bell..that is going to be cleaned and popped on Ebay..
 I got my starch so now no pillow case,hanky or sheet and shirt is safe from me..
I did have a bit of a splurge when i saw these in B&M..lovely jars with airtight lids..they will definitely come in handy and be used quite a bit..£1.99 for the 3..after that we headed home..all worn out.
It was a quick tea of beans or spaghetti on toast tonight,bathtime and bed..i think the girls were worn out..its quite a walk into town ,around town and then home again.
Tomorrow is a school day and we will be staying home.
Until then take care all.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

OOh that felt good..

Hello all.. how are you all today?
Well today i got my hands well and truly all dirty..getting things down my nails and feeling sticky..i love baking..i love the feel of the flour in my hands all soft and cool then adding the butter to it and mixing it into breadcrumbs then how it changes to a dough when i add the water all sticky and gooey ,shaping it into a ball and rolling it out so that it  finally turns into something scrumptious to eat.
I like breaking eggs into a mixture and watching it transform into a thick batter..adding choc chips and cocoa to make it all yummy and choclatey..or flavourings and colourings to take some plain ingredients and make them into wonderful sweet things or savouries is one of my little pleasures.The smell of it as it bakes,filling my home with delicious aromas is also another little pleasure..i can think of nothing nicer than walking into a kitchen and smelling something good in the oven..ok i will shut up now..i think you get that i baked today..the first time since Christmas you like to bake ladies..i get the same amount of pleasure from getting my hands all dirty gardening too.Do you get that feeling ?
 Brownies topped with chocolate buttercream..delicious..
 Choclate abd choc chip fairy cakes
 Treacle and cornflake tart which has now gone as we had it for pudding tonight
 Cinnamon bread
 Tarts..and also Peanut butter bars..which are in the fridge ..didn't get to take a pic sorry..
 We always look for a bargain or try to stretch our meat as far as we can..hubby bought this piece of Pork for £8..its huge so we cut it in half..i cooked one and froze the other for another time..when it has cooled it will be sliced thinly and we will have Sunday Lunch and Sunday Tea out of i get 2 meals for £4..
 I had a lovely surprise as well.. my gorgeous son bought me this amazing Fern..isn't it just beautiful..we love houseplants and have a few but i do plan to add a few more as and when i can afford it..i think having plants in your home just makes it more welcoming and also the added bonus is they look good and clean the air.

 The lady who owns the Flower shop asked my son if he wanted these..for just how nice is that..Sam is very into his plants and gardening so he was more than happy to give them a new is Aloe Vera and the other a succulent which we don't know..any ideas ladies?
 We also ordered our Seed Potatoes from Wilko's today..last year they sold them mainly in 2.5kg imagine our surprise when they did these in 15kg worked out cheaper to buy them in bulk..and as we now have 2 allotments we can plant more and have a bigger crop..this and the Pork has been our only extra outlay this week.
Next week maybe a different story..i have to take both girls for Eye Tests and so we will have a look around the shops before hand,they have some money from Christmas and a Voucher to buy something if they want it... and i also need to go to a few shops to pick up some essentials ..i have left these for as long i could but i do need them now.
Card for school work
Paper for school work
A new Pizza pan
Foil containers
Freezer bags
Oxy white
Biotex if i can find any.
Starch..i just love to starch my pillow cases making them feel all crisp and clean.
So thats my part of next week planned about you have plans?
I also have some more treasures to show from the loft..

Friday, 22 January 2016

Problems..but not life shattering..

Hello its good to be back on here..believe it or not i have actually missed blogging this week.
My laptop decided i wasn't allowed to sign in to stuff and this changed daily..not sure what it was but hubby has sorted it for i am back..

Firstly i would like to say Hi to Tracey..a new follower..Welcome to my little bit of blogland.

Secondly my boiler is having serious problems..i have had the council here 3 times this was quite funny that that the lad who "apparently" fixed it twice did so with our own can of spray lubricant..cheeky sod..but then it went again and this time i was told a man was coming who would have the proper tools and equipment to fix it..after being told i was getting a new fan earlier in the week i assumed,as you would that he would have the said fan on his van.So imagine my surprise when he arrived with a screwdriver and a special bottle of lubricant..i almost started to laugh at him..i didn't then but did when he left. My new fan is arriving sometime in February..they will ring me to arrange a time to repair it. So in the meantime we pray it keeps working .
Then i had 2 lovely men who re-insulated my and out and not a ton of mess either..not sure if its just us but we can tell the difference especially in our bedroom..

So in-between all the disruption we have been busy teaching the girls..Fern is now a total whizz with her she has moved up a level and is now doing Division..we have started slow to build confidence and will gradually build up the difficulty.Iris is now doing word Families..we had done AT,OG,IG.. and we are moving slowly through the levels..she is just so on top of her Math..i am so proud of both of them.

In the afternoons we have been sorting all the treasures we found in the attic..its so nice to go back down memory lane with the girls,sharing stories and having a giggle about what antics their big sisters got up to.

We also made some lovely Home made Croutons..they were that good they all went in one sitting..i used the crusts of the Toasties we had the day before..i really think the makers of Toastie Machines should at least try to make them big enough so that a whole slice of bread can be used..the one we have i have to cut the top crust off to get the darn thing closed..

My own mix..2-3tbps olive oil,dash of paprika,pinch of mixed herbs.

Mix it all up and let bread soak it up.

I baked them for 30-40 mins on a low heat in the oven

All golden and crunchy..very tasty
 Iris received her first Library card this week..she was so excited..we have ordered some books online from the Library for her .

Fern lost another tooth as well..bless her her 2 new big teeth had grown in front of it and they were making it sore..she wobbled it for days and then had to have it pulled very gently and expertly i might by her she now a gap at the bottom..but you can't really tell.

We spent an afternoon cleaning some very old suitcases that belonged to Grandma..i can remember these cases sitting at the bottom of her i thought it only fitting that they should be placed at the bottom of mine.The smaller one has fared better than the large one..both were dirty on the outside and took some cleaning but i think they were worth it..the locks are really rusty on the large one but i will work on them through out the year until they are cleaner..
 Inside wasn't to has that lovely old smell going on..i cleaned it all up and put some brown paper in with Lavender Oil on may help with the musty smell or not but either way i am not bothered.

 I love the pattern has  weird feel to it..lots of little ridges that have collected half a ton of grime..
 Here is their new resting place..i think they look pretty good..
 We also found this old toy..still in the box and not broken..i was going to just get rid of it but Iris spotted it and wanted to have a go..her and Fern have spent quite a while this week making up their own designs and having fun with it.

I can't remember which one of the older girls it belonged to as they all had one at some point.
Apart from our grocery shopping we haven't spent any extra money this week..i plan on baking tomorrow and sorting out new meal plans for the next week or 2..
We repaired my husbands Water Proof Trousers that had ripped at the waist..sewing machine made it look so easy..he also did his jeans at the bottom as they had frayed a bit.
Our chickens have started to lay again..we have had 5 eggs this week..good girls.
The Pantry is on hold until we get a new light in there. I have paint for the walls and paper for the shelves but its no good as its like  the Black Hole Of Calcutta in there.We have extra boxes to store it all whilst we do it.
I have a Pantry List in my Home Folder which is enabling me to keep an eye on the store we have.
I also have a Freezer List..this is just brilliant as i don't have to keep digging through it to see what is in there..i did that once and almost lost my fingers to frostbite.

So that was my week..not so bad really.
How was yours?