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Christmas..yep its coming.

Hello all,how are you?
Christmas is coming ,its just around the can tell because all the adverts have started already. The girls watched the kids cartoons the other day..i counted 17 toy adverts during the wonder parents feel pressure to buy their children the biggest,brightest and absolute must have toy.Do i feel the pressure? No not anymore..i used too and feel inadequate as a parent if i didn't gift them exactly what they wanted and oodles of presents as well. But like many others, i realized its not possible and Christmas is not about how many or how much its the thought that counts.So for the last 10 years my family receive one main gift and then half a dozen smaller gifts.

I can't believe either that some folks throw away their decorations after just using them for the few weeks they are up. Some of our decorations are as old as my children and still look amazing..i store them carefully away and now after buying some in the sales every year i have…

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