Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Crafty goings on..

My little ones absolutely love Sylvanian Families and were very,very lucky to get quite a lot of them for Christmas..my friend gave us some Sylvanian Magazines to read..they have lots of lovely and inspiring things to draw,make and build inside them..

The beach house you can make

Beach house instructions and template

Book covers

Drawing instructions
Shop shelving to make

Food labels for the little shops.

 This is our attempt at making the Beach-house..its not that complicated..its sodding complicated and time consuming to do..
We will hopefully get around to finishing it some time this week..the girls want to make another one..maybe when my brain has recovered from this one..
I think the magazines are brilliant and i want to sign up to the club for them..i had a look for the club and found a catalogue you order online for £3..thats not bad as it would become like the holy bible of Sylvanians for the girls..and keep them quiet for ages and then inevitably out would come the pen and they will mark all the ones they want..plus list them and leave the list where you accidentally find it..i love that about children..they see it they want it..unfortunately i want doesn't get is the rule in this house..harsh maybe but thats the way it is, the girls understand this and are very good about it,they don't know the extent of our worries and neither should they..our older girls and son were brought up the same way and it never did them any harm. The girls will get to choose one for Birthdays and Santa may bring one too but only if they are good.But i am definitely going to order the catalogue for them.
Wish me luck with the rest of this project..its very fiddly and lots of glue was shed all over the table cover..we have all the pieces cut out ready to go and now we need time to do it.

 The girls spent some time painting..they are using water colours aren't they lovely..i like to see them doing it..i think this way it teaches patience and also co-ordination ..plus they get to colour co-ordinate ..i know that sounds daft but children need to know what goes with what and what compliments what..painting helps them to see this for themselves.
So thats some of our crafty bits.
Have you ever started a project and then thought o no what am i doing?
take care all.

Look who came to stay...

Olivia trying to escape the inevitable winding from grandad
We were very lucky grand-parents on Friday and got to have our little beauties overnight for their mummy to get  some much needed sleep..we were anticipating being up in the night but no..the girls were amazing and slept through til between 4 and 5 for us..i had my camera all set up ready to catch them up at 2 or 3 in the morning but it never happened.

Little miss Esme fast asleep

Both babies love to sleep on their tummies, i know its going against advice of experts but if a baby won't sleep you have to find a way that they will.Don't they look just adorable..Olivia in Pink and Esme in blue..they made us cry when they smiled at us..its been a while since we had a baby give us a beautiful gummy grin..we decided to tag team them..i had Olivia and Simon had Esme..bless them they got kissed to oblivion by the girls. Our girls were amazing helpers too..fetching nappies and getting the wipes ready for us.
It felt like old times having babies in the house again..lovely.
take care all

Garden goings on...

Hi all..i hope your all ok in the lovely warm sunshine we are having..
Things have been busy here..but i am so glad we are having salads for tea this week..too hot to cook..
 This is husbands hanging basket blooming away,its filling out beautifully now.
 Can you see our first tomato..took me a while to find it but yep we got one.

 These 3 pictures are of the same cucumber from bottom to top..just look how many we have growing there..they taste wonderful too..i have taken the tip i got and i have been removing the skin before eating and guess what..i have had no indigestion at all..so thanks for the tip.

 This is our pond with the lillies flowering away,you can just make out a goldfish at the top of the picture
The picture below is of a little flower bed that for years was neglected..its very small and narrow and was full of rubbish and old bricks..we cleared it all out and planted some Candytuft with Petunia's dotted between.
It does look much nicer now.
 Our apples are growing away nicely
 So are the plums..we are quite excited about these as they will be our first crop of plums.
 Another little apple tree with fruit on it..
 My pear tree which has hundreds of little pears on it has now dropped them and left just 10-12..which is good for us as this tree didn't fruit for the first few years..
 This is my husbands new Cucumber..it will be popped into the other greenhouse soon..
 My husbands little babies..his plants that have been loving grown from cuttings..all having a drink.
 This is the temperature in one greenhouse yesterday..i checked and today's top temp was 42-43..blimey thats too hot for me..
The allotment is doing great..we have harvested more rhubarb,radishes and some new potatoes(just to try them)..the list for allotments went down last week and was put up again on Sunday we are currently 2nd on the list for another allotment..i am hoping its soon as we want to make it into a fruit allotment..
We have also used up the rest of the flowers that were left over from making up the tubs and baskets..we planted over 80 plants in the borders..Candytufts,Marigolds,Petunia's and Geraniums our personal favourite.
We knew it was going to be warm this week so we got the patio all set up and then got our pool out for the girls..it was actually in good condition..before when we had money we would just throw it away at the end of summer(shame on me)..but last year i deflated it,cleaned it all out and then folded it neatly tried to put it back in the box which is impossible..but it saved me money as it was all safe and sound in the shed..its been washed out and filled up..the girls have been in splashing about today..

Some of the flowers we have planted..the cross is where our lovely ladies are buried..incase you think i am a serial killer its the chickens final resting place.

It was quite nice to plant them all..we chose a cooler day to do it..thankfully.
Well that is the garden update for now..
How are your gardens doing..are they suffering in the heat..how are your greenhouse's growing?
take care

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Surprise in the Post..Thank you Marie

Hi all..well this morning we had a lovely surprise in the post..my friend Marie sent the girls some beautiful crafty bits and bobs..
So excited to see this on the front

The excitement is building

I made them wait a minute so i could take a picture

A little note
Iris cannot contain herself any longer

Its like Christmas..WOW!!!!


Christmas stickers

Pretty sure this is a wax sealer..forgive me if i am wrong
Buttons and earrings

Gold wreath

Christmas tags

Fern has her eye on this one

Gold wreath being used as a halo on a sylvanian doll.
So all this came from my friend..i can't thank you enough Marie,it will all certainly be put to great use..the only picture that didn't turn out right was the crochet owls..which are just so cute and we have plans to sew them onto headbands and cardigans.
take care

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Garden goings on..

My husband loves doing his flower baskets every year..they are so beautiful every year..he is particularly proud as he grows all the flowers from seed himself..we always have lovely flowers in the garden.

Here is one of this years baskets..the baskets themselves were freebies..a neighbour was going to throw them away and i cheekily asked if i could have them..he very graciously said yes..we have 2 of them.

Some of our tubs filled with flowers

The other basket

2 more mounted tubs

Lots of flowers left over to fill more tubs

I have always loved the box hedges you can buy to go by the front door of your home..i seriously can't afford the prices on some of them..you know which ones i mean..the lovely round ones in posh pots..my husband came up with the great idea of taking cuttings off the hedge in our garden and letting them grow..hopefully they will root and in no time at all i will have a few to put near my doors..fingers crossed for me please.
The allotment is filling up very nicely..my son goes  up daily to water and weed..he enjoys the solitude of the place..he has chats with the old fellas up there and they leave him to get on with it..
We have had some more rhubarb and radishes too..
The chickens are now both laying an egg a day..i will have to start giving some away soon.
All of the fruit trees are doing well..we did lose some pears but thats ok..i would rather have a few quality ones than tiny hard ones..the apples are doing well ,,the newest tree has fruit on it..the plum tree is doing great as well..i really miss our cherry tree..we had to have it cut down as it was huge and nothing would grow near it..shame as the cherries were the dessert type..the birds absolutely gorged themselves as did we. We would spend ages collecting them..i even bought a cherry pitter so i could make jam..which i did only once but it was very tasty..
Right thats the garden caught up for now..how are your gardens doing so far?