Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Look who i went to visit..

I went to see my little grand-daughters last night..and to help their mum get them ready for bed..blimey the girls needs extra hands. Normally her husband is home for the bath and bedtime routine but he has had to work a late night so i was asked to help out.
I took my camera but didn't take too many as i didn't want to disrupt them too much..I had Esme and Annie had Olivia..they are both now four months old and filling out..they have both started to teeth a little..hard white gums bless them.
When i arrived they were both asleep but soon woke up..i got the 2 biggest smiles and happy faces off both girls..made my day..o how they have grown.
They are a lot more alert and love to look around..they are both starting to coo  and almost shout at you when you don't look at them.
Esme with a clean bum and chilling out

Still chilling

O there you are what you doing?

Olivia bringing up her wind.
Aren't they time i will get more shots.
They finally gave in and went to Annie does it i will never know.
take care all

Attic haul and wow we built it from memory..

Hi all i hope that your all ok today..
Well yesterday we went back in to the attic to keep up with our de-cluttering..we got rid of 2 huge bags of absolute rubbish..why we kept them i will never know..but they have gone into the re-cycling now.
We found 2 bags of old old computer games that are in good condition with all the bits and they will be listed on ebay for a week..if they don't sell in that time i will bin them too.
Simon hit the jackpot and made 2 little girls very happy..we found our older girls very first Barbie House..its not fantastic but they loved was in pieces and thankfully all the bits were there..we spent about 30 minutes putting it instruction they are long gone..but we did it from memory..looks good what do you think?

 We found the Baywatch Barbie tent..the other bits for it are already being played with..
 An old Barbie puzzle with all the bits.
 Peggy pegs but thats not a problem
 Craft weaving..never been used..
 Finally the house in the girls bedroom..i woke up this morning to find them playing with it and singing and dancing..made me chuckle..what a lovely way to wake up.
We also found the old wooden bricks but they can be was lovely to see all the old toys brought  back so many memories..we also found the older girls and Sam's school reports..i sorted through them and will give them to the girls when i see them was lovely to read through them.
Well am off into the attic again at the i wonder what else we will find?
How about you ladies..have you een attic clearing and found some good bits you can't get rid of?
take care all

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Notice on the blog.

You may have all noticed a sign about cookies at the top of the blog..its not my doing..seems we have to conform to the European Union laws now..nothing to worry about.Its about consent of the site using cookies. You have to be informed of it.

Craft afternoon..

Hello all i hope your all ok today.
Yesterday i had 2 little moochers..bit bored so out came a craft.
The girls get given a lot of craft gifts for Birthdays and Christmas and i also buy them when they are reduced just after Christmas too. I keep them in a box for days like yesterday.
It didn't take long and they enjoyed doing it together.

The girls are going to keep all the Sylvanian Family little bits in it.
We also received our Ten Minute Shake up packs today..

 There are some great ideas on the the girls were all excited as they get a timer watch..we have done one already..Beyomax brilliant moves..10 minutes of moving and dancing..
 These are the card liners..perfect for making windows out of on boxes or picture frames for little people to paint inside of.
So do you all buy craft kits and save them up for rainy you buy them when they are on offer/reduced.
This afternoon we are going to attempt some pompoms..then i am going to my DD Annies to give her a hand with the twins..can't wait to see them its been so long.
Welcome to my new follower your blog.
take care all

Monday, 27 July 2015

Art Wall and surprise on ebay..

Hi all hope your ok and not too soggy in this weather..hopefully it will stop soon..but veggies won't grow without it.
I was pleasantly surprised yesterday old Amiga game sold for over £10..was shocked it went for that much..but it all helps..the parcel will be sent via courier..
So i told you all a while ago that i wanted to create an Art Wall in the girls room..we want to show their work and also make a blank wall look good.

As you can see its a work in progress..i let the girls choose their own pieces to put up and pretty sure it will expand to other wall as well..i think its nice to look back on how they have changed styles and started to be creative on their own..kind of a growing wall..from stick figures to lovely water colours..i have a few more pictures to put up later on.
How about you ladies have you saved art work and used it to decorate.
take care

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Bounty from the allotment..

Its getting to our best time of year with the allotment..i love it when the chaps come home with veggies..

 The onions are a Japanese variety called Snowglobe..they don't store over winter..they are an intermediate crop..they have been dried and hung upside down in the greenhouse..they are mild and you won't cry chopping them..and they are delicious.
These are our tomatoes in the greenhouse.
 This one is mine..i have my eye on it and hopefully it will taste good.
 Our first Courgette..i love one else in the house does..i try to pop them into just about everything lol.
 Look at the size of this egg..its tiny. For some reason every now and again the chickens lay one of small..but you would think it had edges on it the noise they make laying them.

We have had  lot of our New Potatoes for most of our meals..we have also had some Carrots but a vast majority of these will be frozen for winter and made into soup. Our lettuce's are just too good to describe..and any that have blown before we get them the chickens have and squabble over.
I look forward to seeing what the chaps bring home with them.
How about you love having fresh veggies brought home or pop in the garden to get them.
take care all

Home Happenings..

Hi all i hope your all ok today..
Well what a week its been..still feel a bit wobbly but i am getting there.
I have been doing bits and bobs all week..i don't know if your the same but i can't bear to be sat still..if i am poorly its different but once i start to recover i want to get on and do things,however i couldn't this has taken me a while to get over this bout of illness yet i am moving about and doing stuff.
Am currently on the sofa with the dog( however small he maybe) trying to edge me off..he likes my spot on the sofa..its in the corner with the comfy cushions..everytime i move he is there..and when i am sat there he uses his vast body weight to squash he is using his puppy dog look on won't work..i am immune to it...well for now anyway.
So i have been itching to do some baking..i actually missed doing it..and i think that everyone else has too..i was being asked for cakes during the i hope they all love what i made today..
Jam tarts and lemon curds

Honey biscuits
 I found a recipe for Honey Biscuits in one of my old cookery easy to make and taste delicious even better with a cup of tea.
No Bake Peanut Butter Bars..

The girls love these..if you want the recipe i will post it up for you all..
Now i love nuts but my husband is allergic to them so i have to be careful what i can bake ..i keep all my nuts separate to everything else..i have been seeing recipes for Sugared Walnuts all over Pinterest..i have to admit they make my mouth today as a treat to my self i made some..ooh ladies they are gorgeous..and so simple to make..

I only made a handful to see if i liked them and i do so i will make more..they are very moreish.
I know all the schools broke up this week for the holidays..we have had to have time off unfortunately but i am planning on schooling next week and all the way through the holidays..but only in the mornings and having afternoons free for fun and crafting.
We had my little grand-daughter Hollie on Thursday..only really saw her at lunchtime..they were all outside on the trampoline or playing upstairs..we are going to be having her every week during the holidays..its nice to have her here.
I have been a bit lapse with puddings whilst ill but i made one this week..Choclate Cobbler..its a favourite..and good with cream,custard,ice-cream or on its own.

Its all gooey and choclatey and quite easy to make..if you want to know how just let me know and i will pop it up for you.
I am hoping to be able to redo my bedroom with the money we have made from our ebay sales..i have 2 more sales going through which will bring me £10..Simon is going back in the attic tomorrow to find the toys and games we have still up there.
I am also hoping to redo the back porch area and the dining room..only the chimney breast in that room..i will keep you updated on those plans.
So ladies what have you all been doing this week and have you done any baking?
take care