Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Couldn't resist this cute.Flashback pics...

This is Fern holding her new baby sister Iris..o so cute..can you see the little mohican on Iris..
Having a snooze on daddy
This are my fave pics from when Iris was a baby..she is now 7..


Hi all..well what a wet day and apparently its going to be here for a few days ,so its wet weather games and inside jobs.
We haven't grown any Pumpkins this year..and i have had to buy one.
This picture is from 2011 when my husband and son grew this huge they ever got it home from the allotment is beyond me..

When we measured it was 40 inches around..what a whopper.
We are hoping that now we have 2 allotments we can grown our own again next year.
take care

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Its just the little things that make me happy..

Last week i sorted the toy room..i binned a lot and Charity shopped a lot..but i had some that i knew 2 little boys would love.
My friend over the road has a lovely little boy Thomas..he was given 2 huge boxes of toys and his sister Jennifer was given books and magazines..i got a lovely text message to say Thank You..that made me smile and i know they love the bits i gave them..
My little nephew Tom was given 2 huge lots of toys too..his faves are the Car Transporter and a Checkout i received this..

It made my sweet..
take care

O god i thought my cupboards were white!!!!

Hi all..well today we painted the kitchen cupboards..they were white when we first did them..i didn't realize how discoloured they have got..what a shock we got when we started painting..
Can you see the difference

2 coats of paint later and wow what a total difference..
These are just 2 of the kitchen cupboards..we are doing the all the base units tomorrow..

Monday, 26 October 2015

Home made Polish..

I love to make my own cleaners and air fresheners when ever i can..
Today i made this recipe..i don't have much real wood furniture apart from a little table.It has faded a little and needed some TLC..this is so simple to make and it will keep in a  jar for a while as well.
 All you need is half a cup of olive oil and a quarter cup of lemon juice.I also added a few drops of Lemon Essential Oil . Mix together and then dip your cloth in and spread over the wood..gently rub it in and then use a clean cloth to polish.
My table before..can you see the marks on it at the back

Now look after i used the mix on it..wonderful.
I will definitely be doing it again.
I have popped my jar in the fridge for now..its labelled so no-one eats it lol.
Take care all

Kitchen update..

Hi all..we got a little more done to the kitchen today..we painted the didn't take long to do..its the drying time..we had to pop the dog outside for a little while so he didn't stick to the wall.

I had to paint in front of my this i mean i painted all the grout and edges..he followed with the roller..the tiles have gone from an Apricot to can just about make it out..the light wasn't that good.
The kitchen looks so much brighter..they won't need another coat stinks to high heaven..had windows and doors open.

We girls had our hair cut today..the girls just had their fringes done and i had a full cut..£10 not bad and the hairdresser comes to us..she is lovely as well.

I also sold the 2 pine beds on ebay which is extra money for our little pot.
I have also listed some clothes and a dolls a lovely rug..fingers crossed they sell.
Take care all.

Mincemeat Flapjack recipe

Hi all..i hope that your all ok and have a good day..
I have been asked by Janice for the Mincemeat Flapjack recipe..its not mine but one from Frugal Queen.
This is one of our favourite snacks.

8 oz margerine.
8oz self raising flour
8oz sugar
8oz oats
2 tablespoons of treacle
leftover mincemeat.

Put the flour,sugar and oats in a big bowl.
Put the margerine and treacle in a saucepan and melt slowly.
Once melted pour over dry ingredients and mix well.
Place half the mix in a tray and flatten with a spoon.
Spread the mincemeat over it then use over half to cover the mincemeat.
Bake for 30 minutes at Gas mark 5 until golden brown.
Cool,slice and enjoy.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Home Happenings..and don't forget to put the clocks back!!!!

Hello all..i hope that your well.
This week has been busy..we have emptied the kitchen and i scrubbed all the cupboards and tiles with sugar seemed like for ever but i got them done they are now all grease free and ready for painting next week.
My kitchen now looks huge with nothing in it..i took down my nets and washed them but i think we are having some blinds ..its got an echo now.
You can see exactly where my cooker hood was..

So big with nothing on the work tops

I had forgotten how big this wall is with no shelving units on it

The far wall has been pictures up and the Alphabet stickers have been removed and placed elsewhere in the house..will show you other words i forgot to take a picture

Iris helping me to wash up

Showing off her new Red jeans..they are new to her but actually hand me downs from Fern..
 I baked today so we have plenty for the week as we are going to be really busy..
Sticky blobs..

Little chocolate cakes

Coconut tart

Mincemeat flapjack

these 2 pieces just wouldn't fit in the cake tin..shame.

I also made tarts and Peanut Butter squares too..
Now as its the official end of Summer time we must all put our clocks back tonight..i have 11 clocks in my house so i start before i go to bed..but the bonus is we will get an extra hour in bed..not that you can tell.
Right ladies i am off to watch the rugby..and my gorgeous husband is doing tea..sausage and bacon sarnies yummy..
take care all

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Wow 100 post already..

Hi ladies..i hope that your all well.
I can't believe i have done 100 posts..i never thought i would get this far to be honest..i thought no one would read me let alone leave all the lovely comments.
Thank you all for the nice comments and all of you who follow me.
Well back to what we have been up to.
The girls desperately needed some wellies,slippers and boots for the Winter..with money being tight we are doing them one at a time..we asked the girls which they would like first..both said "wellies"..
So 2 new pairs of wellies were bought..i couldn't afford the flashy ones and bought plain black ones..still £7.99 each..not too bad and these seem to be quite thick soles and well made..the girls were over the moon with them.
I saw a lovely idea on the internet about decorating after tea we let loose with some dot stickers and we now have beautiful spotty wellies.

Iris and her wellies

Fern's wellies

It doesn't even matter if they fall off i have lots of spotty dots.

You will all be pleased to know that the hole in my floor has now been filled in and so has the crack..we are on schedule with we have removed some little wall units and emptied a majority of the kitchen..
All filled in and level

Crack is done
 When i did my online shop i bought a 5kilo bag of its big but it will last me months..much better value to buy it in bulk.

I opened it today and it should last me until well after Christmas.
so thats what i have been doing about you are you decorating or having a clean up?
take care

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Refreshing my lavender sachets..

Hi all..this morning i went to my wardrobe to get my cardigan and i wasn't greeted by the lovely fragrance of Lavender. I love Lavender and like to have little sachets in the drawers and hanging up.
I gathered them all together and got the girls to help me re-scent them.We found some little organza bags and filled them with dried Lavender.
My dining room smelt gorgeous.

 We also scented the little crystals..they are not over powering just enough to waft past your nose as you pass by..
 Back in the drawers and smelling nice again..this is Fern's..popped at the back.
 This is Iris' amongst her socks..
I can't wait to open my wardrobe in the morning and get that familiar scent again.
take care

New book..and a staple free stapler???

Look what came today..we could barely wait to rip open the packet..
 It gorgeous and we can't wait to read it..we absolutely love The Flower Fairies and stories about them..
 There are 3 more to get to complete the set..we are going to buy them one at a time and add to our collection..
 A staple free stapler..i have been seeing them all over on home school blogs for poor stapler is about to run out and i doubt if i could get staples to fit it..this is just folds over the paper into a clip..
 It will definitely save me money in the long more scrabbling about to try and find staples to fit my old one.
Brilliant i think..
take care

Found some stickers !!!!

Hi all..i hope your ok and having a good day/evening where-ever you are.

Well  today i had had enough of my back was cluttered and looking a bit grim. I cleaned it all out,got rid of the stuff that was literally hanging around going mouldy eeewww!!!.
I sugar soaped the doors, cleaned the walls,threw out old shoes,sandals and plimsoles..i scrubbed the floor runner and washed down all the skirting.
It took me 2 hours..then i found some stickers..i had originally bought these for the girls room but then i had wallpaper instead so they got put away and forgot about..until i unearthed them..i had a brilliant flash and knew exactly where they were going. What do you think too much or ok?

It has brightened it up and now it looks huge..i have cleaned the lampshades but would ideally like to change them for some brightly coloured ones..will have to see what i can find in the attic..
So this is what happens when i find stickers..and i have 2 packets left.
take care

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Look at my floor..

After much to-ing and fro-ing we have finally decided to do the kitchen..we found tins of cupboard paint and tile paint..we already have a huge tin of white emulsion just need some gloss..having chosen the colours we want it was crunch time..what to do with the floor..being honest all we have done is put floor tiles down ..there were 3 layers plus the original flooring..we spent some money and bought some Glue was strong stuff but thankfully we didn't need it all..only a small amount was used and that stunk to high heaven..the dog was sniffing and rolling around the floor..had to put him outside and the girls went upstairs..we had the doors open and reeked for ages.
So now i have no floor..just concrete..which isn't that bad.. we found a crack in the floor which will be filled in..Simon is going to level it all so new tiles sit properly and don't crack and move about.

Crack in the floor

The concrete is where the original pantry was taken out before we got the house otherwise i would have kept it

Doesn't look too bad..considering its the first time the floor has seen daylight for 30 odd years
Will keep you all updated on the kitchen redo