Saturday, 26 September 2015

Things in the sky and more Caterpillars...

Hi all..
Wasn't the weather gorgeous today..lovely and crisp with blue skies and hardly a cloud to be seen..i got all my laundry dry again..i am liking this weather.
Where we live we are quite lucky really. There are quite a few RAF bases near us and lots of planes take off and land..this year we have been lucky enough to see Spitfires,Lancasters and Hurricanes and a helicopters,Chinooks all sorts. We love to try and spot them..they are too fast for me to get my camera but today we saw this..

Its the Virgin Hot air takes of from Belton Woods Hotel..we often see it either very early morning or as today late afternoon..i would love to go in one..but the landing is not so smooth so maybe not.
Apparently the Full Moon was going to be orangey red tonight..we waited for it and got nothing..maybe tomorrow night will be better..but i did get some pics..

Not the greatest but i am getting better.

This little chap is heading for trouble..big time trouble

I have just read an article on the news that these and i swear its identical to the one pictured..are responsible for the destruction of Box Privet Hedges..well he ain't getting at mine.
Have you ladies seen any of them?

Crafty sewing..and colour chart leaves..

Hello all..i hope your ok today..
Well i think that Autumn is well and truly upon us..we have been doing collages in the afternoons ..i found this lovely little paper cutter in £land..and i went to B&Q for some little paint charts..these come in handy for lots of little craft projects..i made little Autumn coloured leaves for our collages.

 Its fun to do these..we just get old magazines and cut them i find that the girls and i just chat..chit-chat mainly but it is lovely to hear them and there opinions..

Now sewing is a simple thing for us grown ups to do..but can you remember how you started?
I started at my Grandma Winnies house..and i got pin pricks..needles sticking in me..and they darn well hurt.
I bought some plastic sewing needles for the girls so i don't have to deal with pricked fingers ..and i found these lovely cards on Pinterest ..i made tiny holes in them and the girls sat and sewed aren't these lovely and no blood anywhere.

Iris being busy

A Watermelon..lovely

We have plans for these cards..we are going to mount them on contrasting coloured card..make little holes in the top and put ribbon through them so they can be hung up and then give them as gifts to the girls nieces and nephew.
I love these sewing cards for them..they make it interesting and they can see the results of their work straight away..
take care

Jewels in the garden..

Hello all..
Earlier on this year i saw lots of Bee's going in and out of our Box Privet Hedge..i kept thinking what are they doing there is nothing in there but on closer inspection i saw the most beautiful delicate and very tiny learn something new every day is the saying well i certainly did.
Can you see them

If you look hard you can see a bee visiting
I was astonished to be honest to see these flowers..never ever seen them.
Yesterday i spotted these gorgeous little seed pods in the bush..aren't they the most beautiful colour..little jewels in the hedge..we took them off and popped them in a pot so hopefully i will have little hedges growing.

They are the most amazing purple and when you hold them to the light they are see through..
Iris said they look like Jewels..and i think she is right don't you?
take care

Friday, 25 September 2015

Macmillan Coffee Morning..

Hi again..
Today was the day for the Macmillan Coffee lovely daughter Fionna hosted one.
It was lovely.. the girl had baked up a storm over the last few days..all she wanted to raise was £ help pay for a nurse to sit and talk to someone for an hour. She did talk to us and it made her feel better..obviously not 100% but relieved a little,we are not experts in this area but we tried to help her.She wished she had talked to a Macmillan Nurse but she didn't.
She is hoping to get her 1st year all clear on Monday so fingers crossed folks

 It was a lovely few hours..having a laugh and eating her cakes..her husband Matt was on Tea/Coffee duty..
We had a sticker each..Simon had Soggy Bottom..mine was I'll eat the last biscuit..that is actually true..i love biscuits and cakes.
She worked hard to make it nice and welcoming for us..Thank you Fi..
Bless her she raised £81.15..didn't she do well..
Updated to £86.15..
love you fifi..

Allotment goodies..

Hello all..i hope that your ok and having some late sunshine..
My son has been back to the allotment and brought home a nice barrow full of Onions and Beetroots..

Can you see the pump..bless him he has to take it as the wheel keeps going down
 The Onions have been sorted and are now drying in the greenhouse..the Beetroots were boiled and frozen.
My Virginia Creeper going a gorgeous red

How beautiful is that

Its going to spread all the way down the trellis..looking like a wall of flame
 We picked the Apples and got quite a few..some had been got at by Wasps and other grubs but i think we did ok..we also picked the Pears..

Only 2..there are a few left on the tree..but its good considering we not had any Pears for a few years
How did your Fruit trees do this year?

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Weird but tasty..

I have been doing Beans from the allotment for the last few weeks..i love all the weird shapes and sizes they come uniform Beans or Carrots like in the supermarkets..they may look strange but taste just as good.
It makes me wonder just how much veg and fruit gets thrown away just because its not the shape its supposed to be.

Look how curly one he would have been thrown and the other is not exactly straight..but you can bet they taste just as good as straight ones..
What about you ladies/gents do you love your weird shaped veggies and fruits?

Johnny Appleseed Day..

Hi all..well today is Johnny Appleseed day..a true legend. A man who felt a calling and didn't shy away from it..hardship and courage..fine example for all to look up to.
I found out all i could about the man..and his story..very interesting.Pinterest is a great resource for lesson plans on this.His real name was John one knows when he was born..but one day he left his Orchard and travelled across America with a tame wolf for company..helping Settlers and Indians when ever he could..he planted Orchards were ever he hopefully today some of his trees are still standing and feeding folks.
I bought this little comic book for a few pounds last year..we absolutely love the story.

We have also read Apple Pigs by Ruth Orbach..its got to be one of our favourite books ..
Fern reads it to Iris every chance she gets..
 We made some of our  own apple pigs..out of card..

 Iris drew her own Apple Pig..
Happy Johnny Appleseed Day..