Saturday, 30 May 2015

I can't do it....

Hi you can tell from my large family i have a lot of Birthdays,Anniversary and Christmas cards to buy and send each year..literally every month it is someone's Birthday or a celebration of some kind.
So i thought i would make my own..I can personalize them and be a bit money saving at the same we have a lot of girls in the family i thought that i would start with them.
After looking at what other's were doing i made my mind up on nice flowers..more over roses..
I bought this book with the sole intention of  cutting out the flowers and making my own cards.
But once the book arrived i just couldn't do it..the pictures are so beautiful and i would feel terrible cutting up this i a wuss or what??

Vintage Roses..gorgeous
Beautiful Pictures

Its a vintage Cuthberts Rose Book..i can't do it..i keep looking at it and thinking i should just do it..but i can't..its too pretty and it has been someone's pride and joy for a long time..its in perfect condition.
So i am back to square one..i am thinking of wallpaper samples instead..i will quite happily cut the flowers out  of them..
Have you ever bought anything with the sole intention of cutting it up but then find you can't.
take care all

Friday, 29 May 2015

Baby pictures...

Ok here are some more pics of these two gorgeous little girls.
Andrea our eldest came with them the other day..Esme did nothing but sleep and Olivia was with her grandad being winded as she just won't let it go..but blows off something wicked ..
Esme fast asleep

Olivia wide awake.
Nope changed my mind
Aren't they just beautiful..but i am biased aren't i????..I am so incredibly proud of my daughter Andrea..she is coping extremely knackered but so in love with her girls it brings tears to my eyes..
All ready to go home..Fern and Iris are such great girls,they help out with them as much as they can..they want a baby response" go ask your dad" lol..
So there they are..
take care all

Allotment and Greenhouse..

Well what a grey day..its raining cats and dogs here..but its not cold so thats a bonus..i am watching our chickens poddle about int he pen..they had a frog last night..poor thing was pecked to death ..we found its remains this morning..
As promised i have pics of our even better news we are now second on the list for another fingers crossed it won't be too long to get it.

Onions and shallots

Potatoes earthed up
View from the bottom upwards
Doesn't it look good..i can't wait til our New Potatoes are ready..they taste so good with butter in top and i like them even better cold,sliced and fried with a bit of bacon and eggs..yummy.

Tomatoes growing nicely
Cucamelons ready to go

Lobelia all ready

Now this is my lovely hubby's greenhouse..its like sacred ground in here..he has a talent for growing..he loves nothing more than buying a plant and taking cuttings from them and getting them to grow..its a much cheaper way of getting lots of plants that you like..

Here is our cucumber as well..its variety called Sherpa..we have never grown it is doing really well
Here are some veggies ready to be planted at the allotment and some lettuce for a tub here at home..

And i have found some lovely little fruit on my pear tree and plum tree..apples not showing yet but we are always hopeful they produce for us..

So that ladies is a quick tour of our allotment and greenhouse..
O hang on i have more baby pics too..ooh so gorgeous..will do a separate post for them
How is all of your veggies and fruits doing..are they coming along nicely..
take care

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wow and Welcome..

Firstly i want to thank everyone who has started to follow me(in a good way,not a stalker way).. and all the comments are just lovely..Thank you so much.
I can't believe how excited i got last night when i saw all the new followers and poor hubby almost dropped his tea and i started to squeal with excitement and jump up and down a little bit..i have a permanent grin on my face this morning.My phone has been going crazy with messages from my older girls saying "mum check your blog"..
My life is busy yet so enjoyable..i have a lot of children as you will find out and grandchildren that are almost the same ages as my 2 little bonus babies as i call them.
Ok so i will give you a quick run down of children
DD1..has 2 little twin girls
DD2 has a little girl and a little boy
DD3 has 2 little girls
DS 1 yes a living at home
DD4 is 9
DD5 is 6..
Its confusing at times but lovely to have so many and lucky they are all healthy and happy little children.
The funny thing is when we are all together if one shouts "mum" we all turn around..
I was a very young mum and had 4 babies in quick succession..i was tired but content and happy..then along came baby 5..surprise surprise..i was actually called a "geriatric mother" by the consultant at the hospital..that is the term they use to catergorize mums over the age of when i had baby 6..well you can imagine my surprise and theirs..but i was fine and so was my baby..i actually felt great and tank like during the there's mud in the eye for that consultant.

Anyway back to the present..i love doing this and sharing what i do..if it can help or in anyway just help folks realize that "hey i can do that" then i will be a happy person.

Many thanks to all of you and i hope you don't get confused with all the children/grandchildren..
                                             much love
                                                   Sara (a.k.a flowertotmum) 

Monday, 25 May 2015

Home Happenings.

Hi all..firstly Hello to Brandyann..welcome to my little world.
Well not that much has been going on this week..we have got stuck into the school work. You never realize how complicated the English Language is until you have to teach it..Synonyms,Homonyms,Antonyms and Homophones..Wow so many,yet FT1 is loving it and doing great..FT2 as been concentrating on her words and letters plus double digit addition..its fun and so rewarding when that lightbulb goes on and they get moment ever!!..

I had the pleasure of looking after 2 of my little grand-daughters Hollie and was so much fun to have a house full of little girls again..even if i did end being the patient in a game of Doctors..with a plastic thermometer shoved forcefully down my throat and a pretend injection that actually left a small bruise(thanks Emma:) you baby girl..

Emma with the camera and Hollie being gorgeous.
They had lunch and played with the girls for another hour before their Daddy came to collect DD Heather rang me later to say they had a great time and were shattered..nice to know i wore them out lol..

I changed the Dining Room curtains last week from the Winter ones to Summer ones..
These are so beautiful the picture doesn't do them justice..a good friend of mine gave them to me a few years ago..they are heavy and lined with Thermal makes them brilliant draught stoppers in the Winter..but i also have these that i love for the light but a dark red to match my wall paint..
I also found this little beauty in my garden..i love these flowers and one of my little girls is actually named after the flower.

We are going to keep working through the half-term holidays and have some time off when the schools have re-opened..that way we get more time and its not so crowded when we go out. The library isn't crowded and we can get to the park and literally have it all to ourselves :)..

We did some lovely Water Colour Painting this week..i think doing it slowly and carefully teaches patience and also helps with co-ordination..i printed some pencil drawings of birds and i have some of flowers for next week..I think they did well..

Are they just lovely..
I baked on Saturday and made cakes for the week..probably have to make some more mid-week but i am just glad all i make gets eaten. I made a Swiss roll..haven't made one since i was at school and i am sure my old Cookery teacher would have a fit if she had known it cracked a little..Mrs.Heath was a great teacher and also a wonderful cook..harsh with it..many a time i saw her reduce a girl to tears with a look or a word..thankfully i never was on the receiving it.
I also made tarts,choclate cakes and some swirly fairy cakes with some left over you can tell by the missing bits lol..never the less they have gone down a storm.

Not the best icer in the world but i try..

I listed 12 items on ebay..mostly little girls summer dresses and 2 lovely jackets..hopefully they will sell..if not i will put away and try later on in the year when the weather is warmer.
I got a bargain on ebay..50 yards of ribbon for 1p..p&p was £1.99 so exactly £2..i have plans for the girls swings in the garden and also i will have plenty left to make some nice hair ribbons and then any left overs will go in my little ribbon jar..i keep all things like these..they add a nice touch to a small gift .
I made memory boxes for the little tots..they have every card and milestone i recorded in a box now under their beds..its lovely to look back sometimes.

Things to do this week;
Print some meal planners off
Sew up 2 pairs of jeans with little tears.
Clean windows downstairs outside and inside.
Mend 4 pairs of socks.
Do a meat shop.
Start moving plants from the front garden to temporary homes in back garden.
So that was my week and some plans for next week..what have you been up to and what plans do you have.
take care all

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Rhubarb and Granola plus a parcel..

Hi son went up to the allotment last week and brought back some lovely didn't take long to make it in to pies and crumbles..
Bucket of loveliness 

Two pies and two crumbles.We have already had one pie with vanilla icecream for pudding..the others have been frozen for future puddings.

I have to admit a few years ago i was buying Granola..things changed and i could no longer afford to buy the one i liked..i found this recipe on The Prudent Homemaker and gave it a go..needless to say my Granola cravings are well and truly satisfied and its so easy to make..

It really doesn't take long to do and it will last a while in an airtight jar..we have ours with yoghurt for breakfast.

I received a big parcel last week can you guess what it is?
From another angle?
Well i will put you out of your misery lol..its this
My new shopping trolley..i know a lot of people think they are for little old ladies..but i don't care..this beauty helps me get my shopping home with out making my arms feel like they have come out their sockets..and i can get quite a bit in it too..i love it. In fact we have one hubby has one for the heavy stuff and i have the light stuff..wonderful.
If you want the Granola recipe let me know or go to The Prudent and find it there.
Take care 

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Garden visitors..

Hi the title says Garden Visitors..where we live we are surrounded by gardens that back on to ours..its quite lovely really..we have nice neighbours all around our garden is a corner plot and is quite big..not that big but big enough.
We some times get a squirrel..little devil won't sit still long enough for me to get a picture..he disappears quickly..flash and he is gone..
We have a lot of birds that visit us..but these below have just started to visit our garden and it was wonderful to watch them hoping about. Try to spot one..

See him/her

This one was taken through the kitchen window..i like them some don't but hey they have to live somewhere.

We found this little fella in the greenhouse..don't worry we set him free
Also these cheeky chappies on some flowers..
Its a whole nest of baby spiders..they are still there, not flown away yet. So beautiful to look at..we will leave them til they go..
Living where we do on the edge of a town we are lucky to get lots of wildlife..all manner of birds visit plus a Heron who has taken a liking to our fish..we have now netted the pond but the cheeky devil keeps trying..

What wildlife do you get?
take care ftm

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Upcycling and other bits..

Hi all,thought i would share some of my little bits that i have done to finish off the girls bedroom..

The picture frames all different colours with mis-matched pics in them

After a few coats of paint and some lovely pictures in them and they look new..the pictures i have had for years,i found them on an obscure Chinese website and they took forever to down load but are worth the effort.
I also had a go at de-coupage on a plain white lampshade that i bought for £ me and knives don't mix to well together ..however i did it and still have all my fingers..
This it after and look no blood stains lol
This is what the pictures look like in the bedroom
I also had an idea..i know its surprising isn't it..the girls have  quite a few Sylvanian Houses and they were just stuck in boxes not being played i did this and now they are being played with..
Hung up on hooks within easy reach..

In the garden we did a quick updo of an old water barrel that looked a bit battered..2 tins of spray paint and it looks good.

Before we got to work..
Looking better..we found a lot of guttering behind the shed and decided to put it up on every shed we can even the girls wendy house now has guttering and a rain barrel..
So that was just part of my week..i will be posting again this week.
take care all