Thursday, 31 December 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year to all of you.

Last day today..

Our hallway and stairs makeover..

These 2 little beauties arrived..
Hello all..well today is the last day of 2015..and what a year it has been..its been hectic and downright chaotic at times but i wouldn't change a thing..i have put some of the pictures of our adventures and events up..
Fionna married her fella Matt..
I finally bought a shopping this..

I had a go at decoupage

Made my own Granola

Re decorated the girls room

Spent wonderful days at Belton

Painted the Gazebo

Picked our first crop of Plums

Harvest from the allotment

Our Apple and Pear Harvest

Fionnas Macmillan morning

New beds for the girls

I found some stickers lol..

We redecorated our bedroom

Spottyfied the girls wellies

One roll of wallpaper can totally transform a room

Printed my own pics and painted the frames..

We had a go at making our own pictures

Found a use for my sticky chalkboard

I knitted a cushion
We redecorated our Kitchen at very little cost..fixed the floor and put back units we had taken out

Amazing what a coat of paint can do

We added more worktop..this had been in the shed for just added extra space for us.

We put down a new floor

Got new blinds for both windows

Put up door curtain at the back door..

Made some Christmas decorations..
So as you can see we have been busy with the Births of the twins and Fionna getting married..totally redoing the whole house near enough..working on the allotments and doing just about everything we could for ourselves.
Its been a great year and i am looking forward to next one knows what is around the corner so i am going to take everyday as it comes.
Thank you all for following my blog and leaving lovely comments for is so lovely to see them when i switch on in the mornings.
I hope you all have a good time tonight celebrating and A Happy New Year..

Welcome to my new follower Janice..hello.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Stay away!!!!

Yep thats right folks..flipping typical..we have all been struck down by a god awful lurgy.None of us have had any sleep..if your not sneezing your coughing or blowing out the ton of snot that has appeared from no where to annoy the heck out of you..the girls are fairing better than us grownups.

This has seriously drained my mojo..even my bum cheeks hurt..i have been trying to carry on but it ain't going to happen i am sitting down and not moving for a while..well til tea time anyway.
I am going to go now..i don't want any one to catch
see you all soon..

Monday, 28 December 2015

Being frugal over Christmas..and planning for next year.

Hello all..the poorlies are now tucked up nice and cosy in bed..hubby is in pj's and housecoat on the sofa..bless him he does sound awful..i hope he manages some sleep tonight.
Ok hands up who was frugal over Christmas..lots of you i bet.
I managed to save some lovely ribbons,tissue paper and also 5 gift bags.
We had left over veggies on Sunday and also finished off the Choclate Log..thanks to forward planning we haven't spent a penny since Christmas Eve..which will help enormously.
I have cards left over so they will go in a box ready for next year,also a few rolls of wrapping paper and tags plus just means i don't have to buy any next year.

Over the last 2 days i have been thinking of what to do next year so here is what i would like to do..
We are looking at ways of cutting down our bills much more.
We need to budget better and keep an eye on exactly what we spend on..
I am going to use one of my notebooks as a spending diary..chart every penny and see where we can maybe shave a bit more off.
Keep meal planning and using up leftovers.
Try to have at least 2 veggie meals a week.
Keep growing at the allotments.
Make more jams and chutneys
Use our Library more and definitely keep selling on Ebay.
Look at our Insurance Policies for household items and see if we can get a better deal on them.
Reuse more items..think about why i want to get rid of it..can i make it into something else.
Learn to make skirts and simple dresses on the sewing machine for the girls.
Organize my pantry properly.Put a few more shelves up so its not so crowded.
Re Roof hubby's shed..its sagging and leaking..all his tools are in there.
I have some vouchers worth £50 to help towards the cost of it so hopefully we can do it for that amount or there abouts.
Keep a second purse in my handbag..with a few pounds in it..for those bargains or something you spot in a charity shop and that way the money doesn't come out of the housekeeping money.
Update my list of clothes and shoe sizes for all of us..keep this in my purse so if i spot an item of clothing  and its the right size and more importantly what they need then i can buy it.
Re write my list of things i need not want..but more storage containers.
Keep decluttering..i have decided to have some giveaways of items i don't need anymore.
The list does seem pretty big but i know i can do it.
How about you ladies have you got plans for next year already?

Snot and zombies all rolled into one..

Hello all..i hope that your ok?

Well this morning i bounded down stairs to find 2 little girls with sore throats and feeling a bit warm..and husband that looks like a zombie,sounds like Batman and has tons of snot..not a pretty sight at all.
Poor things have caught a the girls are dosed up on Neurofen and hubby has had Paracetomol..all 3 have strict instructions to rest and not do much or else!!!..its been fairly quiet .We have watched Disney movies and then i did a Buffet Lunch for everyone..they could just pick at what they wanted.

I have been catching up with all the i just have to iron it all..which i shall do later on..
I have also been sorting my books out for next year..
This was my to do list for this year..we got most of it done..the ones we didn't will be transferred to next years list

Fern graciously gave me one of her new pens.

I used some wallpaper samples to cover the inside of my old books ..

Reused my plan book for a new school lesson planning book

All set and ready to go

Garden and house book.
 I emptied all the selection boxes into a tub and got rid of the boxes..this is a huge amount of choclate for will last ages.
 I sat down and had a good look in this ..
 I am definitely going to save up for some of these pans to make colourful layer cakes for birthdays and special treats.
I spotted this little chap about the weather being mixed ..its affecting the plants as well..i have Daffodils coming up ..

Well i hope your all ok and please be careful as we have more wind and rain coming our way.
take care

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Tired but happy times..

Hello all i hope that you have had a great Christmas and Boxing Day..we certainly have..up early and on the go ..the girls were so excited and very happy with their gifts..they only stopped playing to have Breakfast,get dressed and then back to playing..this was good as it gave us time to get lunch ready..which was a complete success..everyone was stuffed and a good time was had by all of us.

 Here is Fern trying to get  dummy into Iris's new wasn't she gave up.

 This Fern's Microscope..she loves it and couldn't wait to get it set up

 These are the slides that arrived in the nick of time.
 Here she is setting it up

 Iris having a look..

 Here is the Christmas Table..we had to borrow a chair..i had 7 people and only 6 chairs
 The girls playing Donutters at Heather's house today, they were all hot and sweaty running around but not once did any of them argue or that is amazing for 6 of them to get along so well..but they are close.
 My little grandson Sam..he was that hot he stripped was brilliant afternoon,good food,good times and we all had a laugh..which i think in these troubled times is a good thing.
 I received some of the most amazing gifts this year..the book below has been in my watch list on Ebay for son bought it for me..i know its really old and the cover is tatty but i love it.

 A beautiful Handmade Necklace from my son as well..he also bought me a Silicone Pastry Brush and a new Spatula..i was so pleased.
 My husband bought me some beautiful smells heavenly.
 This apron brought squeals of delight from and my girls..isn't it just lovely friend Marie sent it ..its so thoughtful and i am going to wear it every time i bake and work around the has 2 big pockets at the front which are brilliant for popping things in..for example dusters,rubber gloves..i love it..
Welcome to my new follower The Squirrel Family..welcome to my little bit of blog world.
Right i am tired and i am going to go to bed and have a quick read of my new book..
take care all