Friday, 14 October 2016

Painted the gate but ran out again..

I seem to have done nothing else this year but paint..don't get me wrong i love painting.I actually find it relaxing and i also love to see how a coat of paint can dramatically change something.
I forgot to take a before picture of the gate..but i think you can guess what it looked liked the side panels are still red.
I will finish the side panels this weekend if the weather holds out.
Its called Willow Green from Wilko's..goes on really well.

I really should check the size of things before i buy them..

I got myself a lovely bargain on Lobay at the weekend..looked at the pictures of it and thought Wow..its gorgeous..i used my pocket money to pay for it as i had it in my purse.I say pocket money but its not..i call it that.Its my personnel spending money.
As i was saying the item was gorgeous and a real bargain at a i placed my bid and i won.
My dad took me to pick it up..we couldn't believe how big it poor hubby almost had heart failure when we carried it in..but ever resourceful and smart..he can put it up for me.
What do you think..
He is going to shorten the chain and he has ordered a huge and very strong Chandelier hook for me.
Next time i should look at the size..

Beautiful Rainbow

I love Rainbows so vibrant and magical..yes i know its only the sun shining through the rain but i love them.
We had a down pour the other day and then the sun came out and gave us this to lift our spirits
 Its a bit blurred as i had to zoom in..
 A double can just see the reflection of the Rainbow in front..
It stayed for ages and was so one i have seen for a while.

What a difference..

O i love the colour changes in my Virginia Creeper
From this
to this..
Magnificent isn't little Japanese Maple is also a gorgeous deep red too..

Why is it????

Hello all,how are you today?
I am a little baffled at the moment folks..i had to buy the girls some new slippers as the ones they have are falling to bits literally and Iris has the gift of wrecking footwear within weeks of having new ones.
Anyway,i was looking on Ebay and was puzzled as to why the girl slippers are much more expensive than the boy slippers.And when i have bought the girly ones they seem to fall to bits within months..especially the fluffy boot type ones..the heels go and the backs sag and they just look tired and awful really.
I have noticed over the last few years that girl clothes,shoes and slippers seem to have rocketed in price.Why i ask myself..ridiculous really.
So being as frugal as ever i had a look at the boys slippers..flipping heck ,half the price and look better made to be honest.
So now the girls have some boys slippers with proper bottoms and half the price..they actually love them so its a win win for all of us.
Have you noticed this as well..and i was gobsmacked that the slippers i bought for hubby and me were a lot cheaper than the girls ..ours were £5.50 a pair and the girls were £7.90 a i bought myself some mens slippers as i refuse to pay extortionate amounts for ladies slippers..
Its just a bloody rip off to make parents pay more as they know we need them for the children..its unfair as i feel sorry for the parents that really struggle but want the best they can afford for them.Its pointless buying the really cheap ones as you end just buying more within a few months..and they don't really keep their feet warm..i know i tried it when my older girls were a few pounds for them but within weeks have to pay out more..a never ending circle.
Right now i am looking forward to my new men slippers arriving to keep my feet warm and toasty and half the price will make them feel that little bit more cosy.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Tonight its just me and you...

Don't worry i won't eat all of you..maybe a lot of you or even a little bit, but definitely some of you. The rest of you will be put away for another night.
Off i go to put up my feet and enjoy my treat.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Happy Birthday to our little Iris

Our littlest girl turned 8 years old today.
She is a beautiful little soul,generous and kind. Boundless energy and always so thoughtful for a little one.
The gifts she received today were generous and very thoughtful of her sisters and big brother.
If its got a pony or unicorn on it then she is happy and boy was she happy today.
We made her a cake,a chocolate strawberry cake covered in chocolate frosting and it was  her choice.

Here she is in her new pyjama's from her biggest sister Andrea..cheeky took me 4 attempts to get a picture as she kept pulling faces.
She has had a brilliant day .
Its hard to believe she is our youngest and that she is now getting to be a big girl.
Love you Iris to the moon and back,around the stars and the deep blue sea to the far ends of the galaxy.
Mummy and Daddy