Saturday, 28 November 2015

My how you have grown..

Hi are you today..apparently the weather is going to be a bit rough and wet with the chance of where ever you are take care.
Well today we had some little visitors ..o and they have grown so much..totally adorable when they smile..but not so adorable when they get grumpy..both babies had a nap on our bed..surrounded by cushions and pillows so they can't fall or get anywhere. Poor little Esme she went first and i kept checking and so did her mum..not a peep was heard..but then i went into the utility bit and i heard a little sob..the kind that says "i am alone and no one can hear me"..i went to fetch her and when i walked in the room her little face lit up..still a bit sobby but happy to see someone.
Olivia went next and she had about half an hour but then her mum heard her..and she gave me a huge beaming smile when she came down,they both downed their bottles no messing and had bums changed and laid on the cushion just chatting away and shouting it was so cute.Iris was such a love with them both..she was playing with them and talking to them.Both babies were laughing at her and reaching to grab her hair..i had my hair pulled a few times but was instantly rewarded with smiles and cooing at me..
Esme on the left,Olivia on the right

Esme with her phone..she noticed the camera and wanted that instead.

Olivia with her little mirror toy

She has just noticed Esme has the noisy toy

Look at that face..

She so wanted that toy..
When they arrived they looked like little Eskimo's..all wrapped up in the new Winter can see them on the back of the sofa..they are just gorgeous..little deer's and toadstools on them .
Its strange how quiet the house was when they went home.But we had a lot of cuddles and kisses.Wonderful to see them and its their 1st Christmas this year..i know it won't mean anything to them at all but i love to see babies watching the tree decorations and lights..the little eyes are so full of wonder i love it.
Right ladies i am off to have a quick cuppa and do some knitting..
take care

Friday, 27 November 2015

10 years ago today..updated

Hi all..i hope that your all ok.
Well today is my beautiful Fern's 10th Birthday..such a lovely young lady.  We are truly blessed to have  her in our lives
She is funny,has a wicked sense of humour and can take being teased as well. She has blossomed over the last 3 years since we removed her from school..she has more confidence and is not the quiet,sad little girl anymore.She is kind and caring and loves nature and music and photography..

Happy birthday my lovely.
mum and dad

 This is Fern's little pile of presents and cards..can you see the one Iris made for her..its the best one ever.
 We put up balloons all over for her..
 This is her cake..its a swirly cake..its got pink swirls inside..covered in chocolate frosting.
I put the ballerina's on it and i forgot to get her the numbered candles so just used a simple white one..she loved it.
Fern has had a great day.
Her presents included some clothes from us and my mum..she also got an MP3 player that we filled with music for her we bought it ages ago and had to hide it..she also received some Lego from Annie,Enid Blyton Famous Five series from Fionna and Hedbands the game from mum also got her some Jacqueline Wilson books and a lovely Cath Kidstonish purse.She was so happy with them all.
When she went to bed she told us she had brilliant day and is now excited for Christmas..haha..well before that gets here we have another birthday to celebrate and its a big one..Simon is 50..hard to believe but he that one is on yet more cake and more presents.
Thank you all for the lovely Birthday wishes for Fern..she says "thank you".
take care

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A little annoyed..update

Hi all i hope that your all ok..
Well at the weekend i listed lots of girls coats and Winter some trainers on Ebay..i have got lots of watchers which is fair enough and have sold a pair of Trainers that is good..but just one thing is really bugging me..a coat sold on Sunday..and is still not paid for..i have emailed this person and Ebay has sent her an unpaid item remainder..still no payment...this is really annoying. No communication at all..which i find a little rude to be honest..if she doesn't want it then tell me and i can relist it. Before she "bought" the coat i had a few enquiries and 7 watchers..just wasting my time really.I could have sold the coat properly by now.
I am annoyed ...
Do you sell on Ebay you get any time wasters like this?
I try so hard to be patient and polite and answer all questions.
Ok rant over..

Ok so now the buyer wants the coat but can't pay till Monday..apparently her phone was broke..seems a bit strange that my messages didn't get through but the moment Ebay send a reminder and Bingo the phone works..not going to sell her it..i am thinking she will cause trouble.
Amazing though that after all this time she can get in touch..

Monday, 23 November 2015

A Soup and Craft kind of day..

Hi all..Wow its been chilly today..and thankfully we didn't have to go out in it..well to let the chickens out and then put them to bed but thats it.
When its cold i like to keep everyone warm..the heating has been on but not for long..we all had big jumpers and slippers on and for lunch we had Carrot Soup..warmed up our insides and tasted beautiful to boot.
I had no complaints and clean bowls..i love my homemade soups and am so glad everyone else does too.
Doesn't it look all orangey and yummy..we had it with a ham sandwich.I love the colour of it .
Well after lunch we decided to do some Christmas dining room looked like a whirlwind had gone through it after ..but it didn't take long to clean up with some expert little helpers.
Scrap paper

Cut outs 

Add strips to cut outs and glue well

Opposite side of first glueing..let it dry for a little while then cut off the excess

 You have to trim the excess first so you can still see the shape.
Do the same on the other side..then cut out the shape..then you end up with some lovely and colourful Christmas decorations

These are made from old book pages and folded..
 Whilst we were busy doing all lovely husband was in the kitchen making bread..
2 fresh loaves ..the house smelt gorgeous whilst he was doing it.
So that was my day ,how about  yours?
take care

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Keeping cosy..

Hi all i hope that your ok in this cold weather.
Earlier on this year we purchased a sewing was brand new..we have only had second hand ones that have served us well but we could no longer fix the one we had..couldn't get the parts for it anymore..even Ebay didn't have them..we saved up and got a lovely's electric not crank handle like our old one. We have to admit it is so easy to use compared to the other one.
We have used it quite a few times..this week alone it has mended 2 pairs of the girls jeans,sewn up the crutch in pj's and then taken up and taken in a pair of jeans for my husband.
The poor thing had a trial by fire when it arrived.
Many years ago my mum bought me a very heavy quilted throw..i used it for a cover on my sofa for ages..then it got washed and put away in the airing cupboard. Having seen lots of blogs about re-using what you have and upcycling things,we decided  to cut it up and make it in to 2 smaller bed its very heavy and thick..but we did it..our sewing machine didn't falter once, it went through it like it was butter..o we were so pleased.A great investment that will last us a long time.
Here are the quilts on the girls don't they look nice and cozy..

The girls couldn't wait to get into them tonight.
 I put up my new picture in the bedroom
 I also put up 2 more photo's in the hallway..this one is Andrea on the right and Fionna on the left..its one of my favourites..they are just so gorgeous and still are.
This one is a school photograph, its the only one i have of the three of them as Andrea had gone up to big school that year..Sam on the left,Heather in the middle and Fionna on the lovely.
right i am off to have a cuppa..
take care all

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Home Happenings..

Hi what a chilly day its been today..thankfully we were all cosy inside.
We had a lovely visit from my daughter Fionna and the little's..Leah has lost another tooth at the front..bless her she has a lisp now..little Sam is full of life and was playing so nicely..they both enjoyed drawing on the big blackboard.Sam is going to be a Wiseman in his Christmas play..he is looking forward to it.

I have been busy sorting stuff out this week..i have listed lots of Girls boots on Ebay..and coats too..had a lot of watchers..just wish they would buy not watch ..o well they will when they are ready.
Simon has serviced both electric fires..cleaned them out and hoovered out all dust..replaced little bulbs and made sure they work..we haven't actually used them for over a year..but i am glad to know they are ready. He also watched a Youtube Tutorial on how to balance the pressure in radiators to get the most from worked brilliantly and the radiators are all working properly. Thank you sweetheart for keeping all warm and cosy.

Sam has been working at his job and has done quite a few extra hours..he has been offered a permanent position in the New Year..he has accepted it and is very happy.

The girls have been working away on there school work..i haven't got a topic for them at the moment..we are going to be doing lots of Christmas crafts and baking so i think that will be enough for now.
My printer has been working overtime..i have printed some of my own cards and little bits for decorations.
I have been looking for new recipes for treats for Christmas.
I found a recipe for Cinnamon Bread..its absolutely amazing and so easy to do..

Its so light  and has just the right amount of get 2 loaves out of went down a real treat as you can see..the other one i froze.
I had a look in my recipe books as well.. i found one similar to the Sticky blobs but this one has custard powder in it..they are fab..and the custard powder makes them yellow and you can't really taste it so thats a bonus..custard is not my favourite thing.
I also tried e recipe that has no eggs..seeing as my chickens are slowing down egg production..these are called Meltaways..and they do..o so can put a cream cheese frosting on them if you want but i chose not to ..this is my test batch..and not many left means they will be made again.
They look very pale but they are cooked.
I also made cookies,tarts and Peanut Butter bars..i popped some of the Peanut Butter mix into little tiny cases and covered them in Dark pics of the finished item but i got the first part..sorry i got distracted with other stuff..
I am going to make some of these for treats .
Now don't get upset as no actual painting was harmed in the making of this new picture.
 It didn't go with anything in my i covered it in backing paper..i didn't stick it down can be removed as and when i change it if i want to.

 Then i added some lovely cutouts ..they look a bit patchy but thats where the Modge Podge is drying out.
I like it and it looks good in my bedroom..and it didn't cost a penny just some time and definite patience cutting them Stags out.
So that is what i have been up to this about you all..what have you been doing?
take care and stay warm.

Thursday, 19 November 2015


Morning all..i can't believe it..i have hit 30,000 page views.
I can't believe that that many people have had a look at my blog..Thank you all.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Remember the scarf ladder..

Hi all..i do hope that your all ok and have had no trouble from the storm last night. We are ok only had a tub knocked over and nothing else.
Can you remember the scarf ladder i painted earlier this year..well its up..i put it over the radiator in the hallway so that scarves or gloves dry out nice with  out heat blocking..

 I also got out the Alphabet stickers that i took down from the kitchen and popped them up in the hallway too..along with some spare bunting looks good..i couldn't get a full on decent picture  of them as the hallway is quite narrow..

 And i popped the numbers at the bottom of the stairs..little Emma loves to count them when she comes.
Right i am off to have my tea of Roast Lamb with the trimmings..
take care all.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I have Blinds and we have finally finished ..

Hello all. Blimey its windy here..its hitting all sides of the house so not sure which way its blowing..the poor dog doesn't want to go out..he will have to sooner or later..he is not a wet weather dog/
Anyway , our new blinds arrived today..they had to have a trim to fit our wonky windows but i think my husband did a good job.
Little window

Big window

Half up

 We put up our metal signs..they are our favourites..we bought them years ago from an Antique shop in town..they were £10 each but i think they were woth it.

Bisto kids

Whiteleys Sugar..

Finally my sign..i don't actually mean but the family mostly all eat what i cook..the fussy ones amongst us get an alternative.
So ladies my kitchen is finished and has cost us less than £ took a lot of effort and time but is so worth it.
Finally a picture of my Lamb joint i cooked today..
I roasted it this afternoon and will let it cool then strip it down and have it for tea tomorrow with mash,veg,yorkies and mint sauce..we will have any left overs on Thursday.

Welcome to new follower Thrift Deluxe..and Peace at Home who added me to her circle..thank you both and i hope you enjoy.
take care in the wind and i hope that it doesn't cause any disruption to you.