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Good week everyone?

Hello all,how are you?
Its been  a very good week here.
Firstly my daughter got the all clear on her skin cancer check,which she was so nervous about but thankfully it was all good.
Secondly my brother and his wife had a little baby boy..congrats to them both.
We have been very busy here with school and getting our topics done as we would like to have a little break for Easter. I have found some new websites for education that are just brilliant.They had some models that were printable for us to build our own volcano.I am hoping to do a new page and put all the websites i use for teaching on may help someone.

We have been eating out the freezer and i did a big pantry shop.I am now stocked up with tins and all the bits i need to keep us going for a few months.I was surprised just how much the price had gone up since i last did a shop.I spent ages online swapping brands and trying to get cheaper alternatives,gave myself a headache.
And lastly we made a start on our new allotment,…

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